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2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Crystal City (09/21/2020)
Absolutely stunning trail that follows possibly the clearest river water I have ever seen. High clearance is necessary in a few spots. Low gears just make the driving a little easier but are not necessary. The road gets tight in a couple of spots but there are plenty of passing lanes. When you get to the Crystal Mill, it's private property and you must pay $10 and sign a waver to access the river for photos. The view of the mill from the river is amazing and was well worth the fee. The only downside to this trail is that is popular and you need to pay attention. There are many people on this road that do not understand offroad right-of-way and could put you in a interesting position in some of the tight spots.
Ophir Pass (09/19/2020)
Second time running this trail and it was much more enjoyable the second time around. Was traveling some some family, one of which does not like longer offroad ventures, and she absolutely loved the pass. The shelf road is pretty easy, just go slow. This time around, we took our time, stopping for some pictures and to appreciate the colors changing down towards Ophir.
Dome Plateau to Dome Wash (Route) (09/12/2020)
Easily one of my favorite trails. Dome Plateau is an area with a ton of different trails all interconnecting. I would advise using your favorite GPS mapping platform so you can decide on the fly if you should adjust your route at all. The view at the overlook rivals Muley Point. Depending on the route you take through, this trail could easily gather a Hard rating. A few obstacles and off-camber spots require great tire placement. Complete with hard obstacles, steps, long stretches of soft sand to rip down, multiple domes, and one of the better overlooks I've seen, I will be visiting this again in the future. Highly recommend adding this to your Moab trip.
Fins and Things (09/11/2020)
Ran the south side of Fins & Things in my 4Runner and absolutely loved it. This is the perfect trail to get used to a lot of different terrain types and challenges before heading out into less trafficked trails around Moab. We hit some challenging sections on Dome Plateau, but after Fins & Things I knew exactly what the 4Runner could handle.
Shrine Pass (08/28/2020)
Rainy during our drive, was unable to see Mount of the Holy Cross. Very easy drive, a little rough towards Red Cliff which forced us to slow down a little. I would use this pass again as a scenic alternative to 70 through Vail.
Ophir Pass (08/16/2020)
Easy trail, helps to have clearance. We drove east to west. Heading west toward the peak is easy with minimal grade. As soon as you leave the peak heading toward Ophir you are on the shelf road. High clearance helps make it an easy decent. Plenty of passing spots on the shelf road. We came across a Honda Pilot on the shelf road packed with college aged guys. With a careful eye from both our vehicle and a two Jeeps behind them, the Pilot made it safely down. At the bottom we asked why they took that road and their response was Apple Maps said it was the shortest path to Telluride from Ouray!
San Juan County Road 2 (08/15/2020)
Drove from Animas Forks to Silverton to complete our trip from Lake City to Silverton through Cinnamon Pass. Easy, wide road. Lots of other vehicles. Was very dusty when we drove.
Clear Lake (08/15/2020)
Just like the description, heavily trafficked with rewarding views. The majority of the road and switchbacks were easy. The last two switchbacks are where you will want a clearance. Lots of cars parked along the switchbacks and then hiked the remainder of the trip. Half a dozen vehicles at the top but there was plenty of room at the lake to have space to enjoy the view! The main road leading to the start of Clear Lake, South Mineral, is extremely popular with a ton of people camping to hike Ice Lakes. We ended up finding one of the 5-6 dispersed campsites right off the switchbacks. Would advise snagging one if you want to be more secluded for the night.
Cinnamon Pass (08/14/2020)
Ran from Lake City to Animas Forks, camped at American Basin. From Lake City to American Basin, was well maintained with the majority of the trail wide enough for two vehicles. We found a campsite at American Basin, which provided us a phenomenal view for breakfast the next morning (pictures included). The remainder of the trail, American Basin to Cinnamon Pass, was unbelievable. This was the trail that convinced my fiancee that the 4Runner was worth the purchase!