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Started 4x4ing at the age of about 10 with my Pops living in Florida and commuting to Colorado / Utah from Dade City Florida. Every year we would do the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab until we finally moved to Colorado in the early 80's to outskirts of Boulder. Bought My first Jeep a 1976 CJ-5 with a fiberglass body a 302 V8 and 35 inch tires and spent a good portion of my young adulthood four wheeling in Left Hand canyon / Jamestown area. Every year still heading to Moab with my Pops and Friends who also had purchased there own Jeeps and quickly became our own club. Over the years i have now owned several vehicles all of them 4x4's in some way Chevy S10, Chevy Z-71 full size, Jeep CJ-7, and My current 2006 Jeep LJ Unlimited Rubicon Gecko Addition 4.7 Stroker, Terraflex4.5" lift, 37in Nitto Grappler tires, Full roll cage, Winch, and Antirock sways. Been four wheeling for roughly 40 Years at this point. Done some really great tails Rubicon, Holy Cross, La Blanca, Moab Rim (Before they closed death row), and so many more its to many to list. My Wife Darcy and I now Wheel together she has almost as much experience as i do wheeling and camping and along with our 2 Furry Kids Raven / Moose we have gone all over to enjoy wheeling..... We Joined the Mile High Jeep Club a while back and love heading up with all the patrols but we are members of Patrol 2. I have recently started my own website for our 4x4 exploits feel free to check it out..... .https://

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2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ

Lift Size: 4.5"
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Clear Lake (08/23/2021)
Still Closed We were there this last week for 2nd annual Ouray trip and gate is still closed.
Hagerman Pass (08/05/2021)
Darcy and I ran this at Mile Hi Jeep Clubs all4fun event. Darcy was Trail leading the daisy may run and i went along for the ride. Got to see a lot of idiots trying to drive their cars over this pass because google routed them over it as a bypass for Glenwood Springs. People..... when a sign says high clearance vehicles only this means cars should not be on this road even if google routes you here.....
Wheeler Lake (08/02/2021)
Still one of my favorites. Ran this as the Tail-Gunner at Mile Hi Jeep Club All4Fun event. Broke my rear track bar doing the V-Notch but had a great day of wheeling doing it.
Birdseye Gulch (08/01/2021)
Ran this trail as the Tail-gunner at Mile Hi Jeep Club All4Fun with Jeff Otto leading. Was raining pretty hard and the trail was wet and muddy, but i really love how this trail plows right through deep forest riding along a rushing river. Edge 4x4 guys were updating the trail signs this week as well while at All4Fun. we took a large group up this trail and also Mosquito Pass to the summit.
Mosquito Pass (08/01/2021)
Great run with Mile Hi Jeep Club at All4Fun event
Hagerman Pass (07/03/2021)
Ran a recon run of this trail with Mile Hi Jeep club in preparation for All4fun event July 3oth to Aug 8th. This trail is extremely easy to find just a simple left off the main road just up from Turquoise lake past the damn. The road leading in is very wash boarded out with some deep pitted out sections so beware driving though here. Area 4 is a great wide open area to air down and i highly recommend you air down for this trail. 12lbs is what i run on this trail but if you arent worried about beads on tires go as low as 5. This trail is very Bumpy and will beat you up if your not prepared for it. The trail itself is moderately hard and I feel that 3-4 is a great rating for this trail. Moderate amount of traffic on the trail heading both directions and a lot of dispersed camping along the way. The videos at the beginning do not do justice to the washout area it is deeper than videos show. All and all great run had a great time running it...... I Look forward to trail leading this trail at All4fun this year Thursday Aug 5th 2021.
Lost Canyon (07/03/2021)
We ran a Recon run of this 7/3/2021 for upcoming Mile Hi Jeep Club Event All4fun July 30th to Aug 7th. The trail can be done without 4x4 the rateing was setup before they closed the best parts of this trail. The veiws are still spectacular and it is worth running but trail can be done in and hour or two with stopping for pictures and lunch. I rated this a four star trail from the views alone. The trail would make a great greenhorn run for beginners to get their jeeps dirty.....
Red Cone (06/26/2021)
Officially Opened today ran with a group from MHJC to open this trail today lead by Ryan Boudreau. Great time this trail was a bit harder than i remembered it from the last time i ran it. However the Jeep made it seem easy. I took 168 photos today of our group. Got to see some other jeepers playing around on Webster although the huge snowbank at the top may keep it closed for a bit. We exited via Montezuma an d stopped to have a brew with some New friends David & Kim.
Breakneck Pass (06/12/2021)
This Trail is adopted by Mile Hi Jeep Clubs Patrol 2 Trail should officially open on time June 15th. MHJC Patrol 2 Went up this weekend to Browns and Breakneck to officially clear the roads to make them ready for opening day. Great trail heavily forested area not very hard but has some spectacular views.
Brown's Pass (06/12/2021)
This Trail is adopted by Mile Hi Jeep Clubs Patrol 2 Trail should officially open on time June 15th. MHJC Patrol 2 Went up this weekend to Browns and Breakneck to officially clear the roads to make them ready for opening day. Great trail heavily forested area not very hard but has some spectacular views.
