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Growing up in southern Tennessee, my off-road adventures began early. I developed a passion for finding new trails leading to great locations and that passion continues to this day but in the beautiful southwestern US. I love getting into the back country to explore the lesser known trails but I also enjoy playing in the rocks. My goal is to provide the most accurate information I can, for all the trails I write-up. Please visit my website to join me on my adventures.

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Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 37"
My current trail rig is a 2012 Jeep Wrangler 2 door. I bought it as a base X model and from day one it was being modded. I started with a Smitty Built 9000# winch on a Custom Stubby front bumper. Body Armor rear bumper, XD wheels with 37" mud terrain tires. The flex and tire clearance comes from a Synergy Stage 3 lift with added 1-ton high steering. For when the trail requires a little extra traction, I replaced both stock axles with 2015 Rubicon D44's that are trussed, sleeved and gusseted up front for added insurance. I have tried to create an all-around wheeler by having onboard air, led rock lights, Solid diff covers, spill kits, custom racks, work table, complete tools, extra shafts, ball, and u-joints, that I carry with on many of my trips. This package works very well for the type of wheeling I do. My next logical steps are a welder, long-arm lift and coil-overs!

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Long Canyon (07/18/2019)
The trail isn't that hard but well worth the drive. The towering rock cliffs that line both sides of the canyon are amazing. There are a few unique rock formations along the way and driving under the huge boulder was very cool. Definitely need 4x4 and high clearance on this one. We saw a couple small SUV's that had to turn around at Waypoints 7-8. The rocks and ruts are pretty deep causing them all to lose traction.
Shafer Trail (07/18/2019)
A must if you're in the Canyon Lands area. The trail is easy because it's a well groomed gravel road but you and your passengers better not be afraid of narrow shelf roads. We saw all types of vehicles on this route. Remember to downshift and not burn up your brakes.
Potash Road (07/18/2019)
This incredible trail finished our loop of the area. After coming down Shafer you have to go out through Potash so you can see the views of the Colorado River. The trail is easy all the way and can be completed by stock high clearance vehicles. We saw a few full size rentals along the route.
Fins and Things (07/18/2019)
A great trail that's close to town and not too difficult. It really gives you the entire Moab experience in one long loop. We then had to cool down at Mill Creek which is real close by. We then headed over to Long Canyon, Shafer Trail and out Potash Road.
Sharp Hollow (07/09/2019)
With so many "groomer" trails in the area, it was nice to get off the gravel and onto a two track. The trail isn't hard and may not even require 4-wheel drive but it does travel through a scenic canyon and ends right on the highway. The camping is very convenient coming from the highway and just far enough to cut down on the traffic noise.
Sardine Point (07/08/2019)
We were out exploring area trails but really wanted some place to cool off by the water. This is a great spot to fish, hike or just watch bald eagles. The trail is super short but lined with pot holes. There are ample parking spots along the trail.
Rocky Draw (07/07/2019)
We were looking for a way to connect Heber with other trails in the area and this is a great alternative to taking the highway into town. It's an easy scenic gravel road with a bunch of wild horses in the area. The camping is super easy to get too and there isn't much traffic.
FR487 (07/05/2019)
This is an easy trail that connects to some other trails for an all day cruise through the pines. The camping we found along the route was great. Barely saw anybody else while out there. We saw a bunch of wild horses all over the region but only a couple elk.
FR9569J (07/05/2019)
We were asked about this trail numerous times while camped out there. It's an out and back unless you have the Apache permit. It was an easy trail with some decent dispersed camping not far from the highway. No traffic noise or generators running all night. I know there is more camping on res. land but we didn't have a permit handy. I understand that you can purchase them online now, making it really easy to get one last minute.
Box Canyon - Florence, Arizona (04/05/2019)
We had a small group that ran Mineral Mountain down through Box Canyon, making for a great day run when you add some stops along the way. it was National 4x4 day so there was quite a few people out there on a Thursday. There was actual water still flowing through most the canyon. Encouraging since the last rains were weeks ago. Please be cautious of oncoming traffic and please pick up any extra trash you can.
Cottonwood Canyon Petroglyphs (04/04/2019)
The cactus are starting to bloom and the temps are rising so we headed out with some friends to check out the glyphs and Box Canyon. The trail was in good shape and easily passable for a stock 4x4. I really like the leaping man drawing at the top of the cliff, the only one I've ever seen anywhere in the country.
Mineral Mountain Road (04/04/2019)
We planned on hitting the area petroglyphs and go out through Box Canyon. The cactus were blooming and the trails weren't too crowded on National 4x4 Day. The trail was in great condition and no one had any issues so another great trip through Florence.
First Water (04/04/2019)
We absolutely love this camping spot and now we love it even more. While the water levels were up, we decided to stop in to hike back into the canyon. What we weren't expecting was to run into a young bald eagle hopping from waterhole to waterhole. We never got any good pictures of it but it was still a unique experience in Arizona. The area was clean but there was a lot of fallen trees from the recent rains. The pin stripes are BRUTAL coming in.
