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  • 2014 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3.5" lift, 37" tires)
Husband, father, UPS driver, Chargers fan, Ducks fan, BYU fan. Don't mind seeing the Utes do well, just not against BYU. Used to play around with late 70's K5 Blazer's. My son has an 89 Blazer that's pretty unique. Now I'm enjoying the Jeep. I like overlanding, rock crawling, water crossings, mud, snow, etc.

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2014 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 37"

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Gemini Bridges (10/12/2021)
Pretty easy trail. I drove it east to west. The cliff part on the east side of trail has blind curves and could turn bad if not paying attention. Saw a couple minivans along the way. With the right lines, I'm sure they did fine. I only went for the drive. Didn't stop along the way. It had just rained pretty hard so it made it better. I just used it to find Gold Bar Rim, Metal Masher and to connect with Hwy 313.
Long Canyon (10/12/2021)
I drive west to east. It had just rained fairly heavy for a bit. Wonderful views. Once you start heading down hill around waypoint 3/4 is where the rain made it a great trail. It was really muddy. That could be a problem if you're going uphill. With 4 low down hill, I had plenty of control of my speed. Going under the fallen rock it pretty neat. Once you're towards the bottom, I suppose the washes you have to drive through could be challenging depending how much abd fast the rain came down. I thought this was a gem of a trail.
Hells Revenge (10/12/2021)
Great trail! Definitely a favorite. It's easy to follow a group up this if you like. I followed a group that had a guide with an awesome blue Jeepster. A lot of fun accents and decents. I did the overlook, Hellgate, Mickey's Hot Tub, and Tip Over Challange. I chose not to do the Escalator because I don't think I or my jeep could handle it right now. Sometimes you don't know where that line between over and confidence are. Even just after doing Hellgate, I didn't want to find out in a bad way I was overconfident. Looking forward to doing it again sometime. Be aware of tour groups in the big vehicles that hold 6 or 8 people. They're cool vehicles and all. Very impressive. I felt like they had to make things exciting for their customers so they seemed to do their own thing regardless of what you are doing. I was going through the Hot Tub and had someone filming me and they didn't look or see the person filming and started flying up a climb right at them. I know they run that trail all the time but they seemed to not care that they were smoking their tires while driving towards someone.
Poison Spider Mesa (10/11/2021)
Awesome trail. A Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, if you're into that. I'm a sucker for it so... Most the challenging but are on the first half of the trail. If you only want to do that, minus any traffic, you probably could get in and our pretty quick. I went there on a Monday afternoon. Nobody on the trail til we did everything and started seeing more people on the way down. I definitely recommend doing the loop and checking out the the overlook. There's a arch along the loop too. This trail connects to Gold Bar Rim via Golden Spike. Unfortunately at this time that I'm doing this review, Golden Spike hasn't been mapped out yet. I hoping it does, especially since it's also a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail too.
Forest Lake (08/06/2021)
Great trail. I think the rock garden at the front of the trail is really the gate keeper. In my opinion, it's the most difficult part of the trail. That being said, it wasn't difficult. I ran it in my jku easy enough. My brother in his '18 Grand Cherokee went all the way up to the lake with me. He did have to choose different lines a couple of times but who doesn't. Not a ton of spots to pass someone so I can see how it would get cramped and gridlock in spots. Again, great trail