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2007 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
Smittybuilt XRC Gen2 Front w/10K Winch Smittybuilt XRC Gen2 Back w/ Tire Carrier Tyger Auto -Star Armor Kit (Rock Rails) ProComp MX6 Adjustable Shocks Rough Country Sway Bar Disconnects Teraflex Brakes / Rotors(Front & Rear) Teraflex Steering Stablizer Teraflex HD Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit Teraflex HD DANA 44/30 Upper & Lower Ball Joint Set Terflex 2.5" Spring Lift Kit G2 Diff Covers Trans & Transfer Skid Plates 4 Wheel Flat Tow Set-up with Battery Charge Rugged Ridge - Switch Panel Rugged Ridge - Multi Mount Dash Storage

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3N10 – John Bull (08/14/2021)
Trail in great shape, 9:30 am. We ran it East to West only ran into a single going the other way once. Still amazed at what the 07 JKU can do with 2 1/2" inch lift on top of 35's. The factory break lock differential assist is working great. Following a Rubicon TJ with Air Lockers with no problems. Definitely used the rock rails on this run and needed to use a little momentum in a place or two :) Definitely one trip to remember!
3N69 – Gold Mountain (06/26/2021)
Nice trail, heavy traffic on a Saturday. We were 30 deep waiting for some groups struggeling on the second waterfall (we were still below the first obstical at this point). After about a hour and half, the trail opened up. We took the right line on the first and left line on the second. The 2007 JKU with 35's under a 2.5" lift went right up both without a hitch. I think by the time we hit those obsticals we just hit the gas and did not overthink the lines to allow some time to build seperation from those behind us. We had the top off, so the sounds on the rock garden were different than probably anything I've heard (kind of fun). I did have to back up on one hard right turn that had some pretty big holes, but second try no issues. Overall trail was in great shape and we had a great time wheeling as well a talking with everyone else waiting. This is a Jeep Badge of Honor trail so be sure to check in!
3N93 - Holcomb Creek Trail (05/02/2021)
Trail in great shape and challenged everything the Jeep JKU Sahara with 2.5” on 35’s had to give. Rock rails and absolute must and now I know the sounds of using them over and over and over again. We ran the trail West to East. The middle rock garden is by far the most craziest crawling the Jeep has seen. But made it through with no damage, I’d say go over the rocks and trust your rig. The pictures don’t really give the perspective, the rocks are massive and slippery (definitely water for us). Jeep owners, don’t forget to download the badge of honor app and check in at the start of the trail! Can’t thank the Toxicos off road team for letting me run the trails with them. I can see why this trail is considered epic, you will too. If you consider running it with a rig like mine, take a spotter, you will use reverse (lots) to reposition, but must have strong rock rails, drag link and steering arm and confident control of potentially bad outcomes. I’d say for me the big break kit on front and back helps ease off the boulders. Good times had by all!
3N34 - Dishpan Springs (05/02/2021)
Trail in great shape and definitely the challenge you might be looking for. The 2007 Jeep JKU Sahara 2.5” lift over 35’s continued to perform well. Rock rails absolutely did their job and we did everything the 5.5” 37’s did in front of us. Every waterfall and rock crawl. Ran the trail West to East on the way to Holcomb Creek. I was very happy to meet up with the crew from Taxicos Off Road, great group and helped with the right lines. I slipped to the right on the first waterfall, and backing down got a little tipsy, the guys hung on a gave me confidence and was able to slip around and the tires eventually got traction and up we went, big smile and set the tone for the rest of the day.
Broken Arrow (03/13/2021)
I'd call this pink jeep trail, because of all the pink jeeps everywhere along the path and the point at the end. But do it, this is great trail and if the pink jeep can do so can you! There were a couple of crazy decents but all the steep climbs were a piece of cake after just coming from Moab. Great views from the point and a nice tight windy trail through the trees and rocks. A total must do if you are in Sadona.
Soldier's Pass Trail (03/13/2021)
Fun little trail, I registered for the pass and the gate code a few weeks in advance, so it was kind of fun just driving up to the gate like we owned the place while everyone else was waiting for parking. I did air down, but did not have any dificulty on this short tight trail. The 2007 JKU with 35's under a 2 1/2" lift did not skip a beat.
Hells Revenge (03/11/2021)
Way cool. The 2007 JKU on 35's sitting under 2 1/2" lift did very well. I did not try Hell's Gate or the Hot Tubs, but if I ever go back in a group maybe the peer pressure and assurance of some recovery assistance would give me the currage. The jeep did great on all the other obsticles, a few chirps on some of the harder ones and a back up with a little momentum over one rock wall and that was the extent of the dificulty. Now I'm glad I have the big break kit, because the back side of this trail is rocky with some drop off's that I really needed to ease down. I saw a couple guys in front hit hard on few that made me pucker. But the old JKU did just fine, nice and easy, I did use the rock rails once and the back smittybuilt bumber with the tire carrier did scrape on 2 decents. I'd say I had to concetrate alot more in this last section than any other part of the trail.
Fins and Things (03/10/2021)
First trip to Moab, so I had to do this trail. 2007 JKU, 35's under a 2 1/2" lift. Handled every hard line without dificulty. It's crazy how much traction you get on the rock. I only aired down to about 17 psi and really only heard one small chirp. This trail gives you confidence to try everything else. I ended up following 2 jeeps for rent 2020 Rubicons on 37's with lift (definately had a little jeep envy going on). The guys say they rented them for $350 a day. Seemed like a pretty good deal, but not a sweet as the old JKU still crawling just fine :)
Comb Ridge (03/10/2021)
What a great trail with tons to see. Don't miss the turn off at the bottom of the hill off the highway. We parked the RV trailering the jeep down the dirt road and to the left. There was a nice spot to turn arround. The trail weaves arround the sage brush and through the creek bed, nothing too soft. Saw a few Razor's out there, but we had fun in the 2007 JKU. Old traiding post site, ruins, wagon train route (with insiping inscription at the top), and the petroglyph wall. Lots to see and a few signs to read. Tottally the best on a whim little trail ever with great sights to see.
Muley Point (03/09/2021)
Just a drive on some dirt roads, then Pow!! What a view of the world :) Totally worth the trip from monument valley!
Bunkerville Ridge (03/07/2021)
Nice drive, great vista's and views, don't miss the slot canyon and waterall. Easily climb up the left side and then it keeps going to to the right, and going, and going. The water tank (turned train look-a-like) was nice stop. Definately have to get out of the jeep and move the gates quite a few times. Follow the GPX, there are quite a few criss crossing trails up there.