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Red Cone (08/15/2021)
Fun trail, having a little more clearance helps. The first obstacle touched but made it over without much issue and through to the top. Wasn't as steep on the descent as I was expecting but low gear was enough to hold and get down without much trouble. I think one of the coolest things with this trail is going right over the top and over a saddle like most pass roads. Awesome views from the top.
Webster Pass (08/15/2021)
Enjoyed this trail, not as difficult as Red Cone or Radical but a fun little run through the valleys.
Radical Hill (08/15/2021)
Trail is open and in good condition. Definitely got a little tippy in the switchbacks hitting 25 degrees of roll in the process. Great views at the top and perfect spot for lunch. Would highly recommend coming up to the top from Webster to get the uphill right of way. Backing up would be a challenge.
Saints John (08/15/2021)
Fun ridge runner trail. Ran from Radical Hill to Montezuma. Rating is accurate and there are a couple of spots on the hill climb that are a little more challenging but over all a nice but rocky trail.
San Juan County Road 2 (07/23/2021)
This is really just a means to an end. It isn't very scenic and bumpy as could be near the forks. Really just a quick way to get from the alpine loop to Silverton.
Corkscrew Pass (07/23/2021)
don't. Trail to get up to the alpine loop and avoid lower engineer. Lots of traffic on it but nothing too challenging for most stock 4x4s. Has some great views as you climb up to the pass.
Hurricane Pass (07/23/2021)
Trail is open and in good shape. The rain these past few days hasn't impacted this trail. Good continuation from corkscrew to get to the alpine loop. Also fun to pop over the ridge and look down on Como lake.
Mogul Mine (07/23/2021)
Very cool mine trail, rated a little high for current conditions but a nice trail none the less. The mine was fun to look at and the road seemed a little less busy then others.
California Pass (07/23/2021)
Getting a little sloppy with the weather but still very passible in most stock 4x4s.
Picayne and Placer Gulches (07/23/2021)
The mill off of this one was awesome and worth the side trip. It is so rare to see a consolidation mill up close and this one is in good shape and able to be walked in which is awesome. The ridge run is also a lot of fun with great views on both sides.
Velocity Basin (07/23/2021)
Super easy trail with a nice little alpine basin to walk to at the end. The views up to it are minimal compared to many others in the area. Sad how many people go walking across the tundra even with signs saying dont.
Ophir Pass (07/22/2021)
This is accurately rated and if not comfortable with shelf roads would get you uncomfortable quickly. With so many passes closed in the area due to slides, this one was a bit busy. Nice easy shelf though for beginners and the trail guides were surprisingly accommodating to the uphill right of way, every single one pulled over for us as we came up from the Telluride side.
Cinnamon Pass (07/20/2021)
The general consensus of the group was this trail was a bit boring compared to others in the area. Had quite a bit of traffic and lots of folks that don't understand right of way or sharing the trail. Saw some rather stock street vehicles in clouding a couple of Tahoes, and even a Hyundai sedan. The best thing about the trail is the bathrooms along the route. They aren't too dirty and better then trying to find a tree. The pass has some great views and the road overall was pretty easy. I would say without the shelf it is closer to a 2 and not a 3, the shelf would give folks issues if uncomfortable. The last part of the trail, lake city side, is a county dirt road with a 25 and eventually 35 MPH speed limit. Not really an offroad trail at that point. Wouldn't go out of my way to do this one again, not bad the first time but no desire to repeat.
California Pass (07/20/2021)
Used this to cross from Poughkeepsie to Cinnamon. Typical Colorado Pass trail, lots of shelf but really manageable unlike some others that are super skinny. Nice trail but nothing remarkable.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (07/20/2021)
I think this might be our favorite trail in the area. Lots of variety and some great views. Ran it from Engineer to California and took the wall. Made it up the first try with minimal slipping, no need for the multiple winch points but could see needing them. The long shale climb was long but doable and fun. Overall a great trail and a lot of fun.
Engineer Pass (07/20/2021)
Used the lower portion to get to Poughkeepsie then returned on it to get back from lake city, modified alpine loop. The lake city side has some great views and it pretty much a dirt road through the for 6+ miles. Had a little bit of traffic between lake city and the alpine connector. Almost no traffic from the alpine loop connector to 550. Overall nice trail and pretty easy. It had rained so lots of puddles but nothing too sketchy.
