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Logandale Main Loop 01 (05/09/2021)
Stock 2 Door JL sport s with disconnects and all terrain tires. This is a bit hard to rate. The first 8ish miles to Waypoint 15 are a slow slog through – I can’t even call them washboards, they are small rollers about 2.5 to 3 feet apart and 4 to 6 inches deep. The issue (as mentioned by a previous reviewer) is the opposing sides of the trail are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. This sets up a violent rocking motion at any speed above 5 mph. Even aired down and disconnected. There is really no good way to avoid them. I tried all the tricks in the book, but most only give a few moments of respite before you are forced the ride the rollercoaster again. There are many parallel tracks made by those trying to avoid the main path. Many are a bit better…Until they aren’t. Despite the horrid ride, the scenery is spectacular, so go slow and take in the view. I missed the turn at waypoint 15 by about a mile and had to backtrack. Pay close attention to your GPS or you will miss it. 4L handled the 10 foot face without breaking a sweat, and the trail improves from here on. A quick note about waypoint 16: it is a sharp left up a very sandy hill. I was still in 4L and could not make the crest on the first try. I backed down and hit it in 4H with a good bit of speed and still only just had enough to power over the top. After that though…, Sand! Glorious sand. If you enjoy driving in sand you will love the trail from here on. Between the hill and the petroglyphs (waypoint 22), the sand is regularly interrupted by sections of lava rock that gradually peters out. Stop at the petroglyphs. You have to. Seriously, stop here; They’re just cool. From here back to the trailhead is a sand lover’s dream. A speed run down a wide soft trail, nicely banked turns ( all the atv riders have made them giant burms ) with exposed flat rock at the apex and long rolling straights. I saw nothing but side-by-sides and atv’s on the trail. Not another full sized vehicle in sight the whole day. We ran the whole trail, including about 30 minutes at the petroglyphs, in just a bit over four hours. Two of which were going the first 8 miles to the turn off at waypoint 15. That’s the tough part. The last two hours were so much fun, they more than made up for the early slog.
Burro Wash Road (04/07/2021)
An update: as of 4/06/21. Someone apparently used a tracked vehicle and graded the entire trail. The link is to a video by a local wheeler. Lot's of local folks upset as the more challenging areas of the trail have been wiped out.