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Mapping Crew - Colorado
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6+ years
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Rock Crawling
My Garage:
  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3.5" lift, 37" tires)
  • 1988 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (6+" lift, 40"+ tires)
Marcus is a 3rd generation Buena Vista, Colorado native who grew up bouncing around the central Colorado mountains in the back of his dad's CJ5. During his younger years Marcus grew to appreciate public lands and the recreation opportunities backroads and 4-wheel drive trails offer. Marcus has been wheeling for 20 years now and has wheeled in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California. Until recently Marcus had just been a participant in the wheeling community, but recently he has become much more active in preserving trails and working to make sure the wheeling community has their access maintained for future generations. Marcus helped to found Colorado Off Road Enterprise - CORE, based out of Buena Vista. CORE has worked with the Forest Service and BLM and has volunteer agreements in place with both organizations. CORE also has a Forest Service trail adoption agreement in place for Grizzly Lake, Pomeroy Lake, Hancock Lake, Hancock Pass and Tincup Pass, with other adoptions for trails pending. If Marcus is not working you can generally find him somewhere out on the trails around Buena Vista.

My Garage (2)

2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 37"
2018 Jeep JLU, 3.6L motor and 8-speed automatic transmission. 3.5" Metal Cloak Game Changer/Rocksport Lift. 37" Nitto Trail Grappler Tires on 17x9 Battleborn Bootlegger Beadlock Wheels. 10K Warn Winch and ARB dual compressor.

1988 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 6+"
Tire Size: 40"+
1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ...well the body is an 88 at least. The motor is a 4.0 HO from a cherokee which is mated to a AX15 transmission and then to a doubler built with the front half of an NP231 case and a 4 to 1 low range Dana 300. The wheelbase has been stretched to 102"and the lift is from a custom spring over axle with Alcan leaf springs in the rear and a 3-link with ORI Struts in the front. The front axle is a SuperDuty Dana 60 with a Yukon Grizzly Locker. The rear axle is a SuperDuty 10.5 with a Yukon Grizzly Locker. Complimenting all of this is a hydro assist steering system, 40" Cooper STT Pro Tires, BattleBorn beadlocks and armor on just about everything.

My Trail Reviews (29)

(within last 6 months)
Mount Antero (07/17/2019)
The Mount Antero Trail is open and passable.
Jones Mountain/Ptarmigan Lake (07/06/2019)
Trail is open to just above timberline. Should be fully passable in the next week or two.
Hancock Lake (07/06/2019)
Trail is open to right at treeline where large drifts are still present. Should be a week or two before being fully open.
Hancock Pass (07/06/2019)
The trail is open to just before waypoint 2. As you come out of the trees snow is blocking the shelf road above timberline. It will be some time before enough snow has melted to make the trail passable.
Pomeroy Lakes (07/06/2019)
The trail is almost all the way open. Several avalanches came down just above the Mary Murphy Mine, but they are passable. Snow is currently blocking the last 200-300 yards. It should only be a week or two before it's fully open.
Mount Princeton (07/06/2019)
The snow has receded enough to allow the trail to be fully open.
Baldwin Lake (07/06/2019)
The trail is open to around waypoint 4, at this point the trail is blocked by avalanche debris. To get to this point, you must also cross several avalanche debris field on the Mount Antero Trail.
Mount Antero (07/06/2019)
If you have a vehicle that can cross the avalanche slides at 2 miles, then you can get to above timber line on this trail. Travel over the avalanche debris fields is not advised.
Mineral Basin (07/06/2019)
Trail is open to just above timberline. Should be fully open in the next week or two.
Hancock Lake (07/01/2019)
Trail is still impassable due to heavy snow and debris issues. This status will be updated when the trail is passable.
Hancock Pass (07/01/2019)
This trail is still impassable due to a heavy winter and avalanche issues. This trail will be updated when the status changes.
Mount Antero (07/01/2019)
The trail is blocked by avalanche debris at 2 miles. The trail status will be updated when the avalanche debris are removed/passable. This is before the Baldwin Lake trail.
Hells Revenge (06/27/2019)
Always a great day when driving Hells Revenge. Not much traffic on the trail during the week and we made good time.
Hurrah Pass (06/27/2019)
Nice and easy drive, fairly busy as it's one of the recommended trails for UTV rental companies. Lots of great views!
The Catacomb Spur (06/27/2019)
Man! What a cool side trail. The wash on the lower part of the trail ran big this spring and it rearranged the road a bit, but it is passable and becoming re-established.
Chicken Corners (06/27/2019)
Great river views and a fun drive. Lots of traffic on the trail as it's a recommended trail from UTV rental companies.
Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (06/27/2019)
Short but fun trail. We used this to connect Klondike Bluffs to Salt Valley Road to get to the Tower Arch Trail.
Tower Arch (06/26/2019)
Nice trip and the parking area at the arch made for a perfect lunch stop. Continued to Eye of the Whale Arch from here.
Klondike Bluffs (06/26/2019)
It's been 6 years since I have been on this trail and I don't know why it took me so long to go back. Didn't see another vehicle on the trail, my kids loved the dinosaur tracks and we had a great day.
Crystal Geyser Jeep Trail (06/25/2019)
First time driving this trail, really enjoyed the unique setting. Off the beaten path and a moon-like landscape.
Rainbow Rocks (Rainbow Terrace) (06/25/2019)
It's been 5 years since I have been on this trail and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. A few mild challenges and great views from the terrace.
Poison Spider Mesa (06/23/2019)
One of my favorite trail in Moab. Nice day and minimal traffic on the trail.
Pomeroy Lakes (06/17/2019)
Trail was open to the Mary Murphy Mine at Waypoint 3, after this point the trail was blocked by snow.
Clohesy Lake (06/08/2019)
Trail is only currently open to Waypoint 4. At that point the trail is blocked by a large avalanche field 200yds across and nearly 25' deep. It will be a quite some time before the trail is passable at this point.
Grizzly Lake (06/01/2019)
Trail was blocked by snow about .25 miles past the first creek crossing/obstacle. Will be a while until the trail is fully open.
Alpine Tunnel East (06/01/2019)
Trail is currently only open for about 2 miles before being blocked by snow. Will be several more week before it is fully open.
Mount Antero (06/01/2019)
This trail is only open for about a mile before avalanche debris and snow block the trail.
Carnage Canyon (05/08/2019)
12” of snow the night before made for a fun and slippery day. We had to winch more that usual, but always a great day on this trail.
Chinaman Gulch (05/07/2019)
Snow, sleet, rain and thunder made for an exciting trip! Trail is 100% open with no ice.