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Schubarth Trail (10/16/2021)
Very well described trail by TrailsOffRoad. I took this trail to way point 10 and took Hell Creek Road from there. Some great views along the way of Aspen, boulders, and Pikes Peak! If you are new to getting off road this is a great one to start with. I had no issues driving in my stock Honda Ridgeline.
Hell Creek Road (10/15/2021)
Driving stock Honda Ridgeline from point 1 to 3 (skipped 4). Never needed to use the 4 wheel drive on this trail from point 1-3. I was able to clear all the dips and such, but did have some light scaping here and there. TrailsOffRoad did great job helping describe everything, but I'd personally rate it bit harder than the description. That may simply be due to the type of vehicle I decided to drive. Some spectacular views of Pikes Peak!