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Todd is an avid wheeler who loves to explore new trails whenever and wherever he can. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that holds true for Todd. His want and desire to find passable trails and new nooks and crannies of the Great American West to explore were his reasons behind starting On any given weekend you can find Todd on some obscure 4x4 trail or using his legs to hike to an alpine lake.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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New River Canyon (07/03/2020)
Tonto National Forest has been temporarily closed because of extreme fire conditions. This is a link to the official closure notice
Broken Arrow (06/25/2020)
This is a trail that many people seek out or have on their bucket list for pure beauty of it and for its mild challenges. A relatively mild trail with big scenery. It’s short, I think it’s one of those trails that once you do it, you’ve done it and probably won’t revisit.
Little Muddy Creek (06/15/2020)
Is now open for the season :).
Keyser Ridge (06/15/2020)
Open for the season :)
Keyser Creek (06/15/2020)
Open for the season :)
Lake Evelyn (06/15/2020)
Open for the season :)
Stony Pass (06/10/2020)
Now open for the season! Please note that the water crossing at Waypoint 13 is still very high.
Lockhart Basin (05/11/2020)
Did I ever mention how much I love this trail? Seriously this is probably my favorite in the area. I am bumping the rating to a 6-6. The final obstacle is really chewed up this year. Overall the trail is in great shape.
Chicken Corners (05/09/2020)
We ran this trail along with Hurrah Pass and Lockhart Basin. Always such a great trail to take in the scenery. Did notice more trail widening and newly formed side trails, it’s important we all stay on the trail and pick up any litter.
Camp Wood Road (05/03/2020)
This is a great east-west dirt route across a good portion of Arizona that can be used for a much larger overlapping experience. Perhaps my review is five stars because my expectations were very low or perhaps it is that this is just a great road! I am leaning on the idea that its a great road. The road, as depicted here, travels through a grassy plain, into the pines, and through the high desert. It is almost as if the road is a 3 for 1 deal with the three distinct terrain changes.
Seven Up (05/02/2020)
When I run a trail on a Saturday and hardly see a soul, that's worth an extra review star in my book. This is a GREAT trail for the fact that you have various types of terrain that include impressive granite rock formations and tall pines. The stretches through the pines are very nice with the pines reaching for the sky and a soft road to drive in between them. I didn't want to drive fast, I wanted to soak it all in the entire trail, it's worth it!
Corral Road (05/02/2020)
This is not a bad road at all, it is just a little lackluster as an out and back. I would run it by going out the unmapped trail listed at Waypoint 4, Graver Wash, to make for a longer more rock crawling kind of day.
Bar M Road (04/26/2020)
Loved this trail, but it was impassable due to fallen timber In between Waypoints 7 and 8 . Definitely rutted, muddy and rocky in spots. You would want high clearance. Good thing - no one on the trail I had it to myself on a Sunday afternoon :)
Blue Grade Road (04/26/2020)
. I wanted to take an easy road to test out a bone stock GX while heading north up Into the pines. This road seemed like a logical choice. This road surprised me a bit for its scenic value- it was very pretty. Paved in the north and plenty of great camping on the north side as well!
Stoneman Lake Road (04/26/2020)
Very busy on a Sunday morning! Great for boondocking as there is plenty of camping locations on this road- good camping in the pines. I was going for more solitaire so hit some of the side roads which are great. Would rate it higher with less people :)
FR 935 (04/26/2020)
Out here to test out a bone stock GX470 and I can say I rather enjoyed this road. Spent 2 hours hanging out and didn’t see a soul!! Really good campsites too! Small rocky cobble and some mud. Wishing I had some all terrain tires and aired down but really a super easy and simple toad.
El Camino del Diablo (03/01/2020)
This is a bucket list type trail for the Overlander at heart. I found it very enjoyable, there is plenty to see in terms of scenery, but even more with the dramatic history of the early pioneers who traveled the road and left behind plenty of graves and stories of angst. However, while on the route, we did witness a good amount of activity of dump trucks and other heavy equipment working on the border wall. Hopefully, that activity calms down soon!
Arva Caliente (02/16/2020)
This trail really surprised me! The scenery was very good and it seemed like a lightly used trail - I would come back!
Harquahala Hyder (02/15/2020)
Don't pass on this road because it's not epic, ride this road for what it connects you too!
Agua Caliente Road (02/12/2020)
This trail could almost be a 5 rating when including it with other trails in the area. As a stand-alone, it's not the most exciting, but it does bring you deep into the desert where you can really get a great remote feeling. This road also offers plenty of boondocking opportunities and some good side roads for camping. Sundad is the destination on this trip - be sure to check it out!
Kofa Manganese Road (02/08/2020)
What a beautiful trail and area. This was my first time into the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and I was not disappointed at all. This particular trail had some beautiful camp spots and great views of three different mountain ranges. Very inspiring!
The Bradshaw Trail (01/18/2020)
We ran this east to west in 1 long day, it can be broken up into 2 days to allow for more side trail exploration. It was a fun route that presents many other opportunities for exploring side trails and many other desert oddities - such as old sailboats! If you are looking to just go explore the desert in mellow fashion, this would a good trail to try.

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