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2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Bill Moore Lake (07/13/2019)
The trail conditions are about the same from previous years. Perhaps the whoop-de-do section is a little smoother with the final section descending to the lake being a little rougher. Noticed a bunch of shell casings around the lake, please pack out what you pack in and pack out more than you pack in! Tread Lightly!
Mill Creek (07/13/2019)
This trail remains about the same in terms of difficulty as it has for years. Perhaps a hair more difficult after the long winter with rocks being displaced and different locations. Overall, it is still a great trail with a great "Colorado" experience to it. Note about the old cabin: The door has a wooden pin that you must slide out to open the door - do not try to force the door open. Please leave everything in better shape than you found it :)
Stony Pass (06/30/2019)
Important: Due to dangerous water flow at Pole Creek, Stony Pass is temporarily closed
Loch Lomond (06/12/2019)
The lower gates are open, but snow lingers up high. Best to wait this one out a few more weeks.
Devil's Canyon (06/12/2019)
As of now, this road is still closed.
Willow Springs Road (04/20/2019)
I ran this opposite direction of how it's listed in this guide and my whole purpose was to get up to Balanced Rock picnic area for some sunset shots of the rock structures. After a long week of EJS I got to the Balanced Rock area around 4:30 pm and quickly realized I was way to sleepy to sit around until 8 for sunset. I hung out for about an hour, ate an early dinner and made it back to my hotel where I quickly fell asleep shortly after sunset.
Deadman Point Road (04/19/2019)
Once you get to the end point, there is endless exploring to do along the cliff edge looking down at the river below and top portion of the Canyonlands. I highly recommend this road for anyone looking for a scenic backcountry drive.
Hellroaring Canyon North Rim Overlook (04/19/2019)
This trail will surprise you with an epic viewpoint at the end! You get to look at one amazing gooseneck formed by the mighty Green River, but also a really great birdseye view of Mineral Bottom Road - another favorite of mine.
Spirit Ridge Road (03/22/2019)
I was able to utilize this trail to run a group of trails in the area. I only ran a small portion of it to make for a great "full" day of offroading in the Lake Havasu / Yucca / Kingman area. I would call this a "utility" trail for connecting other key trails together.
National Old Trails Road (03/22/2019)
It's hard to give this trail a fair review since I only ran a small portion of it from Waypoint 13 to Waypoint 7. The trail served its purpose though allowing us great desert scenery and access to other trails. I would highly recommend this area in general as a place to go explore for a day. Tons of great history that Cory, the trail guide writer, has researched for us all to enjoy.
Franconia Road (03/22/2019)
I ran part of this trail today with the trail writer, Cory. What a treat! I would call this more of a "utility trail", or in other words, a trail that gets you back into a handful or two of other amazing trails. As a whole, I would recommend exploring this area, but use the guides and GPX tracks since its a maze of trails in this area.
Palo Verde Mine (03/22/2019)
I was lucky to run just a small portion of this trail with the trail guide writer, Cory. What a great treat to go out with the writer of the guides and explore the area. I only ran a small portion of this trail to make for a full day route in the area. I would highly recommend the area, but this trail is not the main attraction.
Ideal Mine (03/22/2019)
After running a few of the other utility type roads just to get back deeper into the desert, I really liked this trail. The wash was tight and winding - really fun to drive! Our timing was right because the desert bloom was starting. As we traveled further back, the "Arizona Poppy" and Ocotillo were starting to show more signs of life.
Through the Bucks (03/22/2019)
I only ran a portion of this trail, from Waypoints 1-8, but still, I highly recommend this trail. This trail has a rugged and remote feeling to it! As we got deeper, the Ocotillo were showing off their seasonal color.
Arizona Yucca Mine (03/22/2019)
I really liked this trail and the end point was really fascinating. Where the graves are located around Waypoint 11, you can see why the people chose the location to bury their friends or loved ones. It had an interesting feel to it. Desert bloom was coming to life and the day was perfect for exploring these old sites.
Northern Foothills of the Mohave Mountains (03/22/2019)
This was a great trail, the desert bloom was taking place and the closer you got to the mountains it just begged you to explore some more!
Mojave Road (03/20/2019)
Waypoint 64, at the water crossing, be very wary after the heavy rains. For reference, the photos above were taken in dry weather conditions.
Buckhorn Springs (03/15/2019)
This is a great road that I have driven twice now. The springs are really something to see, very calming and peaceful. The scenery along the entire route is worth the drive. Wheeling wise, any 4WD can do this trail and stay in 2WD almost the entire time. This trail when connected with the others in the area makes for a ton of time out on the trail!
New River Canyon (03/08/2019)
What a great trail, very diverse in scenery as you travel from west to east. I would highly recommend this trail for anyone looking for a trail close to Phoenix and wants to feel away from it all!
Two Bar Ridge Trail (02/16/2019)
We did this road and connected over to Deer Hill. Its a fun road with great views, particularly at waypoint 5. Steep and somewhat rocky, it made for a fun route.
Deer Hill (02/16/2019)
Spot on trail guide! There are patches of Saguaros along this road that make it worth the drive. I would recommend this road coupled with Two Bar Ridge for a nice route between Apache Lake and Roosevelt Lake.
Apache Trail (02/15/2019)
The road was in good shape, just a few washboards in the beginning. Camped at a great location just beyond Burn Corral, only 1 or 2 other groups camping there.

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