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Outlaw Trail (12/25/2020)
Adventuresome trail for an overland newbie. Drove it starting on the north end. Ten minutes into the route, had to use crawl control on the 4runner to get up a rock ledge. Lots of interesting challenges throughout, and the hardest part was avoiding collision with the mindless tourist zipping around on side-by-sides. They are the biggest hazard. Several great overland camping spots as well.
Woodenshoe Road (12/22/2020)
Easily navigated. Scenery is spectacular and isolated. I recommend camping at the Sundance Trailhead, in the Dark Canyon Wilderness, if you're looking for solitude and stunning scenery.
Left Hand Collet Road (12/22/2020)
Attempted the trail from the west end, off of Hole-in-the-rock-road (waypoint 16). Went two miles southwest and ran into a wash with 10 foot embankments on either side of the trail (Twenty Mile Creek). Could not pass through with my stock 4 runner.
Elk Mountain (12/19/2020)
Section eastern of trail from Blanding to Cottonwood Road was recently graded. You could drive it in a Mustang GT.