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Mojave Road (10/03/2020)
Our group of 5 vehicles did the trail west to east. We started at the Basin Rd intersection and ran it straight to Laughlin, we did it in 2 days and camped at Camp Mojave. Whole trip was 108 miles and my gas guzzling 96 Bronco did the whole trip on 3/4 of a tank. It was one of the most trail rides I have done. This GPS file is very accurate and made the trip stress free. We easily completed the whole trip in 2 days and even took time to stop at all the sights. Cell phone coverage (Verizon) was good for about 60% of the time. The weather was perfect. The landscape by Bert G Smiths homestead was the peak of the trip, absolutely amazing! The school bus was removed, the kids were bummed. The only issue we had was the amount of wash boards, huge wash boards at time. I aired down to 18psi and it was still brutal. So be mindful that probably a good 50% of the trip has big nasty wash boards. Either go 10 mph or 50 mph.
Mojave Road (09/25/2020)
Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the water crossing in Afton Canyon. Im planning a trip next week and wanted to check out how deep the water was. It is 30" deep. To bypass this water crossing going West to East-Take the Afton canyon road to the 15, drive east and get off at Bison Road, make a left at the fork in the road and it will meet up with the Mojave trail. Its about a 15 mile detour. Ill post pictures and current conditions next week after I complete it! Super excited!