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4-5 years
Off-Road Style:
Getting to lakes for fishing & scenic/historic places for photography.
My Garage:
  • 1997 Toyota 4Runner (Stock lift, 32" tires)
  • 2015 Toyota 4Runner (Stock lift, 32" tires)

My Garage (2)

1997 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"

2015 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"

My Trail Reviews (2)

(within last 6 months)
Clohesy Lake (09/30/2020)
Trail was completely dry after the creek crossings. Water was low and slow in the creek - perhaps 10" at the most. Even so there was some difficulty coming out of the second crossing in stock 97 4Runner. Knowing that similar vehicles have made it was very helpful, so thanks for that. Another rock obstacle about 3/4 of a mile up was also a challenge. These two obstacles seemed even more challenging on the way back down, but I'm a novice offroader so your mileage may vary. Lake was beautiful - no beetle kill yet. Fishing was difficult due to massive amounts of algae - go to the south side for less algae and eager fish.
Halfmoon Creek (09/02/2020)
Stayed on 110 up to the closed gate at Champion Mill. No difficulty in stock '97 4Runner. Less than 12" of water at both crossings. The rest was dry except for an occasional puddle. Scenic & fun road - watch for waterfalls along creek. Seems like open willows areas along creek would be good moose territory but saw none.