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Phantom Canyon (09/06/2021)
It's a dirt road. We let our daughter drive the entire road. Great learning for a permit driver.
Mosquito Pass (09/05/2021)
We ran from alma to Leadville. Actually had a deep water section to cross which I don't remember from before. The Leadville switchbacks are no joke but overall an easy yet iconic trail.
Radical Hill (09/04/2021)
The rock obstacles are nothing like the pics. They obstacles have changed. We were able to make it up on 33s with the right line but the obstacle is about a 3ft ledge now.
Saints John (09/04/2021)
Super easy trail. We came from radically hill. Amazing views and very stock friendly
Red Cone (09/04/2021)
I can't say this enough. Make sure you have proper equipment and recovery gear. Had a full size stuck on a rock and a stock 4runnner having issues. Fun trail as always
Hagerman Pass (08/14/2021)
Easy trail but make sure you have proper equipment. We saw 3 vehicles who should not have been there.
Pomeroy Lakes (08/13/2021)
I swear this trail is getting worse everytime we go up. Still a fun trail regardless.
Tincup Pass (08/13/2021)
Fun trail. But tons of rzrs and atvs. Nothing technical but very bumpy
Hancock Pass (07/17/2021)
What a great day on the trail. Minimal traffic as in none!! Very rough from st elmo side. Left a few battle scar on my skid plates. We ran from Tomichi Pass to St Elmo side. ***Tomichi Pass is Open***
Hancock Lake (07/17/2021)
Fun and quick trail. We did see a Moose which was exciting. Bumpy but not technical trail
Middle Fork Swan River (07/16/2021)
Nice and dry except a few puddles. Tombstone hill and SOB hill were fun. Added a few scratches to the skid plates.
Georgia Pass (07/16/2021)
Fun trail. We came from the 285 side and stayed in 2wd until the contental divide sign. Was nice and dry and only saw a few people
Deer Creek (07/16/2021)
One of the easiest trails in the area but still my favorite. Love seeing the mountain goats.
Jones Mountain/Ptarmigan Lake (06/27/2021)
Completely open. It was foggy and raining with some sleet mixed in. Did have to use 4lo due to the slick rocks but trail was extremely easy
Mineral Basin (06/26/2021)
We ran Mineral Basin today 6-26-21 and it's open to the top. It was foggy and raining and we stayed in 2wd the entire time in our 2020 Rubicon. Still a fun trail but sad we missed out on the views.