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Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (11/08/2021)
Didn't know what to expect but decided to give it a go today. Gate is open and only a few campers (hunters). The sunny spots are fine but after the gate the shaded spots in the trees have a fair amount of ice building up. Made it to the iron fens offshoot but decided to stop there. Looked like it would be a bobsled run after that without chains. With chains I would think you could make it to the top.
Georgia Pass (10/01/2021)
Only ran the 285 side before along with SOB. Ran the full trail this time. Fun easy trail into Breck. Inadvertently got on the camping spur in the west side of the creek. It seemed harder and much tighter than the main trail with some large mud holes that I didn't want to test the depth being alone. A couple good creek crossings after the camping spur
Boreas Pass (10/01/2021)
Took this route from Breck for the fall colors. Wasn't very impressed on the Breck side and way too many tourists stopping in the middle of traffic. Go from the Como side to the summit for color. We also saw 5 moose near the summit! What a treat.
Twin Cone (10/01/2021)
Ran this trail since it had been on my list but I knew you could only go so far. Got about 4 miles in past the switchbacks to a nice overlook. Pushed on to the 5 mile mark and there is a red and white closed gate just before the tree line. Also to note the second private gate is no longer there. We were stopped by a ranger on the way out and he asked how far we went. Sounded like someone went to the top and he was looking for them. I didn't get a pic of the gate but there is a clear area to turn around at that point. Pretty sure that is the legal end of the trail.
Cascade Creek (07/01/2021)
I agree there are some difficult sections on this trail running it from the east to west which require good tire placement even with 35s. This trail is bordering on a 5 rating. Fun trail with connections to many others. Connected to Saxon Mtn and into Georgetown for a great day!
Saxon Mountain Road (07/01/2021)
There are a few narrow spots on this trail but it's not as bad as I expected running it backwards from the top down. Running it this direction allows you to see all the lower switchbacks and potential traffic. Fun trail as we came up from Cascade creek which was more difficult. Great day!