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Todd is an avid wheeler who loves to explore new trails whenever and wherever he can. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that holds true for Todd. His want and desire to find passable trails and new nooks and crannies of the Great American West to explore were his reasons behind starting On any given weekend you can find Todd on some obscure 4x4 trail or using his legs to hike to an alpine lake.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Chinns Lake (10/25/2019)
It’s that time of year, this and all trails in the area become impassable due to snow.
Morgan City Wash (10/25/2019)
What a great trail for some leisurely miles! The first few miles showed signs of use, but once you got deeper in, we had the place to ourselves. We took this trail to connect to a few others for a solid day of 50 plus miles of dirt and rock. I would recommend this trail to anyone looking for a great jeep offroad trail that is close to Phoenix, Arizona.
Fourmile Area: Natural Bridge (09/24/2019)
What a great trail!! I enjoyed the western side, from waypoint 3 to 7 the most. I took a look at the bridge, but didn’t hike it. Filled up some side by sides that were running low on gas :) It was a nice solo day on the trail.
Fourmile Area: Spanish Mills (09/24/2019)
Fun little trail and good for connecting to others in the area. A nice sandy wash type driving experience with good views.
Fourmile Area: Eagles Roost (09/24/2019)
Wow, I turned off of Four Mile Creek (I ran this reverse of the guide) and instantly felt like I was in the backcountry. Impressive views of rock formations, fun type road surface, true western scenery and a camp spot I'm going to come back to someday. I liked it.
San Juan County Road 2 (09/23/2019)
Don’t let the “County Road” fool you. This is a beautiful road leading into some of the best jeep trails in the country. The remnants of the avalanche debris was pretty amazing to see.
Engineer Pass (09/22/2019)
I ran Engineers Pass starting from the connector trail off of Cinnamon Pass to connect to some other roads on my way to Buena Vista. It was a cool crisp morning with the fall colors starting to show. This was my first time on this pass, and compared to all the rest, it's just as good and I would recommend it as a must-do trail. I had the trail to myself minus 1 white two-door JK that I saw in the distance, but I could imagine on a busy day the experience would be much different. Start early!
Upper Apex Road (09/14/2019)
I have driven this road many times. It's 1 rating from me is based purely on the "adventure and wheeling" aspect of it. However, I would give it a 5 star for being one of the best shortcuts around for accessing all the trails in the area.
Apex Valley Road (09/14/2019)
The old ghost town, that people live in, at the end is really cool. This is an excellent road to access some of the better roads in the area. 2 star as a stand-alone type road, but a 5 for quick shortcuts to more adventure!
Bill Moore Lake (07/13/2019)
The trail conditions are about the same from previous years. Perhaps the whoop-de-do section is a little smoother with the final section descending to the lake being a little rougher. Noticed a bunch of shell casings around the lake, please pack out what you pack in and pack out more than you pack in! Tread Lightly!
Mill Creek (07/13/2019)
This trail remains about the same in terms of difficulty as it has for years. Perhaps a hair more difficult after the long winter with rocks being displaced and different locations. Overall, it is still a great trail with a great "Colorado" experience to it. Note about the old cabin: The door has a wooden pin that you must slide out to open the door - do not try to force the door open. Please leave everything in better shape than you found it :)
Stony Pass (06/30/2019)
Important: Due to dangerous water flow at Pole Creek, Stony Pass is temporarily closed
Devil's Canyon (06/12/2019)
As of now, this road is still closed.
Loch Lomond (06/12/2019)
The lower gates are open, but snow lingers up high. Best to wait this one out a few more weeks.

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