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Mineral Basin (07/05/2021)
What a fun, easy trail with amazing views at the top. It rained on me most of the way up but stopped right before I reached the top. The rain cleaned air was heaven. There are several dispersed camping sites along the trail with a few really nice places near the top.
Matukat Road (aka Goose Creek Road) (07/05/2021)
Despite the Hayman fire damage, Goose Creek road is still very scenic. I drove from the Lake George Side and as I got closer to Cheesman Lake and Deckers, the road had lots of washboarding.
Cottonwood Lake (07/05/2021)
Easy, graded road to Cottonwood Lake. Lake is gorgeous, saw kayakers and paddle boards on the lake. If you can handle a rougher road, continue past the lake and go up to Mineral Basin.