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Fourmile Area: Big Sandy (09/05/2021)
Ran this from hyw285 to CR376. This road is not shown on Google maps were I save my offline maps. The road on map ended but not the road in front of me. I was trying to get back to my campsite true a road shown on Google was not accessible at one point so stayed on Big Sandy trail. Got true it in about 25 mins on a stock FJC. Trail got technical in a few spots but had no trouble getting true. Nice views towards county road.
Saxon Mountain Road (06/19/2021)
This one got a little harry. Rocky from the beginning. Came up here on stock FJ, Tacoma, and 4runner. Me and my group are beginners at this so we had a little trouble getting over big boulders, we had to pile up rocks on side of boulders to make ramps. We had the most difficulty getting tacoma and 4runner over boulders. Tacoma because its weelbase and 4runner because it had running boards. Lucky for us a nice group of experts on Jeeps showed up to share their knowledge and help. Not sure what Jeep club it was but thanks a million! In the end we got to the top and had lots of fun and got great views and pictures. Great trail.
South Spring Gulch (06/19/2021)
We took this trail going towards Idaho springs after completing Saxon Mt. Trail. It started raining at beginning this trail so it was nice and gloomy. There are some rocky part to get true. Afther getting a quarter of the way true the trail the sun came out and got to see some very awsome views of surrounding mountains. This was another trail I really enjoyed.