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  • 1996 Land Rover Discovery (Stock lift, 29" tires)
  • 2021 Ford Tremor (Stock lift, 32" tires)

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1996 Land Rover Discovery

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 29"

2021 Ford Tremor

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"

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White Rim (04/12/2021)
Just incredible. Views are among the best for me. Lots of challenges and I continue to appreciate a vehicle with more ability than the driver, although I am catching up. Through a strange turn of events I did this trail in both directions and they are equally challenging. The toughest was following the trail after dark as my time had expired. Light bar and supplemental all were used as needed. Top of steep inclines to immediate turns mean keep safety first.
Long Canyon (04/11/2021)
This was a very enjoyable drive through the canyon. I did it from the bottom at Potash Road going up. I was unable to overcome the pinch point rock at the top and reversing to a turn around was good heartbounding fun sliding through the deep sand. So top down is the best way to complete the trip unless your rig is lifted.
Montezuma Canyon (04/09/2021)
Got out before the sunrise to be at the trailhead when it became light. This trail has so many highlights with all the petroglyphs and cliff dwellings and scenery and and and. Also the modern homes take on the Anasazi style, (built into the cliff face). Not a single vehicle until the very end. What a treat.
Elk Mountain (04/09/2021)
Still snow and ice on the road going through the National Forest section which is about the middle mile 25-30 out of Blanding. Melting so some muddy spots. Still a pleasant drive and very little traffic.
Loy Butte Road (04/05/2021)
Very nice ride on a perfect weather day. Definitely follow all the way to the end for a special archeological visit. Ruins and petroglyphs on a very easy walk.
Schnebly Hill Road (04/05/2021)
Did the lower 4 miles out of Sedona as I thought camping might be available. It isn't but trail is lots of exposed boulders making for the often mentioned bouncy ride. Lots of bottoming out on springs with the rover completely loaded. All that said... The view at the vista lookout is spectacular. Whole road should open in the next few weeks and I will be back.