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Red Cone (08/07/2021)
Awesome experience in stock Bronco Badlands 4 Door with Sasquatch. We asked some Jeep guys at the bottom of the trail if we could join up with them and they were amazing. Trail was extremely busy (Saturday morning) with lots of vehicles, buggy and ATV traffic which created pressure to keep a solid pace. Wildfire smoke from out West robbed us of the typically great view but the fun was still there. Descent was really easy and the highlight of the tail for us.
Argentine Pass (08/06/2021)
Trail in great shape. Saw mountain goats, beaver and lots of flowers. Took 248.1 up to summit, then back down to Santiago Mine. Descended mountain via the 248.1K route. This was a much more rigorous route with lots of rocks and tight squeezes between brush/trees. Got some minor scratches coming down this way brushing up against all that vegetation. Overall worth it for us though as we like traversing rocks. Nothing huge or difficult, just lots of rocks. Update: We washed the Bronco next day and the amount of scratches was pretty extreme. Mostly clear coat stuff that should buff out but we are changing our opinion of 248.1K alternate route to not worth it unless you have a narrow vehicle. Scratches don't bother me but these have no cool story, just superfluous.
Beaver Creek (08/05/2021)
Really pretty trail and very easy. We turned onto Lininger Cutoff then to Lininger Ditch on the way back to 285. Would love to come back when the Aspens turn.