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Todd is an avid wheeler who loves to explore new trails whenever and wherever he can. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that holds true for Todd. His want and desire to find passable trails and new nooks and crannies of the Great American West to explore were his reasons behind starting On any given weekend you can find Todd on some obscure 4x4 trail or using his legs to hike to an alpine lake.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Dupont Cabin (09/16/2018)
This is a fun and pretty trail that takes you up into an area that doesn't seem so crowded. Heading uphill, you climb for a long distance over loose rock with a minor to a moderate obstacle that could give some stock vehicles problems. Once in the tall pines, you can take a lunch break at the peaceful and idyllic setting of Dupont Cabin.
Haigler Creek FR 848 Arizona (09/10/2018)
This is a great trail! The vibe and feeling you experience amongst all the tall pine trees is top notch.
Apache Trail Arizona (09/10/2018)
More of a road than a trail but the scenery is amazing with very healthy Saguaro cacti all over the southern section. There are plenty of side trails to explore with access down to the water.
Devil's Canyon (06/23/2018)
Devil’s Canyon is open for the season.
Big Draw Trail (06/22/2018)
I was part of the mapping team run for this trail guide. A few week prior to was on the other trail to the rim to Taylor Canyon and this trail was equally enjoyable. There was plenty of sandy road to drive one all which lead to a beautiful view of Taylor Canyon. From the top of the rim, you can peer down onto Taylor Canyon Road, which travels in the canyon. This entire area near Horse Thief Point is a destination. Plenty of camping, sites and fun wheeling!
Devil's Canyon (06/18/2018)
The Forest Service is still listing this trail as "seasonally closed". Will update upon verification.
Washoe Gulch (06/18/2018)
This trail is a little different than its neighbor, Cumberland Gulch. I feel running it uphill you end up with a better view coming out of the trees than Cumberland. This is a good access to the upper Yankee Hill Network.
Bill Moore Lake (06/18/2018)
This is one of the best offroad trails near Denver. It usually is open to the lake starting in early to mid July.
Mojave Road (06/17/2018)
This is a must do road and lives up to its hype. Its not a hardcore wheeling trail and there are few challenges. The reason you do this road is the experience!
Yankee Hill - The Actual Hill (06/17/2018)
Snow free for the entire loop.
Yankee Hill to Central City (06/17/2018)
Clear from the St. Marys side trailhead. Plenty of rigs were out bashing the remaining snowdrifts down.
Miners Gulch (06/17/2018)
I think this trail is the "gem" of the Yankee Hill Network. I give it a 5 star when comparing it to the other area trails. It is a little rougher and challenging than the other trails. In the late spring and early summer the wetness of the gulch welcoming against all the hot sun up high. The water flowing down is really fun to drive in. The trail seems to change conditions rapidly. This year it seemed a little rougher than years past, but we will hold the rating the same.
Mt. Ord Trail (06/04/2018)
This trail is temporarily closed due to fire dangers.
Muley Point (05/22/2018)
En route to the Overland Expo, a few of the Trails Offroad Crew used Muley Point as a rendezvous location and spot to sleep. The view is amazing and i recommend this trail for the view.
Willow Springs Road (05/22/2018)
When you only have a few hours and want to take in the beauty of the area, this is the perfect trail. Not hard and not to boring.
Chicken Corners (05/22/2018)
On my way to the Overland Expo, I wanted to hit a quick trail that I could camp on. Chicken Corners offers great scenery with easy wheeling so I chose this trail for my evening layover.
Hurrah Pass (05/22/2018)
A quick trip over Hurrah Pass to get to Chicken Corners was fun as usual. The view from the top is always memorable no matter how many times you have seen it. The trail rating has not changed.
Long Canyon (04/15/2018)
I was up in the Horse Thief Point area exploring trails and decided to run this trail down to get back to Moab. This is the peaceful and scenic long way back to town.
Mineral Bottom Road (03/25/2018)
This was the second time I ran this trail, the first time I drove up the trail after completing the White Rim Trail - it was 115 degrees that day and I was just anxious to get to the top of the Horsethief Point for, hopefully, cooler weather. I do not recall much from that trip. This trip I was part of the Trails Offroad Mapping Team where the time was set aside to explore every nook and cranny of the trail. This trail has alot to offer the explorer at heart. The trip down the switchbacks is visually more stimulating than driving up them. Its an incredible view when you reach the bottom and continue on with the high canyon walls surrounding you. We were met with cliff jumpers who were parachuting off of the cliffs above the boat launch area, which was a really cool thing to witness, although I would never do it. The true high points for me on this trail were the switchbacks and the side trip up Mineral Canyon Road, so when you do this, be sure to check out Mineral Canyon Road as well.
Day Canyon Point (03/23/2018)
What is it with the La Sal Mountains when they get that bizarre outlined look? I love this trail and this area for the view of the La Sal Mountains. This day, we were racing the clock to reach Day Canyon Point for sunset and drive back in the dark. Our thinking was that this would be the most epic spot for an sunset on the snow capped La Sal Mountains. However, the cloud cover did not cooperate and instead of beautiful reds and purples, we ended up with grey skies. This trail seems fairly easy going down, but in the dark, you really experience the ledges in a different fashion, so fairly easy down, a little more moderate going back up.
Bartlett Wash Road (03/15/2018)
Beautiful sunny day on a beautiful trail. Bartlett Wash is a great road and I enjoy it every time I drive it. Ran it from south to north with it starting sandy riding along the edge of a never-ending sandstone formation before it dropped into the wash where some water was still standing among the trees only to come out in a dry and rocky landscape. Such a great trail to experience all the different landscapes.
Gemini Bridges (03/13/2018)
The road was well graded and much more smooth than normal.
Tusher Tunnel (03/13/2018)
After now having done Tusher Tunnel and Dellenbaugh Tunnel I can say I like the wheeling on Dellenbaugh the best, but of the tunnels, this one is really cool. The long tunnel effect you get walking through without a flashlight is pretty intense with the bright white daylight peering in from the opposite side.

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