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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (3.5" lift, 37" tires)
Tim lives and works in Northern Colorado. He has owned and driven 4X4 vehicles his entire adult life including Jeeps, pick ups, ATVs and UTVs. After high school, Tim's first 4X4 was a 47 Willy's CJ-2A with a flat 4 and a 6-volt electrical system. Typically wheeling in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, Tim loves being in the mountains and the back country. Because of a desire to enjoy and promote responsible off-roading and to keep it available for the future, he belongs to a local 4X4 off-road club. Being part of the Trailsoffroad.com community furthers that goal as well. A love for off-road adventures, camping, fishing, and hunting keeps Tim away from pavement and always exploring. While his wife likes the comfort of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Tim prefers the ruggedness of the Jeep Wrangler. Although most off-road time is spent in Colorado and Wyoming, an occasional trip to the Moab area is common. Tim will spend the summer going topless and enjoying the value of the great outdoors. Amateur Radio Technician license call sign: ke0npg

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 37"
2018 Jeep JL Rubicon with the 2.0 l turbo engine. Teraflex 3.5” lift with Falcon series 3.0 shocks. Rockhard mid-width aluminum front bumper with a Smittybilt 10k lbs. synthetic line winch. Bestop NX soft top. BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM3 tires with ProComp series 34 wheels. Cobra SXT75 CB radio and Yeasu 7200 duel-band Ham radio.

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Jericho Mountain Green Trail - East (07/27/2022)
This trail was the easiest one inside the Jericho Mountain State Park Jeep Trail. Although I think that a stock vehicle can complete this trail, There are still areas when a stock vehicle will scrape rock-rails, shock mounts and diffs. The park requires a 33" minimum tire size for the green trails. I concur that what it will take to avoid damage to vehicles. The other trails require different, more capable modifications. If you have the green trail minimum vehicle requirements, you can enjoy a challenging experience that can be exhilarating.
Caffey Truck Trail (07/27/2022)
Caffey Truck Trail is not difficult, but it is a enjoyable drive through the forest that beats taking pavement. The three water crossings give the trail some character. This trail is used mostly by ATVs and side-by-sides so the sandy areas can be a bit wash-boarded. When we drove this road, it was during a dry summer period. I suspect that during a wet time, the water on this trail could get a little deeper, but not much.
Jericho Mountain Green Trail - West (07/26/2022)
What a blast!! I really enjoyed this trail from start to finish. It had rained overnight when we completed this run which made the rocks a little slick. This trail took concentration and some trial and error because of the slick rocks. I was able to get through the trail without any damage. While on the trail, I did notice several trees sporting paint transfer in some key locations. The trees may have reached out and grabbed a few jeeps. I'll be back here again.
St. Helen Little Loop (07/18/2022)
This short ORV route was easily accessible as the trailhead is just off of I-75. There were a few places where the wash-boarding caused by ATVs was some what uncomfortable and frustrating. Although the area appears to be heavily visited by ATVs and Side-by-sides, we did not see another user on the trail, but it was a Monday when we drove this route. The water puddle at Waypoint 11 is no joke. This was a dry time and the water was still about 30" deep.
Stone's Throw (07/17/2022)
A fairly shot route through the forest to get our crew to the Marblehead area. We were able to find an old service truck in the forest just off of the trail. Finding old relics on back trails is always a treasure. We did not have any where near as much water on the trail as the guide writer experienced. There was still water on the trail, just not as significant. This trail is a good choice to join together with other trails to see much of Drummond Island.
Plywood Camp Road (07/17/2022)
This was a great trail through the water, mud, and forest of Drummond Island, MI. The rutted portion of the trail has been pretty dug out. I have a lifted JL on 35's and I scrapped the diffs in a few spot because of the rut depth. The water was low enough to choose pretty good lines through the mud and ruts. If water were a little deeper and hid the ruts, you could get into a nasty line pretty easily. Not to worry, there are plenty of trees to run a winch line to if necessary. At the shoreline of Lake Huron, Canada is surprisingly close. The water channel between the countries is pretty.
Shale Beach (07/17/2022)
This was one of the more bumpy, rocky trails on Drummond Island. The view of Lake Huron at the end of the trail is worth the slow rugged ride. The island visible across the channel from the end of the trail is actually Canada. It's not that far away. The trail was quite a bit drier when we ran the trail which made the ride less stressful.
Sheep Ranch Trail (07/17/2022)
A great trail with some long water crossings. There is a 100 yard long water crossing at Waypoint 9. The spur road to the south is a by-pass for the water crossing. The water crossing was about 3' deep with a solid rocky bottom. As I started in the water, I had just a bit of anxiety hoping it would not get deeper. It remained consistent all the way across. We were here during a dry time. I'm not sure how much deeper it would be during the wet season.
Fisher Road (07/14/2022)
Fisher Road is a pretty standard forest service type road. This one happens to be in the state forest, but roughly the same type of road. The water bog at waypoint 2 is really deceiving. Looking across the top of the water, it does not look to be much. Do not take this lightly, this thing is much deeper than I anticipated. It's a good reminder to probe water depth before plunging in.
High Rock Bay (07/12/2022)
This was a nice short trail that has a great ending...a view of Lake Superior. I had heard reports that this trail can be really wet early in the season, but it was not too bad in mid-July. All the obstacles were easily maneuvered with out and complication. Lake Superior is an awe inspiring sight. It's peaceful and quiet, but you know deep down that the weather and lake conditions here can be unforgiving. There were a few campers along the lake, but it was not crowded in the least bit.
Kiwi Road (06/22/2022)
Kiwi Road remains closed due to wet and muddy conditions. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife will open the road once conditions improve.
Storm Mountain (06/22/2022)
Although this trail typically opens on June 15 each year, it remains closed by order of the USFS because of fire damage from the Cameron Peak fire in 2020.
Bald Mountain (06/22/2022)
Bald Mountain remains closed by order of the USFS. An opening date is not known.
Foggy Park Road (06/22/2022)
Although this trail typically opens on June 15 each year, it remains closed by order of the USFS because of fire damage from the Cameron Peak fire in 2020.
Montgomery Pass (06/22/2022)
The trail is partially open, but only to Waypoint 2 at the yurts. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will open the road once conditions improve.
Bockman Road (06/22/2022)
Although typically open on June 15 each year, this route remains closed due to mud and snow. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will make the decision when this trail will open.
Storm Drain (06/22/2022)
Although this trail typically opens on June 15 each year, it remains closed by order of the USFS because of fire damage from the Cameron Peak fire in 2020.
Green Ridge Trail (06/22/2022)
Green Ridge Trail remains closed by order of the USFS because of fire damage from the Cameron Peak fire in 2020. There is no estimate on when the area will re-open to the public.

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