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  • 2007 Toyota 4Runner (1.5" lift, 32" tires)

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2007 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 1.5"
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Ironclads (09/24/2021)
Super fun trail with lots of obstacles. Ran the loop counter clockwise without issue however on the way down from the peak I used my rock sliders a lot. Only came across two groups of sidexsides so not bad.
Rock Creek (09/24/2021)
Rocky, steep and slow without many technical spots or views. End of the trail is very disappointing not my style of off-road trail. I am a pretty slow off roader but couldn’t imagine many people making it in an hour, took me two. Only reason I’m still giving three stars is for the nice creak side camping spots in the beginning of the trail.
Johnny Park Road (09/24/2021)
Still one of my favorite for middle of the road technicality. Close to home and one of the least busy trails I run but that might just be luck.
Medano Pass (08/13/2021)
Great easy trail with lots of awesome camping spots. Water was low and only made it about half way up my tires on the deepest crossing. The air up station at the end was nice, much faster than I thought it would be. Ran the trail from east to west. Not sure why the rating is a four as I would call it a low end three.
Peru Creek (06/06/2021)
Great easy trail/road with lots of great camping spots. Snow drift toward the end that’s not passable at time of review see track of people that tried but weren’t successful but still far enough to take in all the views at the end.
Chihuahua Gulch (06/06/2021)
Awesome trail with great selection of obstacles rocks, mud and water crossings only made it to waypoint 5 as there was a large snow drift on the other side of the second water crossing. there was tracks of someone making it threw but as I was by myself and no winch didn’t want to attempt it. first and second water crossings were about two feet deep and running at decent speed. Scrapped skids a couple times mostly due to slipping off rocks. Ran in 4th gen 4Runner on 32inch mud terrains minor lift