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Onion Creek (01/09/2021)
Tried to run the trail today but they had a road closed sign at the start of the trail. I'd imagine it temporary but it was bummer to drive all the way there to have to turn around
Mashed Potato (01/09/2021)
Fun and easy trail. The snow today made it more interesting and trail finding added to the day. We could not find the gravy bowl for anything. No write up and no clear signs for the bowl. Disappear
Taylor Pass (11/03/2020)
This trail is harder than I expected even after reading the description and watching YouTube videos. Once you turn off onto the trail starts very rocky. I'm running a JL sport on 33s. Many rocks are atleast "24 high. The 2 door did great using the 2 pedal method but way harder than I expected
Crystal City (10/09/2020)
Easy trail. Any 4wd or AWD with ground clearance would be fine. Fall colors are in full effect. The trail was dry and dusty
Schofield Pass (10/09/2020)
Ran on fri 10-9. Maybe we were lucky but only saw 1 vehicle on Scofield Pass. Trail is straight forward but make sure your rig is ready.
Boulder Mountain (08/22/2020)
I can't express how narrow this trail is with words. There are very few spots to pass oncoming traffic. Felt really bad for the 4runner who had to back up .5 mile for a spot to let us pass. Otherwise the trail is in great shape and a fun run. For us it's a one and done type of trail.