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Switzerland Trail (01/24/2021)
Had a lot of fun on this one. Not overly difficult but does have some shelf roads if not a fan. Snow was well packed and never had any issues with traction. Great views and all around just fun for some winter wheeling.
Mount Herman Road (01/03/2021)
Very lightly covered with snow, able to make it up to rampart with ease. Saw 2 wheel drive cars making it up without issue.
Hotel Gulch (01/03/2021)
Trail is still passable with medium snow pack. One area approximately 30 feet long covered with ice. 4 low and lockers to crawl across and now issues. Good set of trails to start the year.
Ice Cave Road (01/03/2021)
Trail is still open and passible. Snow is mostly packed and had little to no issues with snow. On the outside of the loop, stopped to make sure friends were in good shape and slid to the hillside a bit. Other than that no issues and able to wheel around without issue.
Balanced Rock Road (11/22/2020)
Overall pretty easy and fun trail. Majority is pretty easy with a bit more technical near the bottom. Able to clear in 4 high but bounced around a bit and kicked up some dirt.
Dakan Road (11/22/2020)
Trail was quiet today. Forest service signs are up notifying of closure on 12/1mfor winter.
Mount Herman Road (11/22/2020)
Trail is getting a bit heavier on the washboards but still a fun way to popup from monument to rampart. There are also a couple of spurs that are a lot of fun to play around on. Decent hill climb with a lot of undulation.
Rule Ridge (11/08/2020)
Super easy trail with some nice offshoots to get a bit more fun. Passible in a lower clearance car.
Rankin (11/08/2020)
There is a downed tree that pushes the rating a little higher to get around it. to go around you end up going over 20 degrees of roll which gets people a little uncomfortable. Fun off road trail.
Boulevard (11/08/2020)
Easy little crossover trail. Nothing of note.
Turkey Track Road (11/08/2020)
I had a lot of fun on this trail especially the big hill. Had a new driver hit it and eyes got as big as saucers. Definitely need a higher clearance 4x4 for the big hill climb. The rest is passible in a car. Lots of places to do some target practice.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (11/08/2020)
Decided to take our friends on this one again as a cross over from rule ridge. They had not done anything to like this previously and got their first belly scrapes going down Moab hill. Some of the mud ruts are getting pretty deep. The thing I like best is the amount of bypasses. I can hit more of the obstacles and others in the group can skip.
Long Hollow Road (11/08/2020)
Trail has gotten a bit more rutted and is closer to a 2 at this point. Still very passable and a nice little trail when you just want to get out in nature.
Dakan Road (11/08/2020)
Snow is gone, trail traffic was really light and only 1 camper. Nice little road to get up in to the rampart area quickly.
Upper Rule Creek Spur (11/08/2020)
fun little trail, fairly tight in places. Would agree with other reviews that it is probably not a 4. Would happily do this one again.
Lower Rule Creek Spur (11/08/2020)
Great little trail, nothing to challenging and fun for a more novice driver without getting outside the comfort zone. Will do this one again.
Dakan Road (10/31/2020)
Took Dakan home from playing around in Rampart. 2 - 3 inches of snow on parts of the trail. Nothing to difficult to drive over. Nice way to get home after a morning of wheeling.
Illinois Gulch (10/31/2020)
Doing some snow wheeling on Halloween. Trail was a nice easy start to the day before crossing over to do some more fun. Hit a few spots with 3 ish inches of snow. No challenges traveling the trail and pretty easy going.
Long Hollow Road (10/31/2020)
Did some Halloween snow wheeling. Trail is still very passible but has sections with 2 - 3 inches of snow and quite a bit of mud. Did the trail earlier in the season and it is a bit more chewed up now. Still easy but closer to a 2 maybe in some areas. Had no issues driving and with the snow and mud it is a lot of fun if you want to get dirty.
Missouri Gulch (10/31/2020)
Hit part of the trail, had a bit of snow on it and sections looked like we were the first jeep to cross it, there were a couple of motorcycle tracks but overall, not much traffic from the looks of it the last week or so.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (10/31/2020)
Did some Halloween wheeling in the snow. Hit Moab Hill, had a lot of fun doing some of the medium sections. Rubbed a little on the higher ledges (18 inches). There was a crew that showed up once we hit the top of the hill that decided to go right up the middle on the 4 foot ledges. Made our path look like we were going up a flat trail. Lots of fun to be had here although it was very crowded by the time we headed out. Rest of the trail was muddy and had some areas with 2 to 3 inches of snow. Lots of fun on the trail today and best part is no dust.
