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Todd is an avid wheeler who loves to explore new trails whenever and wherever he can. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that holds true for Todd. His want and desire to find passable trails and new nooks and crannies of the Great American West to explore were his reasons behind starting On any given weekend you can find Todd on some obscure 4x4 trail or using his legs to hike to an alpine lake.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Long Canyon (03/29/2021)
Enjoy Easter Jeep Safari Week!
Tower Arch (03/13/2021)
Note, near the top of the big hill, just after Waypoint 2, there is a pretty deep hole forming. Still love this trail after 4 or 5 trips, but the secret is definitely out.
Klondike Bluffs (03/07/2021)
I love this trail. It's scenic, yet not boring to drive with its minor obstacles. Some of the obstacles seemed a little easier, while some seemed a little more chewed up. You will definitely want 4 WD
Eye of the Whale (03/07/2021)
This trail has really seen more use over the years, particularly the section from the park to the actual arch. Be sure to soak up the view of the various rock formations as you drive it as depicted here.
Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (03/07/2021)
I love this trail. It packs a ton in a very short distance. I would rather run this trail downhill for the amazing views of Salt Valley below. The trail is rough, be warned, I am upping the trail rating to a 4.
Chicken Corners (03/06/2021)
Still a great trail after running this about 10 times. Still always seeing and finding new things after running the trail so many times. I am adding one more waypoint to this trail, the Natural Bridge we found at about 6 miles in.
Agua Caliente Road (02/07/2021)
I have been on this road now several times over the last two months while creating new trail guides for the area. Nothing has really changed in terms of the technical or rough scale. As always, the eastern end is a bit more crowded. If you start just at sunrise, you are sure to have the road to yourself.
Woolsey Peak and Signal Mountain Wilderness Trail (02/07/2021)
I took this most recently from west to east. The west to east direction gives you a much different view of the wilderness areas, which I say would be better, but you end up with views of the nuclear power plant towards the end of the trail, which more or less negates the overall vibe. I noticed a larger number of people out on the trail than I normally do.
Saddle Potholes (02/06/2021)
I would not rate this trail a 3-star review, but I don't know if I would call it a 4-star either. I have been out in this area a bunch lately; maybe it's because I have had too much time in the area, and I am becoming numb to some of it. However, what makes me want to give this more of a 4 rather than a 3 rating is trip up and over the Gila Bend Mountains. It's very short but enjoyable and highly scenic. I enjoy it more traveling from the south to the north. The other bonus of this trail is that it allows you to make all sorts of different loops and routes within the area.
Saddle Road to Woolsey Peak and Signal Mountain Cutoff (02/06/2021)
I had wanted to get this trail on the site for some time as it's such an important connector trail in the area. If the trail was longer, I might have given this a 4-star rating. However, how much one likes or dislikes the trail is immaterial. The trail is a simple connector that allows for a much bigger route, more adventure, and a heck of a lot more fun when exploring this incredible area.
Little Finland (02/04/2021)
The rock formations here are seriously some of the best I have ever been to. I would recommend this trail for what awaits you at the end - pure natural beauty!
North Beaver (01/23/2021)
The trail is under seasonal closure! See you in the summer :)
Fourth of July Wash (01/23/2021)
What a fun trail. The wash is wide and when traveling north you have great views of the Gila Bend Mountains. The waterhole and landing strip are very much worth the stop and a look around by foot.
Saddle Road (01/23/2021)
Don't let the distance fool you into thinking this is a great overlanding road. It is not in itself. The reason I added this trail is because its an important road that connects the others in the area. The road is not bad once you get past farmland and closer to the Wilderness area, but it does follow a rail line and power lines the entire way. It is what it is, but it sure beats pavement or gravel!
Lost Park Road (01/03/2021)
The open dates have been corrected.
Falling Man (12/30/2020)
This trail is all about what you see at the end. An incredible formation of rocks with ancient petroglyphs all dotted with jurrasic sized Joshua Trees. Well worth the trip and honestly, you could spend a day right here.
