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Schnebly Hill Road (11/26/2021)
Beautiful trail views, the scenery is worth the trip. The actual trail is mainly just a rocky dirt road, nothing challenging except the constant chatter of hard packed sharp edged rocks. I was lazy and didn't air down, this was something I regret as the trail was very rocky and jarring when running at full tire pressure.
Rocky Gap/Potato Ridge Road (11/24/2021)
Ran this with 3 other Jeeps today 11/24/21 Great trail, ran from west to east with no other traffic on the trail. Some technical sections in the mandatory rock section, took one turn (to the right of the legendary tree) and this was more difficult than the regular trail, got hung up a bit but backed up and got through it ok. Banged on my skids in that section a couple times but overall a great run. I have open diffs and 295/70/17s. When I run it again I should have 35s by then, which should keep the skids off the rocks. There's plenty of opportunity to make this trail as tough as you want, so should satisfy even the hardcore crawlers. If you have a moderate to heavy built Jeep and are in the Vegas area this needs to be on your must-do list!
Engineer Pass (09/09/2021)
Took Engineer Connector up from County Road 2 in Silverton. The drive up to the summit was good, a few places where finding a good line makes a nice difference. Came back down from the summit to run Poughkeepsie Gulch, this direction running down Mineral Creek gets pretty sketchy as you get about a 1/4mile away from the Poughkeepsie trailhead. There's some large ledges w/ some off camber spots, need to really pick some good lines in a couple spots as you're going down blind in a few areas. This would be much easier going from West to East in this area for sure. I think the rating needs to be bumped up a bit due to this stretch in the trail, everything else would rate a Moderate IMO.
Hurricane Pass (09/09/2021)
The views is what makes this a 5 star, short & sweet, but well worth the drive for sure. Looking down on Lake Como and Poughkeepsie gulch is quite a site, and finish this up with Corkscrew to return to 550 is a nice finish to the day!
Corkscrew Pass (09/09/2021)
Great trail to finish a long day of wheeling. Ran this after going up to Engineer, then to Poughkeepsie, up to Hurricane. Had to see that scenic toilet FWIW :) Great panoramic scenery and the contrasting colors of the red mountains really is spectacular! One thing to keep in mind, the trail signage (as of 9/9/21) is missing at the junction of Hurricane and County Rd 11, if coming down from Hurricane you need to take the trail going up the hill to the right. Also the sign at the summit is missing (damn thieves!) so when you see some posts and a green square county road 20A you just go straight past that sign as their is a trail going up to the left that's not the Corkscrew trail.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/09/2021)
Great trail! We took the bypass since our open differential JL probably wouldn't be up to the task. Want to give it a try next time though, with the right spotter/line who knows??? Our 2019 JL Sport 2 dr V6 8AT w/ Rubicon suspension and 295/70/17s didn't have any issues w/ traction or getting through the obstacles. Videos don't really show how steep that loose rock section is prior to the wall turnoff, a fun run up that for sure. The larger boulders in the stream section make for some fun navigating, made it though w/ some spotter help without a scratch. Nice variety in terrain and scenery, and to top it off with that picture perfect Lake Como is just icing on the cake! Can't wait to run it again.
San Juan County Road 2 (09/09/2021)
Glad we aired-down in Silverton, road is just a rocky chatterbox, might lose your dental work if you have tires fully aired up.
Imogene Pass (09/07/2021)
A "MUST DO" if you're in the San Juans! Perfect day for this run, temps in the mid 70's very few vehicles on the pass, and just a gorgeous trail! Views are epic, and enough variation in the trail that it keeps you on your toes most of the time. Running Ophir first then Imogene is a good plan if you're new to shelf roads, Ophir is the "bunny slope" that gets you on the hill and Imogene is about perfect!
Ophir Pass (09/07/2021)
Great trail to start your San Juan "Badge of Honor" Jeep trail run. Great views, good introduction to shelf roads, fair amount of rocks to deal with and a few obstacles to traverse. If you start with this trail then run Imogene on the same day it's a good progression as Imogene has everything Ophir has but the shelves are narrower, the climbs/descents steeper, the obstacles bigger and the trail longer.