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2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

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Engineer Pass (09/23/2021)
Ran trail backwards according to the guide which made the obstacles a bit harder as you can’t get a good view of what to drive over with the hood in the way. Camped overnight on the Lake City side before making our way into Ouray in the morning. Campsites looked like they were 50% filled on a Wednesday night at the end of September so I can only assume that they fill up quickly on the weekends. Cell service is non existent outside of Lake City and Ouray so make sure to get any important calls/texts out of the way before hand. There’s nothing super difficult with this trail but it’s not for beginners. It helps to take your time and not rush the off camber obstacles. There was one spot that took me by surprise between waypoints 2 and 4 where the trail has been eroded away by runoff this year. It completely swallowed my 32s and I dragged my rear recovery hook coming out of the hole in the trail. Made it all the way from Lake City in stock 2-door wrangler with MTs.
Prospect Hill/French Gulch Connector (09/05/2021)
Rough little section that kissed my skid plates along the way down in stock JK. Not anything difficult, just rocky and uncomfortable to drive. Used this to exit the trail network quickly to get back down into Breckinridge.
American Gulch/Humbug Hill (09/05/2021)
Smooth dirt trail that is relatively easy. Be prepared for a few off camber tight turns that you’ll have to take slow in licensed vehicles but there’s nothing that a stock vehicle will find challenging with this trail.
Middle Fork Swan River (09/04/2021)
Ran this trail backwards according the the waypoint numbers but trail was still fun. I think running tombstone hill as a decent made the obstacles more difficult as you don’t have a great idea of what lines to pick so having a spotter was a relief. Ran in stock 2-door JK and hit skids/diff in a couple spots but was never stuck on anything. Cell reception is spotty closer to Breckinridge but non existent in the valley.
Saints John (09/04/2021)
Fun trail with great views at the top. Ran in stock 2-door JK from Montezuma to Middle Fork. Cell reception is very sparse on the Montezuma side but I was able to get service running between the peaks.
Chinns Lake (08/08/2021)
Not a great trail if you’re looking for an off-road experience but there are some great camping spots and scenic views of the valley at the end of the trail. Was pretty crowded on a Saturday night but we were able to find a relatively secluded spot on the water.
Bald Mountain Gulch (06/27/2021)
Nothing too difficult with this trail and a few good camping spots throughout.
Bald Mountain Loop (06/27/2021)
Fun loop that’s slightly more difficult than most of the other trails in the area. This trail is pretty tight with the possibility of pinstriping from branches. 3+ point turns needed for larger vehicles on the switchbacks. There were a few bighorn sheep at the top which complimented the views of the mountain range.
Yankee Hill to Central City (05/31/2021)
Completely passable although there are still snow patches and water holes left as of Memorial Day weekend. Since this has gotten more chewed up over the years, it is more technical and I believe the difficulty rating is lower than it should be. I was still able to get through in a stock JK but needed a spot to prevent scraping in a few places towards the middle.