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2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Pole Hill (10/16/2021)
The start of the trail is the hardest part - rocky, but lifted full-size pickups were doing it while we were there. A scrape or two on the stock JL Rubicon in our group, but otherwise no issues. Very nice, mellow ride.
Saxon Mountain Road (06/19/2021)
Great trail, as always, but it seems to be degrading by the year. I'd argue this is no longer a "moderate" trail due to the handful of obstacles where a stock vehicle is likely to incur damage even with a good spotter. I'd highly recommend a lift, larger tires, and rock rails to safely navigate the back-to-back rock obstacles. The 4-Players of Colorado is the group that was happy to help Jose and crew get over the handful of obstacles. With a little bit of instruction and carefully-placed tires, they crushed it!
Cascade Creek (06/19/2021)
Very rocky/bouncy - definitely air down for a smoother ride. I agree that this trail has increased in difficulty; with all the erosion present, this is bordering on "difficult" in my opinion. High clearance vehicles/bigger tires recommended.
Mosquito Creek Road (06/19/2021)
This is open from end to end. The river is flowing good! There were a few places where the trail gets narrow on the sides and others where taller vehicles might have an issue, but going slow and a careful line will prevent pinstripes for most. There were some smaller rock obstacles that required some navigation around, but for the most part this was an easy trail.
Elk Park Road (06/19/2021)
Made it all the way to the gate with no problem. Lots of runoff, but no blocking snow drifts.
Slaughterhouse Road (aka Slaughterhouse Gulch) (06/17/2021)
A perennial favorite, this is usually one of the first more-interesting trails to open for the season. We went at night and we had the trail to ourselves. Very fun.
Mad Creek (06/12/2021)
Mellow, short, and scenic! No airing down needed, but it would make for a smoother ride on the latter portion of the trail.