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Engineer Pass (10/11/2021)
Brought the 4Runner here after getting the new OME lift and SPC UCA's installed. Breathtaking, challenging, and a bit scary haha. There was some snow on the trail near the top but it was otherwise dry with a few puddles. We got SO CLOSE to the summit and could have pushed on but I was uncomfortable when I felt some slipping on the snow/ice on such a narrow shelf. Still a relative noob. Turned back at Odom Point and headed down Cinnamon pass to Lake City. Cinnamon is a fun trail but the views included a lot of beetle kill forest :( Big snowstorm the next morning...glad we got to try it before it was too late. We will be back next summer to complete it.
Rollins Pass West (09/08/2021)
Very cool trail! The railroad history and remnants are some of the fun on this trail. A few miles are through new growth forest with very young pines. Great views of Winter Park from above. Once above treeline you are treated with some great views and some hiking trails to an alpine lake or two. We will be back to check those out.
Tincup Pass (07/18/2021)
It's beautiful up here. I haven't been up Tincup Pass since I was a kid on the way to Mirror Lake for camping and fishing. Fun trail, awesome views at the Divide. LOTS of side by side traffic on Monday but trail etiquette was pretty decent. There were about 4 out of the 10 first come first serve campsites available and we stayed over at one with a view of the lake. Mosquito threat level 6 out of 10 haha.
Rainbow Road (06/17/2021)
3rd try is a charm, last big snow barrier was gone and we finally made it to the reservoir this time and had a great hike all the way around. Mostly dry with a few puddles. Waterfalls are awesome.
Chinns Lake (06/17/2021)
Headed up here after Fall River Reservoir. Some trickling water over trail surface in areas, mostly dry. Blocked by snow a short walk from the lake (see end of track in screenshot). Someone left some body trim and tail light debris trying to go around the drift :) 1st time here we will be back!
Fremont County Road 69- Seep Springs OHV Connector (05/11/2021)
Lots of rain before we arrived at the HWY 50 access. Absolutely beautiful scenery. Lots of sloppy mud, closed to OHV we decided to turn around at the North Trailhead. We will be back when things are a little more dry.
Medano Pass (05/11/2021)
Excellent views, fun trail, cold weather! Closed at the fourth water crossing at about 6.5 miles from the "point of no return" so we camped at a completely empty primitive campsite because the one we had reserved at the Pinon Flats campground looked too busy to enjoy. Cold night! Trail was pretty dry. Website said air station was not open but it was so didn't have to break out our pump...