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  • 1999 Ford F-150 (2.5" lift, 35" tires)
My favorite trails are point to point the higher altitude trail the better. I love to camp, hike and fish the Colorado off-road trails. Explorer of ghost towns.

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1999 Ford F-150

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
F-150 offroad package 9.75 differential with limited slip 3.73 gears. Gas tank and transfer case skid plates. Ruffstuff steel diff cover. 12,000lb hidden winch with 1/2 inch rope. No front swaybar. Custom rock sliders. Oil pan and transmission steel plates.

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Transfer Trail (11/13/2022)
We ran up the trail for the first time for a recon for a point to point next summer. Down low it was no snow but up higher several feet. It was warm with snow melting and tons of mud. We had a 2.5 lift and 35 mud tires aired down to 14 psi. We booted it up several steep muddy areas with the big v8 in 4Lo and second gear otherwise you'd spin out. Some deep water and broken ice in places. A stock rig and street tires chalk it not possible. This trail was super amazing and very different than the front range. We got up to around 10k and ran into a old built up Chevy. The guy said he got stuck with some jeeps not far above and said we should turn around. Great idea that truck was stuck? The guy had a winch in the front and back. Cool by me because it was a monster !
Black Bear Pass (08/21/2022)
We ran Black Bear this morning in under 3 hours. The trail is no joke and definitely one of the more difficult trails I've run in Colorado. We had a 99 F-150 on 35 mud tires and 2.5 inch lift with rock sliders and tons of armor. The whole truck was built by me over 3 years and stays on trails non-stop. I work on brakes, suspension, rebuild engines and transmissions anything mechanical I can do and well. The truck is long but just a bit wider than a Rubicon on 35s. My girl spotted me on several sections and that definitely was needed. We ran it solo but we run lots of hard trails like that. I thought the obstacles before the steps and the steps the hardest but were not too bad as long as you have a good spotter and take your time. The steep sections are best in neutral as 4Lo pushes you forward and you have more control over your braking.
Corkscrew Pass (08/19/2022)
Ran Poughkeepsie gulch to hurricane pass then out to Silverton. At the pass we saw 2 Jeeps one jeep stopped us and said my F-150 might have problems with its size. It's amazing you can run into compete fools at 12,730 feet. That trail was so easy going down I could do it in my sleep even covered in hail. I love it when some complete squid from the flatlands tries to tell me shit like this. Shut up and mind your own white knuckle business. Have some respect for people who live in Colorado. One of these days I'm gonna throw down up on some trail.
Imogene Pass (08/18/2022)
We ran Imogene today from Ouray to Telluride. This is the second time for me and I love this trail !! It was very wet in the area and that was great to keep the dust down. Lots of traffic but people were friendly. We ran it in a F-150 2.5 lift on 35 m/t aired down to 14 psi. We ran lots of obstacles with no issues. Thanks for the 3 new bridges on the Telluride side.
Mosquito Pass (07/15/2022)
We ran mosquito pass today. The snow is melted and the trail is in great shape. We went from Alma side and camped at 12,700 feet. In the morning we crossed over to Leadville. Super beautiful and one of my favorite trails !!
Kingston Peak (07/08/2022)
We went up on kingston peak on the Saint Mary's side and the gate was still closed around treeline. ☹️
North Fork Swan River (07/08/2022)
We ran north swan today in a lifted F-150 full size. I love this trail it's my 3rd time and everytime it's a blast. The wise cabin is a must see. The trail is in great shape right now we went out to Montezuma via saints john.
Red Cone (06/28/2022)
We ran Red Cone today and it was the best. We never saw another rig on the trail which was nice. I ran it last July and the trail seemed more washed out in areas this year. We had great weather and even had a mountain goat on the summit. When we got to Webster there was not another sole around. That was great because we needed the room for a dance off. We then headed up radical and ran it to the snow which was right below the cabin.
Saxon Mountain Road (06/23/2022)
We ran Saxon today point to point and had a blast. One of the best trails I've ever ran. We had a F-150 on 35s with 2.5 inch lift and had no issues on the trail. I was glad I had a spotter in a few places and we took it slow as it was a new trail. The views from the top of Saxon mountain are the best around and really loved cascade crest out to highway 103. Top notch trail system !!
Argentine Pass (06/16/2022)
Went to 12,200 feet today on Argentine Pass. Ran it to snow. There is still lots of snow drifted into the upper shelf road in areas 3 to 4 feet deep. There were 2 built Jeeps in front of me and we all got as high as we could before deep impassable snow which was waypoint 10 intersection. I didn't see any mud slides and no it won't be open to the top in days more like a week or more. Not sure why people post false information and also no pictures backing up there reviews. Please respect other off-roaders who base there trips on the reviews and leave accurate information.
McClellan Mountain (06/16/2022)
I ran it to the snow at 12,300 feet there is a Gully filled with deep wind loaded winter snow after waypoint 15.
Deer Creek (06/08/2022)
We ran up Deer creek to see how it was shaping up. We fished the lower beaver ponds and stream and caught nothing. After that we made it to 11,000 feet and hit tons of snow in the trees after the meadow and stream cross. It will be weeks before this is good to the top probably.
Argentine Pass (05/21/2022)
We ran up onto Argentine to see how the trail was shaping up. There was 4 inches of new snow on the start and up higher it was a foot deep and still snowing. We chose the lower trail which was quite tricky in all that new snow. Several areas we had to back up and hit again to get up it. We turned around at 10,500 feet but it seemed like you could probably get up to the upper trail from there and we were over half way on the lower.