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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (Stock lift, 32" tires)

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"
Mostly stock, 255/75/R17 BFG KM Tires, Smart Bar sway bar disconnect

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Devil's Canyon (10/04/2020)
Was pretty excited to go back here to look at the aspens but was definitely too late. There’s still some good color at the start of the trail but the large grove at the open meadow has no leaves at all anymore. Trail is a bit more chewed up right now than it was earlier in the season making it slightly more difficult but nothing crazy.
Rollins Pass West (09/05/2020)
Great views above the tree line but the road up is a long bumpy drive to get there. No real obstacles or technical parts but still an enjoyable trip. Completed trip in group with stock two door JK, stock Xterra, and stock Subaru Forester
Black Bear Pass (08/04/2020)
This is definitely a bucket list trail for the views alone. Coming down off of the steps and looking over into Telluride is amazing and pictures don’t come close to doing it justice. Definitely off camber in areas leading up to and on the steps that require slow movements and full attention. Ran the whole trail in a JK Sport with MTs and a disconnected sway bar. The extra flex up front definitely helps to keep all tires planted but I think a stock JK should be able to get through the trail without issue as long as the right lines are followed. I ended up between a group of vehicles from Nevada and they were nice enough to spot me through which sped up how long the obstacles took. Although a good amount of stock vehicles could probably make it through, having a short wheelbase and decent articulation made it much easier. There are a few reviews that say this trail isn’t super technical, there are areas where picking the wrong line can put you in a bad spot and it should not be taken lightly given how serious going off the trail can be.
Engineer Pass (08/03/2020)
Only went from Ouray to about waypoint 7 to camp for the night before heading over into Telluride. Very fun trail with great views. Saw a family make it all the way down to Ouray in a Nissan Rogue rental but it’s not something I would do if I owned it, they were scraping and bashing the entire way down. They told me that they had made it all the way from Lake City without issue though.
Saxon Mountain (07/11/2020)
Ran from Georgetown up and over to Idaho Springs in stock JK and Xterra. Tight around the rockslides and had to stack rocks in a couple places to get through without tapping the rocker panels but it was a fun day run overall.
Dakan Road (07/03/2020)
Fun to drive through but not the most scenic. Tons of camping areas which were pretty crowded on 4th of July weekend. No obstacles on the trail but keep an eye out for side by sides, motorcycles, and vehicles taking blind turns and hills fast.
Balanced Rock Road (07/03/2020)
Ran entire trail on stock 2 door jk with mud terrains and stock Xterra Pro 4x on all terrain tires. Trail is mostly easy except towards the end where there are large ruts which take a bit of articulation or lockers to get through without spinning tires, but not impossible if not. I could see this being a limiting point if it’s wet out but it was dry and easy for us. Nice area to explore by the reservoir at the end but it was very buggy when we went.