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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 1999 Ford F-150 (2" lift, 35" tires)
I started offroad in Alaska in 1990. Denver based off-roader. My favorite trails are point to point. Climb, hike, ski 14ers. Explorer of ghost towns.

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1999 Ford F-150

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 35"
12,000 pound hidden winch. Swaybar disconnect.

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Peak 10 (09/11/2021)
I ran this trail on 9/11 to the top which showed as 13,300 feet. I started up at around 4pm. The lower trail is very smooth working through the lower resort. It gets harder as you work your way up with the difficult areas at the very top. Tight switchbacks and bigger rocks. After I reached the old communication tower I hiked to the summit of ten mile range peak 13,615 feet. What a view from the top !! My run and hike are dedicated to the victims of 9/11. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
Santa Fe Peak (08/23/2021)
I ran this trail on a Monday after middle swan and saints John. I only saw 1 other rig on the trail. This trail is off camber on a lot of sections. It also has big rocks and off camber on a shelf road so it requires focus. The weather that day was unpredictable and I got to the ridge at 13,000 feet and decided to descend due to rain clouds approaching. Of course then it cleared up lower so I decided to look at the mining ruins. This trail is awesome and I plan to return and go to the top and further.
Middle Fork Swan River (08/23/2021)
I ran middle swan today. Several months ago I got up to Tombstone hill only to be stopped by snow. It was a good recon for a future run. This whole area has been effected by washout due to the rain in late july. The rocks were much bigger and more difficult than months ago. There was definitely a touch of fall in the air and no smoke at all. I went down Saints john trail and the same thing washout areas. The goats were super cool to see and brought me good luck.
Mount Antero (08/09/2021)
I ran Mt. Antero on Monday to 13,800 feet in a lifted F-150 on 35s. I've run many trails above 13,000 feet but this trail is the best ever !! I decided to start the trip with mosquito pass first 13,200 feet highest pass offroad. I then went to Antero to camp at 11,000 feet. The dispersed camping is awesome !! I had a nice stream 10 feet away. I got up early and started upward. You can't really tell what's in store till you break treeline but when you do its like wtf ! Super steep mountains and views that are out of this world. I made the top and hiked to the summit 14,269 feet. It was super smoky up there and made the mountains look like ghosts. I got back to the truck and carefully descended to the pavement. Highest pass to highest point offroad. πŸ’ͺ😊
Mosquito Pass (08/08/2021)
I ran mosquito pass on Sunday. It was my 3rd time running it. I went from Alma side to Leadville. It was super smoky up there. You could barely see the mountains heading into the start of the trail. After I got to the pass I ran kuss peak to the top 13,500 feet. I descended to Leadville and went onto Mt. Antero and camped. The next day went to the top 13,800 feet then hiked to the summit. The highest pass to the highest point offroad. πŸ’ͺ😊
McClellan Mountain (07/29/2021)
I ran Mt. McClellan yesterday reaching the top at 4:00 pm. It was a rain sleet mix up there and some wind about 10 mph. I ran the lower Argentine trail first then to the top. Great energy up there yesterday people were very friendly on the trail.
Red Cone (07/23/2021)
I ran red cone with a very experienced group of 5. It was my first time on the trail. 4 jeep big tire and my lifted F-150. The first couple of obstacles went well then unexpectedly I hit a rock and gashed my new 35 mud terrain. It went completely flat in less that a minute. Geoff of Colorado 4x4 YouTube channel and his good buddy Camron the dream team of offroad fixed my tire in like 5 minutes and said your going upward. I said yes sir !! We went higher and a short time later found a lifted Lexus high centered on a rock. I started to not feel so bad. Geoff and Camron and the owner and a few others worked about 1 hour to get the Lexus unstuck. We all then a group of 6 continued to the summit of red cone 12,801 feet. This place is amazing and wow what a trail !! The view from the summit was unbelievable !! Must do trail but bring your A game and be prepared.
Argentine Pass (07/15/2021)
I ran Argentine pass today reaching 13,200 feet at 6pm. It was so beautiful up there and almost no wind and a few snow flakes falling. It was visibly smoky in the air. It was sureal up there being perched on the ridge looking around. I was testing my new 35s and they needed rocks and fresh mountain stream water to be broken in properly.
North Fork Swan River (07/04/2021)
I ran the trail on July 4th in a 99 Ford F-150 offroad 2 inch lift on 33 m/t. Wow that V-notch is no joke. Super close to that tree but got through. It was sketch but worth it. After that I went to saints john trail then up Webster pass. August 27th update. I ran north swan again today and it's way more difficult then my first run. The truck now has 35 inch mud terrains aired to 16 psi and 2 inch lift with no swaybar. There was lots of washout above the creek crossing. There are alot more boulders and they are bigger. The V-Notch is way more difficult above the tree and serious washout. The truck went up well but I lost a mirror on a tree this time to the off-road gods. I would say it's a grade harder then my first run.
Saints John (06/27/2021)
I ran Saints John trail on Sunday with a friend. She has a 2017 Jeep Rubicon recon on 35s. We went up deer creek to the top of teller mountain 12,625 feet. From there we could see people on top of redcone and rigs at Webster pass. After that we went to middle swan trail but the weather was looking bad. It was snowing, hail and raining that day. We decided to head toward saints john. My friend pushed her skills on the steep hills in her rig I was so proud of her that day. It was her first time out this season. We had a blast on saints john what a amazing area. I will be back.
Radical Hill (06/21/2021)
I ran deer creek from Montezuma to the top of radical hill. I decided to hike down the hill to recon it for a future run. I found lots of rockfall onto the trail. Big rocks all over. I'm sure it happens every year. Lower down there was lots of snow. It looked like avalanche debris. Probably 20 feet deep. What was impressive is that a motorcycle rider had made it all the way up by riding on right side out of the snow. I went to the cabin then back up. Amazing area !!
Middle Fork Swan River (06/13/2021)
I ran north and middle swan to the snow on June 13th Sunday. I could go no higher. North swan I got just past the water crossing on the right before I ran into snow ice mix. I had to back down from there which was tricky before the V notch. On middle I got up to the bypass shelf road above tree line. The snow was drifted in there but not alot on the bypass to the right. With the heat wave over the next week 100Β° in Denver I think it will go to the top soon. Awesome area can't wait to go back after I mount up my new 35s.