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  • 2005 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (5.5" lift, 35" tires)
Live near Wild Basin of RMNP and have 3 Jeeps and a Ram truck

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2005 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 5.5"
Tire Size: 35"

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Cathedral Valley Loop (08/13/2020)
Started on the western side with crossing of the Fremont river. It was about a foot deep but no problem for a high clearance vehicle. RN up to Waypoint 6 and took a right at the optional road that runs 5 miles to the other leg of the Cathedral Valley loop. That was a fun spur that was more challenging than the main road yet still easy. When we reached the other side we headed west for a few miles and visited the amazing Temple of the Sun and Moon and Glass mountain. Then we headed east and exited at the Caineville wash area. Took about 3 hours and was a great start to the day!
Storm Mountain (07/26/2020)
Ran this solo today and ran into Tim on the eastern part. I started up Cedar park road and then ran the western section to the top of Storm mountain, and I took the optional rocky climb to the top! FUN! What a great trail and the eastern section I particularly loved! I ran the Spruce mountain loop, which was a blast! Then I headed back. I didn’t realize the spurs and I’ll be coming back to explore again!
Rock Creek (07/19/2020)
Ram this today to get away for a few hours. Easy to moderate, very rocky and bumpy the entire trail. No good views but a decent trail to kill a few hours
Little Muddy Creek (07/15/2020)
Ran this up to just passed Waypoint 4, turned around because it was getting late and dark. Sandy rutted trail where mud dried up, easily negotiated. 3 years ago I did this trail by myself in a Ram 1500 and it was challenging but not difficult. Sounds like it got a lot worse over the last couple years. If I had someone else driving also we would have attempted but didn’t want to try this by myself after reading the updated reports ;)
Keyser Creek (07/15/2020)
Did this entire trail today while looking for wildlife photo opps. Saw a porcupine, very cool! It’s so green and lush and one of the most beautiful easy mountain trails around! Saw a good amount of campers but it felt like we had the mountain to ourselves most of the time! Very nice trail for a mellow drive and camp/picnik
Teller Divide (07/14/2020)
Ran this from west to East and back west (Hwy 125) looking for wildlife. Saw a few moose so it was great. Easy trail and only saw a few campers close to the eastern trailhead. Great way to spend a few hours in the mountains!
Owl Mountain (07/14/2020)
Ran Teller divide from 125 and soon after starting up Owl mountain road many trees have fallen and are blocking the trail early on. Didn’t spend any time trying to clear, hiked and then headed back out
Stillwater Pass (07/13/2020)
Did this trail from west to East (125 to 34) in the evening and saw 8 moose in a clearing right near the pass! Incredible! Very easy trail and a great way to spend a couple hours ;)
Dome Plateau to Dome Wash (Route) (06/12/2020)
Amazing route, rock crawling mixed with easy sandy roads, great views and attractions & some hard obstacles that can be bypassed. I saw nobody the entire time and camped at an amazing spot! The Owl draw spur is MUCH harder than the rest of the trail and deserves a HARD rating on par with Top of the World & Hells Revenge. There are about 4 obstacles but two of them are very large drops with potential for body damage. I was alone and in my Ram 2500 Powerwagon so I ended up stacking rocks in two spots to ensure I would avoid rocker panel damage. I will run this again and again because there are so many other trails and options and very little traffic.
Top of the World - Utah (06/09/2020)
Ran this in my Ram 2500 Powerwagon and it was awesome! We did the lollipop loop and coming down was nasty! I banged my way down and left with a few reminders of this day but it was all worth it!
Hells Revenge (06/09/2020)
Amazing trail and no wonder why it’s so popular. The tourists and amount of people on the trail even on a Tuesday evening takes away from the experience. However it’s just that good of a trail that I have to give it 5 stars. I took my Powerwagon and conquered some fears that day! We came out in the dark and the last couple miles of ledges in the dark were scary but fun. Definitely one to do!
Sand Flats Road (03/08/2020)
Did this today first thing in the morning! It was great, beautiful road and perfect weather. Lots of snow up high but not in the road so felt safe. Drove to the LaSalle Mountain loop road and then took they back down to Moab.