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  • 2007 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 35" tires)

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2007 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
Smittybuilt XRC Gen2 Front w/10K Winch Smittybuilt XRC Gen2 Back w/ Tire Carrier Tyger Auto -Star Armor Kit (Rock Rails) ProComp MX6 Adjustable Shocks Rough Country Sway Bar Disconnects Teraflex Brakes Teraflex Steering Stablizers G2 Diff Covers Trans & Transfer Skid Plates 4 Wheel Flat Tow Set-up with Battery Charge Rugged Ridge - Switch Panel Rugged Ridge - Multi Mount Dash Storage

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2N47 - Cleghorn Ridge (01/02/2021)
Ran it from West to East, took all the options with the exception of the second hill (very wet a muddy, my trail partner could not get any traction so we just went arround). Every other option was in great shape. The 2007 JKU 2.5" on 35's did it all, with just a few slips, a few rock rail slides, and some choice lines. The first little fun hill has lots of options so we did them all. The most difficult was the far left with a 3' wall in the middle of the climb, needed to inch to the left even more and made it over with the right front tire flying in the air. Most of the optional spots are on the left going up to the summit, then on the way down most options go to the right. By far the hardest hill was the last one heading out to the 138. As I ran W to E I went down it and few spots I was thinking what did I get myself into :), but just added to the fun. I'm glad for the upgraded teraflex breaks, the jeep felt in control while I was dropping off some required boulders. We were pretty late in the day, so not sure of the edicate here, but you would not want to meet anyone on this hill going the oppsite direction as you. Next time maybe I'll try running it East to West or drive arround then go back up in the East to West direction.
2N17X - Pilot Fuelbreak aka The Old Pilot Rock Trail (12/27/2020)
Trail in great shape, gate keeper far right line shold be a nice for most, far left was lose with some big holes that gave quite a few trucks and 4 runners problems. Took all the hard lines except for the middle climb on Hill 3, had to back down, could not get past the big hole at 90% top, left side was no problem. Quite a few clubs out there on Sunday, so we waited a few times, but it fun to see others struggle my JKU just charge right through :) Continued on The Pilot Rock Trail taking all off shoots to the right with the exception of one pretty cool rock garden (Next time - maybe :). Enjoy the trail, you will be entertained!
3N06A Cold Water Canyon (11/29/2020)
Trail in good shape. I ran this twice over with a day between to try out some new lights for the JKU :). First trip, shift cable snapped out of the bushing at the bottom, I snapped it back in (should have went home, but..) and ran to the top without airing down and in 4WH in Drive. At the top just before the campground (Nice room for quite a few 4x4, Tents, and people), ran into someone coming down, when trying to move to the side, shift cable bushing completely let go (luckily, I was over enough to let others by). By this time complete dark (lights working great!) I ended up zip tieing the cable to the trans shift arm. The bush fix allowed me to start in neutral and have reverse and drive (lots of slop with the shifter in Park and 1). It was enough to get up the 100' to the top, turn arround and make it home. Next day got the bushing from Autozone (Dorman 14055 Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Bushing). Second trip let the wife drive (she was not with me on the first trip). Aired down this time (way smoother!!), she motored right up until we caught up to a few trucks. It got a little lose towards the top and a they were having some difficulty. The first two made it, but I ended up towing the third (open diff) up the top (about 1/2 mile or so). Love it when the JK helps out the trucks! But the trail is all good, no lockers on my JKU and no problem, but the trucks definately had issues. Navigate some pretty big holes and the right line will get you up no problem.
Miller Jeep Trail / 20W06 / 129 (11/14/2020)
Wow!! This is a great trail full of great challenges and requires the right line of attack at quite a few places. We made it to the top in our 2007 JKU, no lockers, sway bar disconnect, 33” tires on a 2.5” lift. But it was a challenge, which is what we wanted :). My stock slider step saved us as we slipped off a rock and into another (tube sliders on order!) so no body damage, but could easily have gone from bad to worse. I’d say airing down was absolutely required and really allowed the Jeep to grab on to some of the larger boulders. Great memory and highly recommend.
Lockwood Creek Trail / 20W06 / 127 (11/14/2020)
Trail was in excellent condition and easy to follow. Took this over to the Miller Jeep Trail. There were lots of fellow Jeep’s doing it solo and few large groups. I aired down at the beginning of the trail and there were not any spots that were difficult.
1N54 - Clarks Grade (10/23/2020)
Found this trail just exploring south of big bear. Came up the mountain from Redlands it was a nice climb nothing to difficult for the 2007 JKU 33’s 2.5” lift. If you come across this trail and the gate is open, take it!