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  • 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 (Stock lift, 33" tires)
Born in Montreal, Quebec Canada, Moved in the USA in 2007 When it's not off roading a semi tanker on the railroad trails for a living, it's exploring as much trail as i can on my vacations.

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2018 Dodge Ram 2500

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"

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Crystal Geyser Jeep Trail (10/31/2020)
Rating 2 would be exact for Jeeps but for a full size, i'd probably rate it 3 due to the tightness of some spots but still doable, did high centered my truck but that was my fault. Ran it both direction
Salt Washington North (10/31/2020)
This was a fun relax trail to end my 4 days overlanding expedition with scenery in some areas that gave me the impression i drove to the moon.
Crystal Geyser Road (Little Valley Road) (10/31/2020)
5 stars for the scenery at the geyser. My only regret is to no go back at sunset
Lucky Strike Mine (10/30/2020)
Not much to say about the trail itself but the ghost town is still in decent shape despite the cabin's interior full of "visitor's engraving. Would be interesting to camp there
McKay Flat Road (10/30/2020)
Best to go this way to Hidden Splendor which i missed the turn and keep the best for last ( Reds Canyon )
Reds Canyon Loop (10/30/2020)
Great scenery!! Will come back for sure and this time will camp at Lucky Strike ghost town
Left Hand Collet Road (10/29/2020)
I ran this trail coming from Alstrom Point via Smoky Mountain Rd for a full day of overlanding. 2wd all the way and it is a great addition on the itinerary. I will do it again for sure
Alstrom Point (10/28/2020)
The fun starts at waypoint 6 and the campsite is epic