Imogene Pass (07/18/2021)
Ran this one after Black Bear so took it from Telluride to Ouray. Not a dramatic as Black bear but the view from the saddle is amazing. A 360 degree view of the whole area. Truly amazing. Trail has some tight areas for passing which is where this would get a little tight, the rest of the time it wasn't bad and a lit of fun. Just a good driving trail. Aired up at the end of Yankee Boy and checked another badge trail off the list.
Black Bear Pass (07/18/2021)
Decided to change our plans and run black bear today since it was sunny and no chance of weather, blue skies and puffy clouds. Watching videos online probably hurt us a bit from the anxiety aspect. There was some great info but the number of folks freaking out kind of made us build this up in our minds. That being said, the trail for the most part is just a shelf road which we run a lot in CO so probably not as crazy for us. The steps did take some looking but ran it without a spotter since the spotter was taking video. The first big switchback needed a spotter just to not have to turn as many times. Over all a very fun trail, and not as hard or scary as I had built up in my head. That could also change with trail conditions.
Yankee Boy Basin (07/17/2021)
Very easy trail to the large waterfalls. Made it all the way to the top without airing down, it was late or we would have and in hind site, we should have aired down as it got rather bumpy and the rocks are sharp. The views back down the valley are pretty spectacular especially at sunset but I wouldn't go to the end again. Would stop at the waterfalls, enjoy those and turn around.
Ute Creek Road (07/03/2021)
Pretty easy trail, feels like some areas might be a little more beat up right now.
South Spring Gulch (07/03/2021)
Fun little connect for getting around the various trails in the spring creak area,
Barbour Fork (07/03/2021)
I think this might be one of my favorite trails around the Idaho Springs Area. It is on the moderate side of hard, definitely not for lower clearance vehicles and even a stock Rubicon would drag on the first obstacle. There are a few options on some of the bigger obstacles to take a little hard line or keep it easy. It is definitely tight in places and we drug the roof all through the trail on lower hanging branches. Not sure if it was just luck but the forest was very wet and felt like offroading in the Pacific North West. We all thought this would be a good intro trail for ride along passengers to see what a jeep can do without getting too extreme and scaring them etc. No crazy shelfs and some good rocks to climb. Overall the trail is in great condition, water crossings are not very deep and the mud puddles were just enough for a good splash but no risk of making a huge mess. The wild flowers are out and the meadows are nice and green.
Saxon Mountain Road (07/03/2021)
Ran this one top to bottom. Has definitely gotten more technical as the trail has degraded. The trail is pretty much rocks top to bottom with several slides that get off camber and in some places pretty tight. Not sure you could get a full size truck up it. There are some awesome views from it and kind of fun to sit at the bottom and look up and see that the trail disappeared.
Cascade Creek (07/03/2021)
Fun little trail, some great potential camping spots. There are a couple of places where slides are adding some off camber on the shelf roads.
Nevadaville Road (06/19/2021)
Road is open and in good shape. nothing super special just a two lane dirt road.
Bald Mountain Road - Arapaho National Forest (06/19/2021)
Road is wide open and a 1 is appropriate. The city is actually using as a detour for other roads right now.
Yankee Hill to Central City (06/19/2021)
Did a night run to try and catch sunset from the top of the hill. Ran it in reverse starting in Central City and running towards St Mary's. Trail has dried out significantly with the heat this last week. A couple of mud puddles remain but didn't see any snow on the actual trail. I do think there are some areas that are a bit more than a three these days. Had no issues in my Rubicon with a 3 inch lift and 35s but it did have quite a few diff catching boulders if you are paying attention.
Yankee Hill - The Actual Hill (06/19/2021)
Ran this one in the dark. We explored a little too much around the central city side of the Yankee Hill to Central City Trail. We were able to see some city lights from the top which was pretty cool. I don't know if I would rate this one as a 4 unless maybe we found just the right line?. It is super tight in place but that was the only big challenge that I found. Fun trail with some great vistas.
Dakan Road (06/13/2021)
Plenty of folks camping today, trail traffic was light and a great day for getting out on the trail for a pleasant drive.
Fern Creek (06/13/2021)
Trail is open and clear. Drove from Long Hollow to Rampart. There is a bit of a rock climb near the end. Nothing too technical but does need some clearance and 4x4 helped.