Argentine Pass (10/18/2020)
Lower portion of the trail is open and easily passable. Wasn't able to make it to the top though due to snow. Actually had to pull our leader out of the snow on the shelf on the long switch back. Got pretty hairy with the snow and slip sliding away but the rest is good to go. Saw Subaru's and similar on the lower portions of the trail, seemed a little too rough for small clearance but they were there.
McClellan Mountain (10/18/2020)
Streams are running and pretty passable right now. Lots of wind on the hill today. this is a little more bumpy than Argentine but still a lot of fun. The climb out of the river is very doable and based on group comments not as difficult as previous trips.
Santiago Mine (10/18/2020)
Quick short run while going up the pass. Will be nice if they finish the remediation and can open to the public. Trail is in good condition. About the only challenge was the wind.
Birdseye Gulch (10/16/2020)
Trail is technically open but covered in ice in a few places. Entered the trail from 91 and about 1 mile in hit a patch of ice that couldn't crawl up. Ended up using the wench to pull to the top of the ice patch. Had a few more areas where we needed lockers since the driver side was nothing but ice for 100 plus feet. Made it up those with out too much trouble. 2 other areas were covered with ice but able to get enough speed to slide up and over. Trail has quite a few water crossings, most were covered with ice, some more than an inch thick which made for some fun ice breaking. Trail was very rocky with some larger boulders to work through. Aggressive stock SUV can make it with careful planning. The shelf road was very tippy and the wife was not a fan. Hit as high as 25 degree roll on the shelf which was not the most comfortable. Mud was not an issue but the ice sure was. Taking the Shelf out of the trail and it was a heck of a lot of fun. We even got lucky enough to meet the train as we were coming up to the tracks. Very cool!
Mosquito Pass (10/16/2020)
Trail was open and passible without issue, completed from Leadville to Alma. Had really high winds at the summit, almost couldn't open the doors to take a picture. Rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. There was a bit of ice at the bottom of the climb on the eastern side. Had no sliding issues, just rolled on down. Wasn't the most challenging trail but had some areas that needed a little more attention and the London Mine was really interesting. Sign at the east side stated the pass was closed but no issues crossing. Completed in Stock JLU Rubicon, 35 inch tires, 18 PSI.
McAllister Gulch (10/15/2020)
Was our intended trail today, sign at the bottom of the trail said closed due to landslides and the gate was locked.
Benson Cabin (10/15/2020)
Hit this one today kind of by accident. Pulled off Shrine pass to look at the Cabins and saw the road to the right of them, figured hey, lets see what is up here. First part is fairly benign but then came some small ledges and further up a bit more of a challenge with some larger rocks to crawl up. The ledges weren;t much trouble but we picked a bad line over the boulders. Ended up at 20 degrees pitch and 20 degrees roll before getting to the top. Further up there is a pretty step climb on rather loose rock which made for a bit more fun. Went in to 4 low for the descent to moderate the slope, didn't need lockers or anything on this one. Picked a much better line on the way down over the boulders and had 0 roll which was a lot more pleasant. Another note, this trail is very tight and we were dragging branches on both sides above to two rock climbs. Overall glade we found this little run especially since our target trail was closed. would have been a bummer otherwise. Stock JLU Rubicon, 35inch tires, 18 PSI
Ptarmigan Pass (10/15/2020)
Headed to this one this morning. Road was closed and several forest service vehicles were in front of the gate. Also the power company was there and said there were down power lines. No eta on when it would be re-opened. They also said they say mountain lions were around but didn't see any when on the trail.
Shrine Pass (10/15/2020)
Nice little pass road with some neat looking camping sites. Nothing too difficult on this one and only saw one person today (Thursday), not counting the workers we ran in to. Cool little spot to walk out to to see Mount Holy Cross, it is even wheel chair accessible. Marked a couple of the campsites for a future visit and headed on out from Red Cliff to pick up some other trails since our targets were closed.
Devil's Canyon (10/11/2020)
Had a lot of fun on this trail. We took some visiting family members out for their first Jeep trip. Hit the loop clockwise by turning left at the Y. Trail if very tight and not many places to pass. Had to pass a full size truck and came within an inch from rubbing. Over all the trail is pretty easy the rocks and undulations around waypoint 13 wasn't too bad. Used 4 low and no lockers and made it through with no issues. Had lunch at one of the many campsites, the wind at the more exposed ones would make camping a challenge. On the way out we took the B offshoot to have a little fun. The trail is tight and has some moderate sections to work through. Over all, nothing too crazy and a lot of fun with some great views. Finished the trail just before the snow started coming in. Aired up and headed back to Denver. Stock JLU Rubicon, 35 inch tires, 18 psi.