Kofa Cabin - Jasper Springs (12/26/2020)
What a great road! I took this after running Wilbanks Road on my way out to Highway 95. A million times better than taking El Paso Pipeline Road out. The slow reveal of the mountains was palpitating, the closer I got, the better the views. Really want to get back and explore this one some more as I bet there are some really interesting things that were not easily visible.
Wilbanks Road (12/26/2020)
Rugged, remote, scenic, and no crowds earn this one a 5-star review from me! Right up there with Engesser Pass as my favorites in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. If you can time it right, loop this with Kofa Jasper Springs - it's an epic trip.
Red Raven Road (12/25/2020)
Not a bad road at all, the terrain changes made the road interesting with the two-track rolling up and over humps and bumps. An abundance of camping along this road too!
Hoodoo Wash (12/25/2020)
This trail is aptly named, Hoodoo Wash because you are in a wash almost the entire time! Great views of the distant ranges and the cabins are very interesting and well intact. This trail is definitely worth exploring. Outside of the cabin areas, there is almost no camping along this trail.
Washoe Gulch (12/14/2020)
Snow and ice are making this trail somewhat impassable for the remainder of the year and most likely through to late spring.
El Paso Pipeline Road (12/14/2020)
This road is really not that bad, but I did feel like giving it a two-star review versus the three stars that I have given it. Why might you ask? Well, it's the darn powerlines and gas lines that make a great road turn into a 2 or 3-star road. Take the utilities and the highway out of eyeshot and this would be a world-class trail, seriously. However, what this trail offers in terms of accessibility to the others in the area... it gets a 5-star review for that because not many roads give you access as this one does. The views around the Eagletail Mountains are just epic, definitely go for sunrise!
Cumberland Gulch (12/14/2020)
Snow and ice are present on the trail, making it potentially impassable.
Miners Gulch (12/14/2020)
Snow and ice are making this trail somewhat impassable for the remainder of the year and most likely through to late spring.
Yankee Hill to Central City (12/14/2020)
Multiple reports are stating this trail is now impassable for the season. If you wish to go "snow wheeling", be sure to never go alone, have proper recovery gear, sleeping bags, emergency supplies, extra food, and water.
Chinns Lake (12/14/2020)
The trail is now impassable due to snow and ice. Expect it to be passable again around July 4th, 2021.
Blevens Road (12/12/2020)
I quickly drove this road starting from Waypoint 6, and back to Highway 95. Very uneventful, but I was disappointed this was going to be my last 6 miles of dirt for the day. I could see how running this from west to east would be more of a scenic and interesting drive -- knowing you aren't going to see pavement for a while.
YE06 Eastern (11/27/2020)
A very quick way to connect the other roads in the area. This is not a destination trail, but you know, it wasn't like I hated it or anything.
Arlington Clanton Well Road (11/22/2020)
I love this road and this area in general. Such a great place to go and feel away from it all. I have driven this road in both directions and mapped it as east to west. It can be run in either direction and if your plans allow for it, run it from west to east later in the day. Running from west to east will provide you with the maximum scenery of the Eagletail Wilderness area.
Palomas Harquahala Road (11/22/2020)
I was not planning on driving this road, but I did end up on it from Waypoint 14 all the way to the end at Waypoint 21. I did not see a soul on a Saturday afternoon. The views were very pretty and I was able to drive the road fairly quickly as there were no washboard or any other difficulties at all impeding my progress. The scenery was spectacular. Glad for the little tip at Waypoint 21 on how to get back to I-10. :)
Horseshoe Lake (11/15/2020)
I started just after sunrise and the temperatures dipped to the high 30s. Beautiful road and area that had to myself on the way in. The way out had more traffic around 10am. Road was washboardy almost the entire way. I would recommend this road for anyone looking for an hour long break from city life.
Chubb Park North (11/03/2020)
Gates have been closed, we will keep you aware in the spring when trails start opening up!
Devil's Canyon (11/03/2020)
Gates have been closed, we will keep you aware in the spring when trails start opening up!
Kingston Peak (11/03/2020)
Gates have been closed, we will keep you aware in the spring when trails start opening up!
Loch Lomond (11/03/2020)
Gates have been closed, we will keep you aware in the spring when trails start opening up!

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