Bunce School Road (06/03/2021)
Trail is fully open from both sides.... camp dick campground is open and allowing campers as well there was no snow at all on the trail. I didn't drive up to T33 to see if gate was open but with no snow my guess is it was open. very little razor or four wheeler activity on a Thursday made for great solo run.
Ironclads (06/03/2021)
Great run, trail was dry no snow, a few dispersed campers great day to run this trail no razors and or 4wheelers
Coffee Pot Road (05/02/2021)
Love this road all the way up to Heart Lake beautiful views in both summer and winter
Blair Mountain (05/02/2021)
This trail is muddy and rutted depending on what time of year you go here. The hardest part of the trail is a some what steep decline in what can best be described as a dry river bed. Rocky and bumpy. I think the best line of thinking is it's more scary than it is hard. The higher clearance vehicles should have no trouble here. I have taken my offroad camper here and camped at Adams lake as well as at the top of the ridge overlooking down on Adams as well. just after the rocky decline there is an off camber spot that pitches vehicles so they are kinda leaning out over the edge that can sometimes be scary especially when wet. the drive through here is amazing huge open meadows, small pockets of lakes (Elk Lakes / Adams, etc.) there are some other options for getting in and out including a switchback road from rifle gap area that has some great views as well.
Ironclads (05/01/2021)
So today we decided to do Bunce, Ironclads, and then potentially drive over to T33 and Park Creek to see that they are closed for sure. Entering Bunce we drove over into Peaceful valley and turned into camp dick. 50 feet off the main road is a pile of snow 3 feet deep burying the entrance gate to camp dick. So Bunce cannot be accessed from Peak to Peak side. Entering bunce we immediately followed the right hand path and turned straight onto Ironclads. We started the trail around 10am and we were already behind the 8 ball watching rental companies dropping off razors (approx 40) at the trail head and watching 20 cars and SUVs with California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas plates parking at the trailhead and renting Razors to go up. We headed up ironclads and proceeded to the loop passing several teardrop, rooftop, and tent campers on the right hand side. The 10 vehicles we started with proceeded to the loop and chose to follow the RH path because up to the left several razors had gotten into a hill climb that they were struggling with on the left. We followed the loop around the right all the way up to the first stair climb. Here we got some great picts and videos Of Mile High Jeep Club Patrol 2 members warming up there skills...... we proceeded up to second obstacle more towards the top that was a simple rock climb that crests and goes down the other side. Both of these obstacles had simple drive arounds. We got to the top of the loop and proceeded down the other side only to be plagued by razors constantly trying to pass sometimes off trail at high speeds and recklessly. coming down we got to a hard right hand switchback and while waiting for everyone to catch up witnessed a 4 wheeler come flying up the hill sliding sideways and almost rolling in front of us. He raced up to me and yanked off to the downhill side and stopped. He was followed by 2 other four wheelers. I pulled up next to him and told him we have 12 more vehicles coming down and with these blind switchbacks you might want to be careful. He said yeah i got you. I passed him and no sooner had i done it he jerked back up on the road and started tearing up the trail again. He made it 30 feet the next vehicle in our group came around the corner and he lost control and rolled his 4 wheeler down the mountain. Thank god the young child he had on the back was wearing his helmet because well this accident could have been really bad. We stopped asked him if he was OK he replied yes. We told him we have a first responder in our group and we can provide 1st aid, he refused. We decided to leave him to his own devises and proceeded down to beginning of the loop and had lunch. While sitting at lunch a beat up CJ stopped in the trail above us and a four wheeler ran into him. A fight ensued and we thought we were gonna have to break up 2 friends who proceeded to scream and yell obscenities at one another while grabbing more beers from there cooler. The Trail was great our group had a good time wheelin this trail. The razors,4 wheelers and the drunks made it somewhat uncomfortable. going up the left side of the loop would make this trail much harder i think with snow and water on the trail. However the stair steps going up the right made for some great off camber picts and videos.
T-33 Plane Crash (05/01/2021)
The seasonal gate is closed, due to snow turn around area here is snowed in, jeeper had to back up the road a long ways to find spot to turn around.
Bunce School Road (05/01/2021)
Today Mile High Jeep Club Patrol 2 decided to run Bunce, Ironclads, and run down to T33 and Park Creek to see the gates are still closed. We had some fun on Ironclads with Razors, 4 wheelers rolling and Drunks fighting on the trail but once we got back onto Bunce the trail was pretty quiet. The rental companies setup a sign between area 6 and 7 that states NO razors beyond this point. This i certainly think helped because the amount of razors and 4 wheelers we encountered past this sign was easily cut by 80%. Couple of off camber spots that have been dug out a little worse than normal because of the mud and snow but nothing to extreme. Fun going through some of these tighter forest areas but as we moved towards T33 and Park Creek we encountered a jeep that had gone down to the gates and apparently there was no place to turn around do to snow. We decided to turn our 13 member group around in some empty camping spots and head back. Trail was fun, less razors, 4 wheelers and drunks made it way better. I look forward to doing these trails again in Late June i am now even considering doing a night run of these trails...... I think that could be real fun and we can avoid all the razor traffic.
Park Creek (05/01/2021)
The seasonal gate is closed, due to snow turn around area here is snowed in, jeeper had to back up the road a long ways to find spot to turn around.