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  • 1997 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (4" lift, 35" tires)

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1997 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 35"

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3N17 - White Mountain (08/22/2021)
Great intermediate trail. Mostly calm, with a few challenging sections along the way. I was running my stock Gladiator Rubicon, but other were running Gladiator Sport (no lockers), Mojave (rear locker), and even a few F150's with no lockers, but 35's. Could be done with most stock 4x4's, but you will need a spotter to help you pick the best line on the last technical section of this video (you'll see our spotters). Lockers made it pretty easy compared to those without. Video does not do the inclines justice. It was a bit intimidating to look at, but we made pretty easy work of it.
2N02 - Burns Canyon (06/01/2021)
Fun trail from Big Bear to Pioneer Town (or vise versa). Some mildly challenging spots, but no real need for 4-wheel drive, just some clearance. A stock Land Rover Sport followed us down without any issue. A few offshoots to play around on, and some mines to explore. Great views and variety of scenery. We caught a glimpse of a young buck running across the trail in front of us closer to Pioneer Town (5:10 in the video). Took us under two hours to complete. Take the time to walk around Pioneer Town before or after, depending on start/finish, it's a pretty cool place and still an active movie set. A few sections of the trail to give you an idea. *Video is actually HD, but seem to be getting some distortion between the camera and windshield?