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Ironclads (12/27/2020)
Overall the trail is in pretty good shape for it being this late in the season. Snowy up there but still passable. The only super icy section was the hill climb up to waypoint 3. We were able to get up with some skinny pedal and momentum. We had two trucks on 33"+ tires and lockers. Only drawback was the crazy amount of rental rzr's. Lots of inexperienced drivers not giving proper right of way and trying to pass us while we're on obstacles. Probably didn't help that it was a holiday weekend.
Yankee Hill to Central City (12/13/2020)
Ran it from Central City heading towards St. Mary's. Made it to Waypoint 15 and decided to turn around. It's gotten very icy up there with a layer of snow covering the ice. The climb from Waypoint 16 to 15 had a few sections of sheet ice. The climb out from Waypoint 15 was tried with front and rear lockers and still slid back down. You could make it with several attempts but it is very icy towards the top of the climb so you'll have a long way to slide back. We decided to call it and head back towards Central City through Pisgah Road.
T-33 Plane Crash (12/08/2020)
Seasonal gate is closed, see ya in the spring!