Long Hollow Road (06/13/2021)
Feels like they did some road maintenance. Road is much smoother and has more loose gravel on it. Quite a few folks out on the trail today which is pretty common for the area.
Mount Herman Road (06/12/2021)
As usual, easy jump up to Rampart. Road was busy with multiple use, had folks hiking and riding bikes so need to be a little careful when sharing the road. Overall conditions were good, road seemed to be in better shape then previous.
Beaver Creek Road FS Rd. 315 (06/12/2021)
easy little trail to avoid a little bit of rampart when crossing from Mt Herman to Schubarth. Were plenty of folks camping close to Herman and Rampart but overall the trail was quiet and a fun little run.
Schubarth Trail (06/12/2021)
Trail is open and in good shape. Crosses private property so always good to be respectful and take it easy so the trail stays open.
Roll Over Road (06/12/2021)
Trail has a large tree down crossing the road just before waypoint two. There is a lot of forest maintenance going on so hopefully they will get the tree cleared so we can use it again.
Hell Creek Road (06/12/2021)
Fun little trail with a great look out at the end. Gets a little tight in places but should be able to fit a full size pickup through. Overall trail is dry and no issues and easily passable. The trail rating seems a little high for this portion, would need a bit of clearance to safely pass that one.
Hell Creek Spur Road (06/12/2021)
This is the most fun section of the trail with a nice off camber rock crawl to navigate. Need to have decent clearance for this one or really careful tire placement.
Hay Creek East Road (06/12/2021)
Last part of the "loop" and fun to boot. Trail is in good shape and this portion could be run with less clearance.
Rampart Range Road (06/12/2021)
Road was surprisingly smooth, assuming they have done some road work recently. Seasonal gates were all open and plenty of campers along the road.
Hotel Gulch (06/12/2021)
Trail is dry and in decent shape. Not the most scenic or thrilling but a good cross over.
Missouri Gulch (06/12/2021)
Trail is dry and clear. Was a little busy but to be expected on a Saturday.
Dakan Road (05/29/2021)
Trail is open and in great shape. Saw quite a few folks camping in the designated spaces although balanced rock campsite was open which was surprising for a holiday weekend. Traffic was expectedly a little heavy but nothing that was unmanageable since the trail is wider and easy to pass.
Lower Rule Creek Spur (05/29/2021)
Fun little loop to get some extra fun while on the trail. Trail is in great condition. This does get a little more exciting than the main rule ridge. Max grade on this one is over 20% with some narrow more shelf rood like areas. Overall a lot of fun.
Upper Rule Creek Spur (05/29/2021)
Fun little loop to get some extra fun while on the trail. Trail is in great condition. This does get a little more exciting than the main rule ridge. Max grade on this one is over 20% with some narrow more shelf rood like areas. Overall a lot of fun.
Rule Ridge (05/29/2021)
Trail is open an in great condition. Saw plenty of large campers this holiday weekend so easy to get in and out. Overall traffic was a little heavy but to be expected on a holiday weekend.
Rankin (05/29/2021)
Fun little trail and not too bad on the traffic today given the long weekend. Use this to create a loop with Rule Ridge and others. Trail is in good shape and easy to navigate.
Phantom Sale 1 (05/29/2021)
Trail is in good shape and easy to navigate. Traffic wasn't too bad with the holiday weekend.
Manchester (Manchester Creek) (05/29/2021)
Crossed over from Phantom to Rule Ridge. Traffic was much lighter and easy drive. Stopped by the creek for a little lunch before carrying on.
Boulevard (05/29/2021)
Trail was open and in great shape, not too much traffic and easy jump over from Manchester to Rule Ridge to complete a loop.
Long Hollow Road (05/29/2021)
Trail is open and very passible. No issues with washouts or anything concerning. Great crossover from Rainbow Falls towards Rampart. Saw plenty of folks camping closer to rainbow falls although might be a little too much traffic for my tastes to camp there,
Rampart Range Road (05/02/2021)
Was able to traverse Rampart from Mt Herman up to Hotel Gulch. Rampart is closed as you get closer to Fern Creek but the south is still open. Portions feel like they have been bladed recently but areas are still pretty rough.
