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Dry Creek Road (05/22/2021)
To echo a previous review, the entrance has changed. I’m not sure if it was an addition of boulders, or simply erosion, but there is a wall or line of higher boulders (kinda like broken arrow), and on the left side in front of the wall there is a small depression. When approaching it, you can cut a line to the drivers side and going over the obstacle shouldn’t be that hard, but due to the depression I think lower clearance and/or longer wheel base vehicles may run the risk of high centering on the obstacle. When we arrived, I pulled over to inspect the obstacle, and watched a half ton pickup exiting the trail approach in the center, and when the vehicle went down one side into the depression the side steps hit and dented. They had larger tires but the long wheelbase worked against them. I was driving a new full size SUV that had the clearance otherwise, but didn’t have rock sliders, so I did not go down the trail (and it wasn’t mine). Outside of the entrance, this is a great trail and relatively easy. Upon reflection, it feels like the entrance obstacle is biased towards shorter wheel base vehicles, such as Jeeps driven by the many tour companies. Given some of the attitude I’ve gotten from the drivers when I’m in my own rig on “their” trails, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case.
Cedar Flat Road (01/16/2021)
This was a great trail, and there was constantly an amazing view. This was definitely a trail to take to get away from folks and enjoy solitude. However, past waypoint 13 the rocks start and they don't stop until the end. In many places there are two tracks that can be taken, and it seems to alternate between which side is easy and which is harder. You will need to air down and go slow and I would recommend taking breaks to enjoy the view. It's gonna be bumpy either way. There is a hill after waypoint 13 that you can easily miss by not veering left. There were other trucks on the trail before this point, but from what I could tell none went past this hill and all turned around after reaching it. This hill has some ledges that aren't that difficult (depending on your ground clearance), but proceeding past the hill likely means any assistance will need to come from the east end and not the west. There is a ledge on the eastern, downhill side that has a significant groove from vehicles scraping their trailer hitch. I would recommend getting out and scouting, as there is a way to get down the ledge rather gently vs just going down it and possibly dragging.