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Top of the World - Utah (07/21/2021)
Fun trail with some challenges. Don't think I'd try it in a stock Jeep, not saying it can't be done, but probably more enjoyable with some lift & tires (we're on 35's & 3.5"). This trail is not about the "trail", it's the photo-op at the top. View from the top makes it all worth it! Do TotW and "Onion Creek" on the same day, makes for awsome day!
Onion Creek (07/21/2021)
This is an awesome trail, beautiful scenery. Nothing very technical, thinking a stock jeep would not have a problem completing this trail. There were so many creek crossings we decided to count them on the way out, (28) creek crossings! Careful if using WAYS/Phone for direction, those will show this trail as the route to "Top of the World". Phone will get you in the vicinity of TotW, you'll just be @ 1'200 feet below it! Do "Onion Creek" and "Top of the World" on the same day, you'll really enjoy it!
Christmas Mountain (03/08/2021)
Made a reservation prior to our trip, didn't want to take a chance and have the groups filled up. As it turned out, we were the only ones going up that day. Fun drive up & down. But the real treat is the view from the top, SPECTACULAR! We were gonna eat lunch at the top, but it was too windy to set table etc. If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend it!
Old Maverick Road (03/07/2021)
Easy, but an absolute washboard thrashing!
Black Gap Road (03/06/2021)
Hit this one for the BOH. Fun trail, worth the time if you're down there. Couple spots will get your attention, but nothing serious.