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Whatever gets me outside.
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  • 2000 Nissan Frontier (3" lift, 33" tires)
  • 2004 Toyota 4Runner (1.5" lift, 32" tires)
Born in Wyoming but raised on Colorado mountains and trails. I grew up riding ATV's and dirtbike with my family on trails all over Colorado and throughout Moab, UT. Relatively newer to the 4x4 community (as far as full-size vehicles go) with about 3 years of experience in the truck. My Nissan Frontier is a really great truck. There are definitely some design flaws, but for the price, reliability, and simplicity, it is a perfect truck for what we do. Right now, it has no leaks at 270,000 miles. The truck has a supercharger conversion from a wrecked 2003 Xterra that was factory supercharged. I did the install myself and it does great at the higher elevations in Colorado.

My Garage (2)

2000 Nissan Frontier

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"
Supercharged Denim Blue 2000 Frontier. 5-speed manual. Suspension: - OME (ARB) Leaf pack - Bilstein 5100 shocks - Sway-Away 20% stiffer torsion bars Performance: - Supercharger installed from wrecked 03 Xterra S/C - Headers, high flow cats, walker dynoflo muffler Armor/Other: - Coastal Offroad front bumper with Warn EVO 10 winch. - Modified Shrockworks rear bumper - Warn manual hubs - Custom built rock sliders - Gas tank skid plate. - 5gal 150psi on-board-air - Hub conversion to fit Toyota wheels - LT 285/70 R17 Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrains. - Sherpa Equipment company racks (cab and topper). - LED lights everywhere.

2004 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 1.5"
Tire Size: 32"
V8 Sport Edition. XREAS delete. Bilstein 5100's in place. Currently has a 1.5" lift on the front and 5th gen 4Runner coils in the rear (sits pretty level). 265/70/17 Hankook Dynapro ATM tires. We primarily use this vehicle when we are going to go on road trips. Although camping/wheeling may not be priority on those trips, it's nice to be able to do some lighter duty wheeling on the side. It has gone over a hand-full of Colorado passes and some other out of state wheeling too.

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Crystal Lake (09/18/2021)
Ran this in a 2000 Frontier, 33s, no lockers. The willows will give a lot of pinstripes, as noted in other reviews. Views are awesome, trail was fun with some good undulations near the beginning. The rock pile does not have a lot of room to turn around or park - there were 3 vehicles up there when I was there and it was pretty tight. Would recommend parking below the rocks if you plan on hiking or eating lunch.
Middle St. Vrain (09/06/2021)
Had no problems running this trail in the following: 2000 Frontier 5-speed, 33's, no lockers. 2006 4Runner, 33s, rear locker 2007 Jeep Rubicon, 37's, F/R Lockers 2013 Rubicon - 32's, F/R Lockers 2019 Tacoma, 33's, Rear Locker The gate keeper isn't very hard, but the rocks can move around on all these obstacles changing the difficulty day to day. There are multiple line options through most of the rocky sections - keeps it fun for the bigger rigs but still passible in a stock high-clearance 4x4 with careful line choice.
Coney Creek Road (aka Coney Flats) (09/03/2021)
Rant this trail in the following vehicles: 2000 Frontier, 3" lift, 33's, no lockers. 2006 4Runner, 3" lift, 33s, Rear locker 2007 Jeep Rubicon, 4" lift, 37's, F/R Lockers 2013 Rubicon, 2" lift, 32's, F/R Lockers 2019 Tacoma, 3" lift, 33's, Rear Locker Main difficult spots are at WP2 and WP8 - Both of these rocky sections are getting REALLY chewed up. That said, the bigger rigs with lockers had no issues. The Frontier (me) had a bit of a tricky time on WP2 but with a bit of right foot and rock stacking, we got through. There are multiple line choices and the amount of rocks sitting around makes stacking rocks easy if necessary. WP2 was definitely the hardest spot on the trail. I would recommend running this trail from the top of MSV - seems like almost everyone was running it this way and passing can be tricking in a lot of spots, so this direction seems to be favorable. Water crossing at the top is pretty low right now compared to early season.
Ruby (08/14/2021)
Ran this trail in the following: 2000 Frontier - 3" lift, 33's, no lockers 2001 4Runner - 3" lift, 33's, no lockers. 2004 4Runner - 2/1" lift, 32's, no lockers. This is a great little spur to run if you're running Weston and want a bit more fun. We ran it in the up-hill direction and it was a fun spur. Really short, maybe 20-minutes, but it's more fun than the adjacent section of Weston Pass. The section between WP5 and 6 is pretty steep and has some ruts and roots in it. it had just rained when we ran it and it made it a bit slippery.
Slide Lake (08/14/2021)
Ran this trail in the following: 2000 Frontier - 3" lift, 33's, no lockers 2001 4Runner - 3" lift, 33's, no lockers. 2004 4Runner - 2/1" lift, 32's, no lockers. This trail is pretty bumpy the whole time, but definitely worth the view.
Dellenbaugh Tunnel - East Alternate (04/10/2021)
Started from the top at WP7 and ran it 1-way to the sandy wash intersection with the main Dellenbaugh Tunnel trail. The rock steps and slick rock sections are pretty straight forward. Although they are steep, there is plenty of room to line up straight-on.
Dellenbaugh Tunnel (04/10/2021)
This was a fun trail with a good mix of small challenges. There are optional or multiple lines on some of the larger obstacles on this route. Rating of 3 seems about right for this one.
Rainbow Rocks (Rainbow Terrace) (04/10/2021)
I would update rating to a 4 - the steps at WP4 have gotten pretty chewed up and are more difficult... for IFS vehicles anyways :) The trail is fun route with a few obstacles. The shelves and slick rock sections are pretty fun from WP3-4. The rest of the road is dirt or sand. The views and rock formations near this trail are beautiful.
Hellroaring Canyon North Rim Overlook (04/09/2021)
Fun route to an amazing overlook. Bumpy/rough for a while at the beginning. The slick rock section at the end is pretty cool with a few fun features.
Dome Plateau to Dome Wash (Route) (04/08/2021)
Only ran front part due to time constraints (WP1-10 or so). The rock steps at the beginning are a lot of fun. The Cattle Gate at WP4 is falling apart, but can still be pseudo-closed.