Hotel Gulch (05/02/2021)
Trail is mostly clear of snow and was easy to drive from Rampart to Missouri. They are a few patches of snow over the trail but nothing to cause any issues and didn't need anything more than 2 wheel. Great little cross over trail.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (05/02/2021)
Trail was dry and easy to travel on. Traffice was overall pretty quiet and just a few jeeps and side by sides. Hit the middle line on mini Moab and got a little turtled but pulled out just fine. Mud pits were mostly dry. Overall great day for hitting the trail and no real concerns today on the trail.
Missouri Gulch (05/02/2021)
Trail was dry and easy to traverse without issue. Connected to is from Hotel Gulch which is a tri as it is through a community. Just take it slow to not make enemies with the folks that call it home. Trail was pretty quiet, only ran in to a couple of other rigs on the trail. Nice day to get out and enjoy the nicer weather before the storms roll in.
Mount Herman Road (05/02/2021)
Road is open and very passible and quiet this morning. No real mud or anything to worry about. Did stumble on the remnants of a party along the road. Place was trashed and fires left burning with no one around. Thankfully no larger fire issues but a good reminder to make sure everything is put out before you leave. Sad that people treat our public spaces this way.
Sugarloaf Mountain (05/01/2021)
Road is open and fairly passable. There are some areas on the north side of the mountain that still have some snow. No issues with sliding or safety but did need a little extra ground clearance with some of the ruts in the snow. Also the trail is extremely wet and lots of puddles. Took it slow just to not cause more trail damage but great trail for some "easy" wheeling.
Oh-My-God Road (Virginia Canyon) (05/01/2021)
Great little road over to Central City from Idaho Springs. Road is in good shape and no issues today. Ran into quite a few bikers and hikers bot road is wide and easy to share. Has some very nice views and a few mines as well which is fun with the kids.
Gamble Gulch (05/01/2021)
Was able to make it up waypoint 16 (fairburn spurs) coming from the south (Pickle Gulch). Road to waypoint 16 was passable (needed a bit of clearance due to ruts in the snow) and makes for a good lunch spot but continuing on was not possible due to snow. Otherwise would be a nice drive is looking for something a little easier. Road is still covered with snow and lots of water running with the run off.
Gordon Gulch (05/01/2021)
Nice little trail with lots of camping at the trailhead and surprisingly full today. The sites all looked really wet and muddy. Trail was passable in 2 wheel although some of the ruts currently have a bit of run off in them. Baring one small path of pretty deep mud, this one is ready to go for the season.
Gold Camp Road (04/11/2021)
Trail is mostly dry and dusty. Did find some deeper washboards in areas that were pretty darn bouncy and had to slow down quite a bit. Road wasn;t too crowded in the AM but the trip back in the afternoon was noticeably busier. Nice super easy trail for a Sunday drive.
Seven Lakes (04/11/2021)
Trail is pretty dry especially the closer to Gold Camp Road. Trail was in good shape and very light washboards. Traffic was light and had the road to ourselves for the most part.
Eagle Rock (04/11/2021)
Technically the trail is open and passable with some careful tire placement and a winch. Still plenty of snow and ice on the trail. Had one corner specifically about a mile in that had to winch through pulling against 2 trees to make it through. Had a lot of fun but right now definitely don't want to attempt this one solo without a lot of recovery gear that you are comfortable using.
Old Stage Road (04/11/2021)
Trail is mostly dry and dusty. Did find some deeper washboards in areas that were pretty darn bouncy and had to slow down quite a bit. Road wasn't too crowded in the AM but the trip back in the afternoon was noticeably busier. Nice super easy trail for a Sunday drive.
The Catacomb Spur (03/19/2021)
Nice little side trail off of Chicken corners. Had it to ourselves for the morning and catacomb rock was pretty cool to explore. Had some campers out at the various sites.
Hurrah Pass (03/19/2021)
Trail has lots of great views and is pretty easy to negotiate. I think the pass is a bit more rocky right now so I would say it is closer to a 2.5 and might need a hair more clearance to negotiate safely. Had a lot of traffic on the trail later in the day. Getting there early definitely helped. We were solo on the way in and 75% of the way out.
