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  • (5" lift, 37" tires)
Michael Graham is retired from the U.S. Army as an Infantry First Sergeant with 23 years of service. He did a tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He presently owns a Process Service Company in Tacoma. He is originally from Upstate New York but after being stationed in Washington knew immediately that this part of the county felt like home. He had a Jeep CJ5 as his first 4x4 but back in the 80's there wasn't a lot of hype and add-on parts as there are today. Building your rig is half the fun, making it your own style. He has actually found it to be an addiction. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, in the Tacoma / Puyallup area and loves the sport of "wheeling" which allows access to so much more than a hiking trailhead. He enjoys organized rides and poker runs and the freedom and exploration this sport allows. Finding this website and authoring trail write-ups has really enhanced this sport for him. If you are new to the sport or just looking for someone to show you the trails he would love to hear from you.

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Lift Size: 5"
Tire Size: 37"
2011 Jeep JK. I have 5 inch "Synergy Springs" on a long arm 3-link lift (homemade) by "Barns 4x4". Shocks are "Fox 2.0 with Reservoirs". 37-inch "Nexen MT-Pro" tires, mounted on 17-inch "Procomp" rims. The front bumper is "Go Rhino BRJ40 Modular" carrying a "Warn" VR10 / 10,000 lb winch and the rear bumper and tire carrier is made by "Hooke Offroad". Rock sliders made by "ARB". The front and rear Drive-shafts are hand-made by "Oliver's Driveline & Gear" (http://oliversdriveshaft.com) in Tennessee. I have an engine/transmission skid plate made by "Smittybuilt". Onboard air is provided by "ARB" CKMTA Twin Compressor. Flat Fender flares are made by "Hooke Offroad" for tire clearance. Front Hydrolic Bump-stops by "Look" This jeep is on its second Transmission. Replaced the Rear Differential with a DANA 44 trussed, running 35 Spline axle shafts and an ARB locker. Recently upgraded the front differential to a Dynatrack ProRock44 with RCV axles and an ARB locker. Running 5.13 gearing.

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NF 7720 (04/23/2022)
Went up with a huge group of volunteers to clean up the area in and around this road to Cedar Lake. There were about Twenty abandoned cars and a boat that were selected to be brought out. I saw truck-load after truck-load of trash being brought out, it was amazing and also dis-heartening. Beautiful day for a clean-up and hopefully we made a dent in an ongoing problem.
Onion Creek (04/10/2022)
This is undoubtedly the most beautiful trail in Moab. While not technically difficult, the scenery is just amazing. Had to document this trip with my drone and the footage was stunning.
Steel Bender (04/10/2022)
Really enjoyed this trial. Not too difficult with by-passes for all the harder obstacles. Really close to town which was a plus.

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