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Started 4x4ing at the age of about 10 with my Pops living in Florida and commuting to Colorado / Utah from Dade City Florida. Every year we would do the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab until we finally moved to Colorado in the early 80's to outskirts of Boulder. Bought My first Jeep a 1976 CJ-5 with a fiberglass body a 302 V8 and 35 inch tires and spent a good portion of my young adulthood four wheeling in Left Hand canyon / Jamestown area. Every year still heading to Moab with my Pops and Friends who also had purchased there own Jeeps and quickly became our own club. Over the years i have now owned several vehicles all of them 4x4's in some way Chevy S10, Chevy Z-71 full size, Jeep CJ-7, and My current 2006 Jeep LJ Unlimited Rubicon Gecko Addition 4.7 Stroker, Terraflex4.5" lift, 37in Nitto Grappler tires, Full roll cage, Winch, and Antirock sways. Been four wheeling for roughly 40 Years at this point. Done some really great tails Rubicon, Holy Cross, La Blanca, Moab Rim (Before they closed death row), and so many more its to many to list. My Wife Darcy and I now Wheel together she has almost as much experience as i do wheeling and camping and along with our 2 Furry Kids Raven / Moose we have gone all over to enjoy wheeling..... We Joined the Mile High Jeep Club a while back and love heading up with all the patrols but we are members of Patrol 2. I have recently started my own website for our 4x4 exploits feel free to check it out..... .https://

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2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ

Lift Size: 4.5"
Tire Size: 37"

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Cinnamon Pass (03/22/2021)
Just a note to the information about this trail...... Cinnamon pass is NOT a jeep recognized badge run trail. When run as the Alpine loop the Engineer pass portion IS recognized by Jeep as a Badge run.
Ophir Pass (03/22/2021)
This trail is nice little jaunt between Ouray and Telluride, the views are spectacular. I will say I am pretty sure that a Subaru could do this trail the only issue I could see them having is clearance. Rocky and loose shale at the top could make it moderately difficult at just the summit area the Telluride side being worse than the Silverton/Ouray side. We did this trail last year in Late August and there was no snow at all, it was raining when we did it and foggy at the top. The rain didn't make it harder just slippery in spots. I will say this the town of Ophir is not very 4x4 friendly they have posted signs that say if your vehicle is not registered to drive on asphalt that it is not allowed in Ophir. ALL Side by sides, Motorcycles, and Buggys must turn back before city limits. We did not see or hear of any issues while passing through this little town.