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  • 2008 Toyota 4Runner (Stock lift, 31" tires)

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2008 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"
‘08 SR5 V6 5th gen TRD Off-road wheels/tires Otherwise stock for now …

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Bunce School Road (06/06/2021)
Like a lot of heavily-trafficked Front Range trails, there’s lots of dips, holes, and exposed rocks, making sections that would otherwise be uneventful dirt road into a kinda slow, bumpy slog. This guide is a little light on details, so it’s worth noting there’s actually several small rock gardens, with good odds a stock rig will knock or drag a belly in places even with best case wheel placement. About 2/3s in from the Bunce School end is a fairly substantial obstacle that runs right up to the harder end of this trail’s rating: a deep notch that at the easiest line has to be straddled then traversed, which puts stock suspension right at the limits. The low end 2 rating seems a tad conservative though perhaps not entirely off.
Rollins Pass West (05/16/2021)
Gate closed.
Stillwater Pass (05/16/2021)
Gates closed. Some nice camping along the road up to that point.
Meadow Creek Road (05/16/2021)
Temporary barrier approximately 4 miles up from GPX trailhead. Some nice creekside camping spots, some partially shaded from afternoon sun.
Lost Park Road (05/02/2021)
Just went up to/on FR 130 to shake down the 4WD on a recently acquired vehicle. Main road was dry, as was the Forest Road largely. Just a few shallow mud holes. Definitely seems like there’s a lot of dispersed camping options in the area. (Given the location inside Pike National Forest, there is shooting, so might not provide the most peace and quiet, at times.)