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  • 2001 Lexus LX (Stock lift, 33" tires)
A dad and husband who seeks adventure and overlanding!

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2001 Lexus LX

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"

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Medano Pass (06/29/2022)
Great trail and perfect way to get to Great Sand Dunes National Park. We stayed aired up at 40PSI due to a recent comment from the Rich on the 24th about the air pump not working and my compressor also not working. Weather was dry and nice, Water crossings not very deep, and traversed the sands with no issue. Highly recommend airing down for a better ride and with unpredictable weather may which can change the terrain so better safe than sorry. The NPS website is also a very good resource before taking this on as it seems to get good updates in real time, which also mentioned at the time i went that airing down may not be necessary. 2001 Lx470 on AT 33's
Clohesy Lake (06/24/2022)
I did not take this trail on but wanted to provide a picture of the rock climb out of the second water crossing, we walked this a ways but didn't have the time to do this trail. Water shallow at this time and the second crossing was not moving to fast. Defiantly on my list to tackle as lake looks awesome.
Indiana Creek (06/21/2022)
Like other have said logging road but on the Tuesday we went no one was working it at the time. We accessed the road starting on Pennsylvania Creek to work our way to Boreas Pass to camp so we met this trail at waypoint 4. Heavy wooded, not really scenic.
Boreas Pass (06/21/2022)
Great easy trail, seems to have gotten a little more rough since 2020 but great views.
Pennsylvania Creek (06/21/2022)
Good and fun trail to off road on. Started here to work our way to Boreas Pass to camp. Aired down to 25 PSI to make ride less bumpy. Couple tight switch backs that required 2-3point turns but was manageable in our 2001 Lx470. Some good views along the way, Could be tough to yield to on coming rigs to pass so be aware of that but we didn't see anyone.
Galena Gulch (06/20/2022)
Great little trail but had to back down and turn around, was approaching the climb on waypoint 4 and wasn’t getting traction. Went back out and turned right to using summit Gultch to get to the top. Rookie mistake as I should of aired down and when I wasn’t getting traction on the loose rock. I completely forgot to lock the center diff to aid me up. Had family with me so didn’t risk it. Stock LX470 on 33s. Had I been smarter this wouldn't have been an issue, but this would be tough for 2WD as you would need momentum and not easy to gain that for this waypoint, the higher up you go the harder it will be to back down or turn around, we were able to turn around before it got to steep.
Beaver Creek (06/20/2022)
Easy scenic trail with a few great lunch spots.