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Onion Creek (10/11/2021)
Ran the first 4 miles in the evening. Nothing technical at all, just more stunning desert views and closeups of this beautiful creek canyon. Per the locals we were with, this year's wet weather has washed it out quite a bit, but still nothing their stock Tacoma couldn't handle.
Long Canyon (10/09/2021)
Camped near the play area at waypoint 3 and took this back into Moab the next morning. I suppose this could be difficult coming uphill after the rainstorm we had overnight but otherwise I didn't find it challenging at all (stock Gladiator Rubicon on 37" ATs.) But, 5 star views all the way down.
Point Sublime (09/24/2021)
Five stars for the private and unique views. A relatively unassuming trail meandering through the forest takes you to a lonesome and serene outcropping on the North Rim. Almost no other traffic - Met a couple in a stock F150 turning back as they felt it was "too rough" for them, and a fellow off roader in a F250 Tremor. There was a couple in a JK camped out as well. Considering it's the Grand Canyon, I'd call that a win. Most stock 4x4s should handle this fine, I'd say it's a 2-3 on the difficulty scale.
Toquerville Falls (09/09/2021)
Great trail with a great photo op and swimming hole at the falls. We also took the road up to the radio towers at waypoint 8 where there is evidence of a past campsite which overlooks the Hurricane area. Great spot!
Argentine Pass (08/14/2021)
Trail is clear and very accessible for most. Stunning views at the top. Last half mile or so required 4lo to get over a few small boulders.