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Prospect Hill Road (11/27/2021)
Snow is pretty deep. I was struggling with AT tires. Made it just past WP4 and turned around. I would've gone further with snow chains.
Prospect Hill/French Gulch Connector (11/27/2021)
Trail is in good condition, minimal snow. No snow on the off camber spots. There's a cut tree that may pose an issue for wider vehicles.
Balanced Rock Road (11/20/2021)
Ran the trail today. Really neat trail, the ruts are no joke and gave me a run for my money. I went straight at WP 11 and there was an open gate. Parked just before the gate and it's a short hike to the reservoir.
Mount Baldy (10/09/2021)
Drove up on the weekend. Didn't go past WP 8 due to the rockslide report. Generally an uneventful trail.
Corkscrew Pass (10/03/2021)
Wow! First time getting into the San Juans and boy are they incredible. This trail is pretty easy, no obstacles or anything technical. The biggest thing of note was how steep the trail gets, and the exposure. 4L all the way up and back down. The trail was muddy but no concerns. There's also pull offs at about every turn on the switchbacks so that makes encounters easy. A very cool trail, just ran it to the summit and back down.
Beaver Creek Road FS Rd. 315 (09/18/2021)
Easy trail. Ran it on the night of 18 Sep 21. Came from Rampart and connected to Mt. Herman Rd.
Mount Herman Road (09/18/2021)
Drove from Beaver Creek Road FS Rd. 315 and connected to Mt. Herman going East. Ran it in the dark. Easy trail, city lights looked great. Burned and looted SUV after WP 2, so that's notable.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (09/04/2021)
Very cool trail! The GPX and WPs on here are correct. (The area to the south near Geneva Lake [see my question] is closed) Also all of the off-limit trails are CLEARLY marked. It is not possible to accidently drive past these signs, so please stay the trail. I saw a lot of vehicles driving up to the mine summits and continued use of these unauthorized trails will likely result in issues for the trail. There is an obstacle between WP 6 and 7 which is probably the most difficult part, there is no by pass. It's a ~2' or 3' step up. Just use 4L and crawl up it. There is also a mildly tippy section after this obstacle and this whole section from WP 6 is has limited passing. There are 45 marked dispersed camping sites along the trail. The first 20-30 are all mostly accessible by a Subaru, after WP 4 the trail starts to earn its rating. As far as I can tell according to the Clear Creek Ranger District you can only camp in these 45 designated spots, as long as you arrive on trail before noon you should be able to find a spot. This is a fun trail, but its accessibility to Denver makes it very popular.
Medano Pass (08/01/2021)
Took the pass into the park. Water is pretty low, with only one significant water crossing. Pass was very foggy so unfortunately no cool views, it did create a neat misty atmosphere. The switchbacks just before WP 3 were very muddy and could have been concerning on the way down, but we were fortunate to avoid traffic there. There is also significant rutting all along the trail, but especially as you start to level out into the park. Shouldn't be any issue, but will likely continue to get worse. With all the rain, the trail is very overgrown. You can get a full size through, but you'll definitely earn some stripes.
Weston Pass (07/18/2021)
Easy trail, very neat for a quick pass over the mountains. Great views on the west side. We stopped for lunch at one of the campsites, the bugs were out in full force so be prepared for that. Not a lot of traffic. Aired down just to make the ride more comfortable, but definitely didn't need too. On the east side of the pass there are quite a few sections with large potholes which are unavoidable. They're not much of an obstacle but might send you bouncing if you don't see them. Great trail for a beginner or even a stock vehicle looking for a different experience.
Cloverdale Mine (07/03/2021)
Spent a night up in the mountains. The trail is a ride. Definitely air down. The switchbacks after WP 7 can be a little challenging but not difficult to pass with the right line. We stayed at the campsites at Rainbow lake (WP8), however you are not allowed to camp in the spots closer to the lake although there were some campers. Gorgeous trail, but very long. If you have an opportunity it's worth a trip. It says 2.5 hrs for the trail, but for a stock Tacoma OR it was more like 3 or 4 hrs.
Old Stage Road (06/12/2021)
Drove up to hike St. Peter's dome. This road gets worse and worse each year. There is now significant rutting just past waypoint 3. I'd say it's unlikely you'll be able to pass in a sedan with no clearance. Subarus and other suv's may find this rutting difficult, but not impassible. This road is very busy any time after 11AM. Be careful when taking the corners, many inexperienced drivers will take the corners to quick and will likely be on your side of the road. Other than the one area of rutting the rest of the road seemed in decent condition. It had been bladed at some point during the Spring.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (06/05/2021)
Trail is in good condition, there are many bypasses to most obstacles, it's hard to tell if these are legitimate or not, attempt to stay the main trail as much as possible. Moab hill is no joke, used the bypass for my stock Tacoma OR. Watched a side by side drop into the center. Went in the AM, not to crowded but by noon was pretty busy. Heavily used by OHVs. Definitely a more challenging orange trail for a stock vehicle, great for beginner to learn their vehicle. Would be easy with 33's or more.