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  • 1989 Mitsubishi Montero (Stock lift, 31" tires)

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1989 Mitsubishi Montero

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"
short wheel-base V6 montero - only available in the US for a couple of years. referred to as a 1st generation, or gen 1 montero. mostly stock, but with a slight suspension lift using gen 2 springs and torsion bars. limited slip diff in the front and the back. 4.62 gears with a 4hi/lo xfer case. great little trail rig with suspension seats and a devoted following.

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3N07A - The Squeeze (01/03/2021)
absolutely agree that this trail belongs on everyone's short list when it snows - so much fun and really just a beautiful day out. always surprised how sparse it can be - we only saw a couple of other groups, even on a saturday, at least until you get near either end of 3N16. visiting the various mines in the area and taking a few quiet moments to walk around really gives a sense of what it must have been like when gold lured people away from cramped city life and into a stunning (if unforgiving) setting to carve out a life among the pines and weathered stones.