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Engineer Pass (07/10/2021)
We ran this primarily as the "scenic route" to make our way back east from Ouray (to Lake City). It's a very long trail, but has some nice scenery, and many old mining sites to explore. Definitely a popular and busy route on the weekend - especially on the latter half of the trail that ran from where it branches towards Cinnamon Pass to Lake City.
Imogene Pass (07/09/2021)
I would describe this as "consistently technical", but not overly so. We had no issues traversing it in our stock JLUR.
Black Bear Pass (07/09/2021)
Very rewarding trail. There are some large obstacles from the oneway/downhill-only point through the steps that tested the sliders of the stock JLUR, but I thought the steps themselves were not the most technical section (at least not when we ran it during dry/sunny conditions). We had a great time, and I would definitely recommend this trail.
Rimrocker (07/08/2021)
Ran this trail from Moab, UT to Nucla, CO. Except for an EXTREMELY slick section of trail at the west end of the Paradox valley due to a short rain shower it was very dry. Only encountered one other party headed west (except for the ranch truck just west of Buckeye Reservoir and some folks at Pioneer Campground). Based on the Gaia GPS track, the 100 miles of trail we ran took us roughly 7.5 hours.
Fins and Things (07/07/2021)
Great Moab intro trail. Ran it in a stock JLUR without issue and only a couple of scrapes.