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Little Blair Valley (11/29/2020)
Really just a different way back from the main Blair valley route. Not particularly exciting but pretty none the less. Super easy drive.
Blair Valley (11/29/2020)
Roads are very easy. Definitely doable with a 2WD, some clearance is useful in places. The best part of this trail is that there is access to a few cool trail heads. You can climb up to see a homestead of a writer, who apparently wasn't 100% honest about living off the land, It's a mile up and a mile back.. Plenty of water and a good hat and you will be fine. Worth the climb for the view. The second tails was less exciting The third was a trip out (about a mile) to see the pictographs and then another 1/2 mile or so to get a great view from the end of the valley. I would definitely recommend this route if you want to get some short hikes in.
Borrego Mountain Wash (11/28/2020)
Cool drive. Ignore the walking tourists, they are coming out of the slot, and head to the drop. It looks a lot worse than it is. Take your time and and be careful on wheel placement and you can get down it easily in a 4x4. Might test your flex a bit as it's fairly rutted. To the left it's looser sand and looks less rutted but that is deceptive. Once down you head into a sharp left to get into the canyon. This is probably the tightest spot. You will need some clearance and flex but I managed in a LWB Tacoma Offroad, no lift without any damage.. Slow and steady. A little further down there are a couple of other "technical elements" but same slow and steady game will get you past them easily. (always good to have a spotter). Once past those elements it's amazing canyon all the way. Biggest issue is making way for oncoming traffic as it can get narrow at times. You can see a lot of wind caves in the canyon too.. just cool
Palm Wash - Truckhaven (11/28/2020)
Wide open washes and an easy drive. Did see a couple of folks stuck in the sand in 2WD so I would advise not going alone in a 2WD. Many of the areas washes can have deep soft sand so just be aware. Area is stunning though and with 4 high engaged it's really easy going. Definitely nice for a leisurely cruise in the dirt
Coyote Canyon Lower - Anza (11/28/2020)
Only the third crossing had water in it. Everything was relatively easy but further down the track there were areas where 4x4 and some clearance was needed. Doable in a decent SUV I would say. Really is pretty and the third crossing was fun in the dark.
Anza Borrego Metal Sculptures (11/28/2020)
Super easy. Everything is easy to get to. You can drive up to the sculptures and they are quite elaborate. They are also close to the town so you can gas up and get ice cream if needed.