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Rock Crawling
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  • 1989 Jeep Cherokee (4" lift, 32" tires)

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1989 Jeep Cherokee

Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 32"

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Longwater Gulch (07/05/2021)
We ran the trail on the Monday after the 4th of July and the trail was open and we were able to descend all the way to the creek, we found it a little funny that the only gulch that we encountered for the entire trail was the final decent the rest of the trail follows a ridge line with great views. We were in 1989 Jeep Cherokee with a 3 1/2" lift and had no real issues with the entire trail the rock obstacle was a little challenging with the open differentials but with a little driving we made it up several times without much issue. We would have stayed and played even longer but the afternoon storm clouds moved in and forced us to leave a little early.
Dakan Road (06/20/2021)
Made the trip up from Castle Rock on Fathers day, the trial was in great shape with the Colorado views on the way up. We stopped to play and give the Cherokee a little workout on the "Rock Obstacle" trying multiple lines to give it a chance to check out the new sway bar disconnects. The trail has been graveled and we saw a few Subaru's which had no issues on a dry trail.
Quarry Road (06/20/2021)
We ran this trail the opposite of the description and enjoyed the assent, it felt a little like we were passing through someone's camp. Once to the top we played on the rock obstacle trying several lines, it is a fun little play area with some shade for spectators to watch from.