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I moved to Denver in January 2016 after living in the suburbs of Philadelphia for 30 years and deciding it was time for a change. I fell in love with Colorado (and offloading) a few years ago after renting a dual sport Triumph motorcycle, and trekking over offroad passes from Boulder to Telluride where we went over Ophir Pass. I'm relatively new to off-roading having just bought my Tacoma (and my also my first truck) in May of 2014. I'm still learning my lines and limits, and how to drive in the Colorado snow. On the east coast, I have driven through a nice chunk of the muddy, rocky state forests of central PA and done some abusive rock crawling at Rausch Creek Off-road Park, about 2 hours North / Northwest of Philadelphia. I usually try to combine my trips with camping over a weekend so I can cover more ground.