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I enjoy off-roading, camping and road-tripping' across the U.S. and into Mexico. I will strive to help provide a more relaxing trail run experience with detailed and accurate information through trail reviews. I too, have been there when following information of other publications, found that a section of the trail was not mentioned and was left scratching my head asking 'what are we going to do'. I absolutely love my state and know there are many more historical and scenic trails I have yet to explore. Additionally, Erick has had the privilege of experiencing sticky rock of Moab and would love to return. One of His wife’s quotes is; why would you want to go overseas when there is so much to see on our continent. Other fun things he likes to do include: visiting Arizona's wine country and staying the night at historical and recreational cabins that are a bit off the beaten path. Erick works for the City of Peoria and in his spare time tinkers with his 1992 full-size Bronco because it is always a work in progress. Erick is an active member of AZ Bronco Club, and and was 2017 full-size Bronco of the year winner, as high lighted in The Lemkes believe in God because they have seen and experienced His many blessings.

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Lift Size: 6+"
Tire Size: 35"
92 Ford Bronco XLT, 302HP Jasper motor,LEB Racing 160 amp 1 wire Alternator, Optima Yellow Top Battery, E4ODw/ Punisher Valve Body, Stak 4x4 3speed Monster Box T- Case, 1978 Dana 44 Solid Axle, Duff Extended Radius Arms, RCV Axles, LTD Brake Calipers, Auburn Ected Max Lockers Front and Rear, 6" Deaver Coils, SXS limit straps, 14" travel 7100 Bilstein shocks, West Texas Off-Road Hydro-assist Red Neck Ram & Steering Gear Box, Saginaw Steering pump, Chrome Moly rear axles, Rancho 9000 rear shocks, 6" SkyJacker Softride Leaf Springs w/helper unhinged, Independent Rear E-Brakes, 8 Arsenal Off-road Rock Lights & Front Lite Bar, Front & Rear Proto Fab 4x4 Bumpers, 12000lb Badlands Winch, 450C Vi Air On Board Air, Custom Made Full Roll Cage & Padding, Custom Rock sliders, 35x12.50R15 Mickey Thompson TTC Baja Claws, Uniden Pro 40 Channel CB w/ Firestik Ant.

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Elvis Trail (11/14/2020)
6 Broncos completed the trail hitting the first water fall head on finding out the front locker was not working. Messaging the skinny pedal and brake pedal success was on the horizon. If you want a mild challenge & add a twist to this trail go at nite its hard enough during the day in a full size vehicle but a moon light run takes it over the top. This is a fun trail Go prepared, and with extra Vehicles and Parts (just in case)!
Lower Terminator TV2 (10/10/2020)
We ran this last weekend the weather was awesome. there was no water on the trail. past rains cleaned it up. we also ran Upper Terminator after this.