Georgia Pass (09/27/2020)
Went out with our Mini crew and used this to jump back over from Breckenridge to 285. We did peak 10 first which was a lot of fun. The trail was in good shape although starting the climb from the Breckenridge side, there are several areas where we kissed the bottom of the Jeep. Nothing hard but no real way to avoid it. The trail was extremely busy at the parking lot where we aired down but traffic decreased as we went up the hill. At the top it was pretty open with some amazing views. Took our obligatory picture in front of the Continental divide sign and headed down the other side. the drive from the top to 285 is very easy and we were able to hit pretty good speed without any issue. Got reminded a few times that it is a slower speed limit on the road. At the bottom of the pass there are a lot of campgrounds that would be fun to check out. The valley that you drop in to is pretty awesome. Aired up just before we hit pavement and off to Denver.
Hell Creek Road (09/26/2020)
This was a heck of a lot of fun, very tight squeezes and some great spots for taking pics. Had a lot of fun squeezing through this one. Nothing overly technical other than the width of the vehicle.
Hay Creek East Road (09/26/2020)
Another fun leg of the loop at the end of Schubarth. Had a lot of fun on this trail. Nothing too serious at this point but still a little tight in places. This was just fun off-road driving back to to Schubarth.
Mount Herman Road (09/26/2020)
Used it to cross from 25 to Schubarth Trail, quick and easy bounce up to rampart. very easy trail.
Schubarth Trail (09/26/2020)
Fun road and great fall colors, this one is easy to do in just about any car. Lots of living off to the sides. Connected to Hells creek and made a lollipop at the end of Schubarth
Hell Creek Spur Road (09/26/2020)
Fun little trail connecting to make a loop at the end of Schubart. There was one section that got the blood racing a bit. Nothing that the Jeep couldn't handle but it got the other half on edge (she drove it).
Loch Lomond (09/20/2020)
Great little trail. Had a few areas that could be challenging for lower clearance vehicles. At the top there is a great hike to the waterfalls at the back of the lake or to other lakes. There is also a little loop to have some fun with roll, got to about 25% at the top of the turn. Had a lot of fun and combined with Chins Lake to end the day.
Chinns Lake (09/20/2020)
Nice trail, the residential road on the way in has some cool mine ruminants and some neat places to camp. The trail itself was on the rocky side, able to traverse without issue but definitely rocky. Goring up to the upper reservoir there is a nice little rock garden you can take if you want to bounce around a bit. The cabin at the lower lake is all the way out of the water, when the lakes are full it is at the water line. Busy trail and lots of traffic.
Missouri Gulch (09/19/2020)
Fun little trail, had some atv traffic on the front potion but solo for the rest of the trail. Conditions were good and even found a great little spot to stop for lunch. Never had to get out of the rig to look at where we were going. Lots of fun. Run on stock 2019 JLU Rubicon, 37 PSI (didn't have my compressor to air down).
Mount Herman Road (09/19/2020)
Nice cross over trail from 25 to Rampart if coming down through monument. Has some great views and is pretty wide for passing in both directions.
Hotel Gulch (09/19/2020)
Great little trail, connected from Missouri Gulch to Rampart and picked up winding staircase after. No issues on the trail and was a nice drive. Completed in stock 2019 JLUR, 37psi on the tires - 2 wheel the whole way without issue.
Dakan Road (09/19/2020)
Fun little road to get up to Rampart from the back side of Castle Rock. Looked like there were a lot of nice dispersed camping spots. Might be a little busy traffic wise as there was a lot of folks on the trail from dirt bikes all the way up.
Ice Cave Road (09/19/2020)
Fun trail, completed the loop counter clock wise which seemed a little easier on some of the obstacles as they were downhill rather than up. Overall everything was passable in stock Rubicon without much effort. Some areas got a little more fun from a technical but nothing crazy. Would need some clearance though for the last half. There is a Fun little gravel quarry to the right about half way around. Good place to get some short inclines and play around a bit. Would be accessible to lower clearance vehicles if not trying to do the full loop. Overall traffic was pretty low and we had a good time tooling through the trail. Completed stock 2019 JLU Rubicon, 33" tires.
Long Hollow Road (09/19/2020)
Fun little trail, nothing challenging and could easily complete in a "lower" clearance vehicle. Good trail for doing some forest driving. Connected from Daken road to Missouri.
Boreas Pass (09/13/2020)
Fun road, very easy to navigate in just about anything. Lots of hiking and biking trails along the route. The railroad history is pretty cool especially the water tower.