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  • 2000 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (3" lift, 33" tires)

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2000 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"
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Buckskin Joe (07/31/2022)
This is a fun trail that will get you a good bit above treeline. The only challenge is above treeline where it gets a little steep and a bit washed out in places. The washouts aren't bad, yet, we just put it in 4 low and took our time. There are a number of offshoot trails above treeline but most are starting to have grass growing over them. We also had the TrailsOffRoad's guide uploaded to Gaia GPS. We followed with no problem, with one caveat. :) The guide says the trail ends at the mine, at the summit. Well, it ends well below "the summit" of any of the hills around. If you pay attention to the guide, it's easy to spot the mine at the end of the published trail from the provided pictures. The road does appear to keep going past this point. We went up one more switchback and then decided that the next couple of switchbacks looked too spicy for our chill day. 5 stars for being the highest trail I've ever been on with views that go on forever.
Acme Creek Road (07/23/2022)
The trail is open, with a caveat. When we made the turn at Checkpoint 6 to start heading up FS# 219. A couple of guys on motorcycles waved us down. They let us know that there was a tree across the trail a little ways up from Checkpoint 6. I asked if it was something I could take care of with my bow saw. He paused and said, you'd be there a while. He pointed to a tree 12-14 inches in diameter and said it was about that size. He also pointed out that it was too narrow to turn around and that we'd have to back a long way. So, we took 195. It was still a beautiful day in the mountains! The trail was in great shape. As reported in the description, the creek crossing at the trailhead is a little intimidating, but we made it with no issues. That water was about bumper level on my jeep.
Old Flowers Road (07/03/2022)
The trail is in pretty good shape. It is a little rutted out on a couple of the hills but not bad. The forest is recovering nicely. It's pretty up there!
Pratt Creek (07/02/2022)
The road is in good condition. It was a little crowded for the first mile or so. I didn't see that many people after that. There a few dirt bikes and a couple of side by sides. Everyone was nice and considerate. All in all a nice drive through the mountains.
Switzerland Trail (05/31/2022)
This is a fun beginner trail. As others have said, it is basically a rocky dirt (shelf) road. The road never gets too narrow but there is some exposure in sections. There was no snow on the trail at all. I aired down, since I heard it was rocky in spots (it is) and it started snowing a little as I was airing back up.