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Hackett Gulch (01/23/2021)
Still a great winter spot. The legal end to the trail is still unknown though I would personally call it at the river. This is a single track trail, I advise against a group any bigger than 4 as pullover spots are few and far between. The obstacle currently is dry but there is mud at the bottom of the slab and it is getting washed out. Descend at your own risk. There is also gravel covering the slab making it very slick. The ledge at the top is very fun, not TOO challenging, ample articulation or a locker is suggested but probably not required. Not too much gravel covering it and the moisture at the base wasn't too bad. I did not go further than the obstacles due to time There's a bit of snow on the trail but it's compacted as of this review and is perfectly safe if proper judgement of speed is exercised.
Metberry Gulch (01/23/2021)
Great, relaxing drive. Seems to be a new obstacle forming that wasn't there 3 years ago. It's before the slab going into the trail. It's a bit snowy but very manageable with proper tires and some airing out. Slab was easy, though is getting a little washed out at the base, though nothing to worry about if you go straight for a bit. There's a bit of washout before the final hill, also manageable with high clearance 4x4. River isn't frozen over, could be a good fishing spot right now, no one was around fishing it. Minimal trash, thankfully. No I would not recommend this trail for a newbie going by themselves, nor would I suggest a Subaru, lifted or not, go down this, as the washout was enough to lift tire on a lifted 2000 4runner.