Chicken Corners (03/19/2021)
Easy trail with great views of the Colorado River, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. I don't know that it is a 3 rating wise, this was pretty easy with a lot of drive arounds for stock vehicles. The chicken corners were pretty tame by shelf road standards. I know that is subjective and everyone has different limits. For us, no one got sideways at all on this one. Started early and had it mostly to ourselves. Traffic really picked up around lunch time and got heavier on the way out.
Entrada Bluffs Road (03/18/2021)
As far as dirt roads go this one is in food shape. Not too bumpy and no washboard. Just watch out for the cows on the road and utvs going really fast and kicking up some dust.
Top of the World - Utah (03/18/2021)
Trail was a bit disappointing. Had a couple of technical sections but didn't feel like it was as difficult as it was rated. The trail itself was getting pretty beat up with the mud and people digging it out. Views from the top are amazing but the rest of the trail is not so. Got extremely crowded as the day went on.
Poison Spider Mesa (03/17/2021)
I see why so many people put this on their list of favorite Moab trails and I can add myself to the list. Great trail with amazing views. Good variety of obstacles with some areas to open her up and breath a bit. Having bypasses is also nice, didn't need them except for 1 severely undercut ledge. Able to do the most difficult lines on the obstacles with 35s aired down to 18 psi and a 2.5 inch lift. Worth going up to the view point as well. Trail wasn't too busy today but could see it getting busy on weekends.
Steel Bender (03/16/2021)
Liked the main trail, lots of fun climbs able to get in to the groove. Even did the big fall to get on flat pass. Boy was that a mistake. Flat pass was way tougher than bargened for and took forever to get out. Would highly recommend the loop and staying clear of the flat pass extension.
Elephant Hill (03/15/2021)
Great trail! Very secluded and felt like we owned the place. Got scolded a bit by the ranger, apparently they count as a party so even though we were at the 3 vehicle limit including him, we were supposed to wait 30 minutes before starting up the trail. Overall well worth the drive and one of our favorite trails of all time. Trail conditions were very good and able to.pass all of it with no issue.
Fins and Things (03/14/2021)
Like others have said, awesome trail, lots of variety to play on and great warm up for bigger and badger trails in the area. Hit it first thing this morning after snowing last night. No issue, rock was still sticky but the sand was a bit too. Tires didn’t clear quite as fast as before the rain and snow.
Hells Revenge (03/14/2021)
Had a lot of fun on this one. Tackled it after fins and things a baby lions back. Lots of great views and the trail was pretty clear and dry even with last nights snow and rain. Looking back I really would have cut back over to exit near the entrance. The drop down for the real exit was not as much fun. Had to have decent tire placement, stock even more so but just not that scenic or interesting for the difficulty. Would have preferred to do some of the large fins instead.
Sand Flats Road (03/14/2021)
Super sloppy with all of the rain and snow. Nothing super of note on this one, it is a dirt road.
Salt Valley Road (03/13/2021)
Not a bad road and good way to get off the beaten path in arches but nothing to go out of the way for. They had warning about heavy rain, guess it wasn't raining enough today, never had any issues on the trail
Tower Arch (03/13/2021)
I almost want to down vote this one just to keep people from finding out about it. Knew it was here but didn't think much about it until we were in arches and looking for something fun... low and behold this little gem filled our afternoon combined with other wheeling in the park. Funny how many people say there is now wheeling in arches including my wife until yesterday. Ps she drove this one to get a feel for wheeling in moab.
Long Canyon (03/13/2021)
Great little canyon run. Drove it from top to bottom and had no real issues. Started with a bit of snow at the top but nothing to serious and able to safely push on. Makes a great loop tied with potash and Schafer trail.
Shafer Trail (03/13/2021)
This was an unexpected surprise. We drive it from the bottom to the top which makes for some interesting questions as the switchbacks blend in really well leaving you to question how you will get up the wall. Road is plenty wide especially for a shelf road. Had 2 plus inches of snow at the top and ended up airing up in the snow. Wild weather
Potash Road (03/13/2021)
Great trail for seeing parts of the park that you can't get to by paved road. Real easy trail and able to likely do in 2 wheel drive if that is all you had. Had a bit of snow on the trail but nothing that would cause concern.
Eye of the Whale (03/13/2021)
Fun trail in Arches, easiest to run north to south as you go down more obstacles than up including a healthy rock slide. Had a lot of fun on this trail although we didn't realize how long it was and started pushing it being end of day.