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  • 2008 Toyota 4Runner (Stock lift, 31" tires)

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2008 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"
• ‘08 SR5 V6 4WD • Bilstein 6112/5100 leveling kit w/5th gen rear springs • 5th gen TRD Off-road wheels • General Grabber ATX 265/70/17

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Long Hollow Road (09/19/2021)
Fun, easy, and scenic forested trail to drop down to the west from Rampart Range Rd. The whoop-dee-doos are a hoot, and it’s not even rocky until you’re almost off the west end of the trail (you’ll know when that is because the dirt turns red…) On a late September Sunday afternoon I encountered light traffic, mostly dirt bikes & ATVs. The Fall colors are *just* starting. Saw a couple of bright yellow Aspens, but most stands are heading towards neon green. Would be a good one to take out of town guests on for a taste of what Colorado has to offer. Especially if you head north up past Twin Cedars and wind your way along the South Platte River. This trail could be done by a Subaru Forester (and probably a Crosstrek) when dry. Any midsize SUV would have no issues.
Bunce School Road (06/06/2021)
Like a lot of heavily-trafficked Front Range trails, there’s lots of dips, holes, and exposed rocks, making sections that would otherwise be uneventful dirt road into a kinda slow, bumpy slog. This guide is a little light on details, so it’s worth noting there’s actually several small rock gardens, with good odds a stock rig will knock or drag a belly in places even with best case wheel placement. About 2/3s in from the Bunce School end is a fairly substantial obstacle that runs right up to the harder end of this trail’s rating: a deep notch that at the easiest line has to be straddled then traversed, which puts stock suspension right at the limits. The low end 2 rating seems a tad conservative though perhaps not entirely off.
Meadow Creek Road (05/16/2021)
Temporary barrier approximately 4 miles up from GPX trailhead. Some nice creekside camping spots, some partially shaded from afternoon sun.
Stillwater Pass (05/16/2021)
Gates closed. Some nice camping along the road up to that point.
Rollins Pass West (05/16/2021)
Gate closed.
Lost Park Road (05/02/2021)
Just went up to/on FR 130 to shake down the 4WD on a recently acquired vehicle. Main road was dry, as was the Forest Road largely. Just a few shallow mud holes. Definitely seems like there’s a lot of dispersed camping options in the area. (Given the location inside Pike National Forest, there is shooting, so might not provide the most peace and quiet, at times.)