Bomboy Mine (03/23/2019)
The trail has a new cattle guard at waypoint 2, replacing the old steel gate. Way better and it looks like it's built to last. We'll see since it's within the big wash. We went out for the super bloom and also found that some new signage was placed along many of the area trails.
Hewitt Station Bypass (03/23/2019)
The trail has some new signage at waypoint 4. They posted a steel map of the Hewitt Station OHV region. It has an easy to read map of all the legal trails in the area. We saw a huge bull and the super bloom was in full affect. The trail was in good condition and easy enough in 2wd.
Ajo Mountain Loop (03/17/2019)
The trail is well groomed and passable by all stock vehicles. The road is maintained for all passenger type vehicles but there are a couple bumpy sections where you have to go pretty slow. The picnic sites are great because several of them have shade covering. Easy trail to access some incredible hiking.
Jack Handle (03/17/2019)
This trail is really fun and we finally got everyone through Jackass Bypass. It is a really tough obstacle that needs a good spotter and a confident driver. You will lift a tire or two. The trail is kind of short so we linked it with Bad Medicine.
Elvis Trail (03/16/2019)
This will always be one of my favorites. The trail has enough challenges to keep me coming back and trying a little different line. Unfortunately the trail is getting over stacked with rocks. If you cannot make an obstacle, hook up a winch or turn around. Do not alter the trail for the next person and if you do remove the rocks when you're done. Do not create bypasses. This is ruining our ROCK CRAWLING trails.
Price Road (03/16/2019)
We went out to check out the spring flower bloom and see if the water was flowing. The road is still in good condition. Please turn on your head lights. It really helps with oncoming traffic.
Walnut Canyon (03/16/2019)
My favorite thing about this trail is that no one is ever out there. The trail had some fresh branches hanging low in the wash and there was some deep ruts but nothing you couldn't do in a stock 4x4. The hiking is incredible back in the canyons.
Woodpecker Trail (03/16/2019)
Always a great time on this trail. The challenges are there for all types of vehicles. This is the trail that you can make as hard as you want. There firehole was deep and fun. The rest of the trail is the same and well worth a trip if you like rock crawling. Please do not stack the obstacles. There are way too many rocks stacked in the obstacles, making them way too easy, taking away from other users experience.
Rincon Road (03/15/2019)
As always we have so much fun just taking our time on this very scenic trail. The Gila was really high so we couldn't cross. The brush was really tight.
Axle Alley (03/15/2019)
We hiked into this one to see if the first waterfall was still really tall, it is about 7 feet. Only attempt this one in a buggy. There is not enough room for a group to turn around at the first waterfall. Only enter if you have a very well vehicle or buggy.
Highway To Hell (03/15/2019)
No matter how much I build my rig, this trail just keeps getting harder and keeping me from having a clean run. The rains always change the height of the waterfalls and right now they are all really tall. In my opinion this is a buggy trail only. If you have a full bodied rig just plan on body damage or potentially rolling over. I had to winch the first waterfall and one other that I have never had too. Lot's of other hard trails to run in the area if you're not up to this one.
Reymert Mine (03/15/2019)
We always like this trail because it's easy to get too and we usually have it all to ourselves. The brush was a little tight going up to the mine but the trail was in good condition for stock 4x4s.
Martinez Cabin Trail (03/15/2019)
The trail is in great condition and was easy for all the people in our group. We went out to hike back to the old cabin. Truly an amazing place that needs to be preserved. The trail really isn't worth running unless you hike back to the canyon and the old mine. It's not that far or difficult to walk the 1 mile or so. Totally worth it.
Martinez Canyon Road (03/15/2019)
The trail was very bumpy as always. The ledges are still the same and may require a spotter for inexperienced drivers. I recommend inspecting them before dropping down them. Some are blind and pretty deep for stock vehicles. The water was too high on the Gila so we went out this way to Box Canyon.
Cochran Road (03/14/2019)
We went out to the area to look at the spring bloom and planned to cross the Gila to visit Martinez Cabin from this way but the river was way too high to cross. The trail was in good condition with only a couple large ruts from the recent rains. There was plenty of great camping all along the route and some really nice spots at the end.
Bulldog FR 3512 AA Pit Arizona (03/13/2019)
We went out for a quick run to check out the "super bloom" of spring flowers. The trail was in good condition and we had it all to ourselves.
Sycamore Creek Loop (03/08/2019)
We went out to see the water flowing after all the winter weather up on the rim. There wasn't much left but the trail was fun. Watch out for traffic out there. There are a bunch of sxs's and dirt bikes all over.
Gerald Wash (03/01/2019)
We had a friend in from Colorado so we decided to take him on this easy trail where there isn't much traffic. The trail was in good condition but the brush was tight in spots.
Black Cross Butte (03/01/2019)
We went up after some recent snow in the area and the spring blooms were all over the place. It's a great trail to get away from Apache Trail traffic.
Ajax Mine Trail (02/08/2019)
The trail has been changed at waypoint 2. A very large boulder has fallen into the wash, blocking the original line through the big boulders. You must now stay to the left like in photo two of waypoint 2.

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