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"It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how.", The Cat in the Hat Christian Father Retired Air Force Probably more liberal than you but I don't let that get between us. Also, beer. Also, BBQ.

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2008 Lexus GX

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 32"
Sport model with KDSS and black walnut fanciness. Recent 3" lift from folks at RSG, Lakewood Colorado Bigger than stock Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs make this a badass winter rig. Way better stereo than your 4Runner!

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Mosquito Pass (08/14/2021)
Fun trail. Rocky. Fantastic views. The weather was terrific today. We went from east to west. Busy trail with lots of folks out today. Daughter did trail in her stock 4Runner with careful tire placement. Photo of jeep is at climb starting at waypoint 6--this is the toughest part of the trail.
Deer Creek (08/13/2021)
Great views from top! This is one of the easier trails in the region. Any stock 4x4 with low range should be able to do this. Ran trail in reverse from South to North ending in Montezuma. Did trail as a loop, starting with Saints John. Saw some marmots! And mushrooms.
Saints John (08/13/2021)
Ran trail again today. This time starting at Montezuma. Once again amazing views! Super sad to see where careless people have damaged the tundra again rather than drive the bumpy rocks. Fresh deep muddy tracks. You can see some of this in the distance in my last photo. :/ Daughter did trip in her stock 4Runner with careful tire placement. Tight tippy spot on one descent to avoid giant rock (not pictured). I disagree that this is a "relatively easy" route. You will need good driving skills and/or a spotter in a couple of the sections.
Middle Fork Swan River (07/04/2021)
Took it to the top from West to East per the description. Although I took the 'easy' bypass at WP 12, I don't recommend it yet as it is narrow and tippy. You'll get no traction in the snow--instead you'll slide sideways away from the drift. I started sliding off to the right and luckily was able to get back over--THANK YOU JESUS!!!. You can see where my back wheels slid in the photo. I don't recommend this until the snow field melts. The 'hard' side was very steep with numerous ledges--when I walked it I nearly fell down it is that steep and loose. Maybe another time with more recovery gear and some serious rock stacking for my IFS Lexus.
Saints John (07/04/2021)
AMAZING!! The best trail run I've ever done! Amazing views! Fun trail! Wildlife! A couple of water crossings! The upper section of the steep hill between waypoints 2 and 3 was steep, rocky and loose. But that was the hardest part of the entire trip and I believe doable in a stock SUV with low range and reasonable ground clearance. BEST PART? Rocky Mountain Goats! A whole herd (flock?) of them!
The Bank (06/05/2021)
Fun trail. I might bump the rating up to a four because of an eroded section of the trail with a big rock between waypoints 8 and 9. I'm not sure a stock 4x4 could do it. My buddy did in his Stock TRD Pro 4Runner after he turned on all the tech doodads. Not sure my daughter could have done it in her stock 4th gen 4Runner. We checked out the Epic camp site at waypoint 10, but it rained so we decided to head home. Speaking of rain, it made the trail from waypoint 14 on super slick. If it had rained a lot, I could see how it would have become impassible. The views are good but the landscape was hot and harsh the day we went. Kinda glad we didn't camp.
Shelf Road (06/05/2021)
Easy and scenic! The 'shelf' part is not scary. Various blind corners throughout the route. We drove it to get to The Bank.
Dellenbaugh Tunnel (04/23/2021)
Fun trail! Nothing really tricky. Paint markings helped with route finding. Several bypasses. The 'tunnel' at the end was a treat--little boys loved crawling on the rocks and walking through the cool tunnel.
Rainbow Rocks (Rainbow Terrace) (04/23/2021)
I agree with Paul. The double-shelf at waypoint 4 was tricky said another guy with IFS. Looked taller than 18" to me. Rock stacking to the rescue. Used Center Diff Lock in my GX470 and my buddy turned on all the tech in his new TRD Pro 4Runner. Other than that, the views were terrific. Super fun. Enjoyed tooling along the sandy parts. We went in late afternoon after visiting Dellenbaugh Tunnel.