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Top of the World - Utah (04/20/2021)
Did this way back in 2004 in a stock Sport TJ on 30s. Have done it a few times since in my XJ on 31s without the slightest struggle. A limited slip rear diff is all that's needed for an effortless climb. Trail is a weak 3 out of 5, whereas Rose Garden Hill would warrant a medium 4. The view is a solid 5.
Rose Garden Hill (04/20/2021)
Did Rose Garden in my '87 XJ, 31s ARBs back in 2007 from South to North without incident. Son had a new LJR also with 31s. The XJ had a better break over angle than his, lacking a tummy tuck. One big step sits about 2/3 of the way up. 33s are a better choice for an easier experience. The "little" pinon tree to the left of the trail in the center of the photo is about 14 feet tall.