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Middle Fork Swan River (09/18/2020)
Took this trail down from Saints john to WP4. Very scenic valley view, small waterfall, and cool now collapsed cabin. Coming down the tough sections on tombstone hill wasn't bad with 33s
Saints John (09/18/2020)
Probably my new favorite trail to date. Camped out at 11,300ft. Amazing views even with the smoke. Connected to middle fork swan and SOB hill. Great day!
SOB Hill (09/18/2020)
Coming in there were a few trees down and it was narrow. Got a little damage from free hanging limbs. The hill climb was dry but really loose. Lockers helped immensely. Took the bypass with my 33s. XJ with 35s no problem. 4 runner on 33s bypass. Not my favorite trail but if you're looking for a slight challenge this may work.
Red Cone (09/17/2020)
Ran this as part of a two day trip with Radical hill, deer creek, saints john, middle fork swan, SOB hill, and georgia pass. What a great 2 days! Epic scenery even with the smoke. WP2 definitely the hardest part. Ran this in 2017 and they have widened the path thru the trees at the right hand 90 near the tree line. Also the descent is much easier and looks like they leveled it a bit. Great trail though
Radical Hill (09/17/2020)
Ran this after Red cone. Makes Red cone look easy. The boulder section at WP 3 is rough even with 33s. The shelf isn't bad even in my Hummer H3. This really should be a one way only trail though!
Miners Gulch (08/08/2020)
Ran this trail uphill today. Fun with some large boulders. Most you can drive around except for a few spots. Lockers were almost a necessity. Not much water running at this time
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (08/08/2020)
Fun trail. Only issue was the second hill climb at waypoint 8. Very loose rock even with lockers we all had doubts we would get up that section on the right side!
Washoe Gulch (07/16/2020)
Ran this offshoot from Cumberland gulch up to Yankee Hill. Great connector with some rocks, no problem with 33s. We were just doing a quick loop so this option worked out great.
Rimrocker (06/26/2020)
Ran most of the trail with a few exceptions. I have been on part of this trail on a mountain bike hut to hut trip so I knew some of the route. We ended up on a few side excursions which are worth mentioning. Rim road outside of Montrose was a side road our GPS led us to while having issues. It is sort of a mini moab and rocky for sure but great views and an added hour or so to the trip. We also did the Burro creek alternate which was a little more technical but awesome views as well! Then past Nucla we diverted and followed the river to Paradox and reconnected via the jeep road to just before Buckeye. Then in Utah we heard north on Taylor flats road to the dinosaur lookout and then into Moab via Sand flats! Great trip
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (06/20/2020)
Ran the trail today and it was beautiful out! Made it to Waypoint 7 and there is still snow blocking the road to the mine. It will probably be a few more weeks until this is melted off as it was about 3-4ft deep. Definitely check out the Iron Fens
Moffat Tunnel Road (06/11/2020)
Great views on the way to Rollins pass!
Jenny Creek (06/11/2020)
Ran Jenny Creek Trail and can report that it isn't passable at the present time due to snow. There is a snow field directly after the creek crossing that you can't see when heading westbound (we had to back across the creek). This trail is very narrow! My buddy took out his headlight with a downed tree! Maybe another few weeks before the snow melts sufficiently here and at the top of Rollins pass
Rollins Pass East (06/11/2020)
Ran the pass and Jenny creek today. OMG the potholes! Made it to waypoint 7 and it had some deep snow. There were some tracks but we decided to turn around considering it was only getting worse ahead. Jenny creek was blocked after the creek and had to back out! Fun day!
Upham Gulch (06/11/2020)
Ran the gulch today along with Switzerland and a few others. Nothing dramatic and they've added a barrier at the end which someone had moved to block the illegal trail.
Gordon Gulch (06/11/2020)
Great network of trails that we did including Switzerland, upham gulch, Pennsylvania gulch, and a few others
Switzerland Trail (06/11/2020)
Great views close to the city. Found some great off shoots that weren't listed and required our vehicles full ability but super fun! Combined this with upham gulch, Pennsylvania gulch, Gordon gulch for a great day!
Pennsylvania Gulch (06/11/2020)
Ran this trail today in a stock Hummer H3 on 33s. A little challenging in spots due to washout. My vehicle has lockers so no issues but newbies with open diffs may have problems. Some deep holes to negotiate and tree roots. The pics on here don't even describe it!
Longwater Gulch (05/27/2020)
Great trail for expansive views but as for obstacles, I prefer Hackett Gulch. Metberry is more fun as well
Metberry Gulch (05/26/2020)
Great trail to test your vehicle. Note we had 2 open diff vehicles (jeeps) that needed help coming back up the hill. Nice spot by the river to hang out and maybe take a short hike into the canyon.