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Mount Lemmon Control Road (08/09/2020)
Do this trail often. Great camping all over the trail. My friend met us in a dodge caravan so that should tell you the difficulty. One thing I haven't seen on these reviews is how traveled this is. Its wide enough everywhere where passing oncoming vehicles isn't a problem. But watch out for the polaris razors whizzing around. There is a razor rental in town of Oracle now so just keep eyes open for speeding quads, dirt bikes and razors. 4 wheel drive not needed. Great day going up, exploring summerhaven , and taking the paved highway down the front side.
Georgia Pass (08/05/2020)
Very scenic easy trail. Did it in my hummer h2 then did north fork swan river and st John's. Georgia pass was by far easiest of the three we did. However on Georgia pass there was a big excavator working the trail making big washout piles. Tall and narrow. We were first on the trail after this dirt work and drug bottom on every mound the operator had built up. Nothing bad just loose dirt . There was a 2 wheel drive Silverado coming up and the couple turned back after seeing us bottom out. I'll say he was driving a much nicer truck than me and it wasn't a vehicle you'd want to high center. But it I'm sure is fine after some traffic. Awesome overland trip to colorado. If you are able I highly recommend these high summit trails. Met some great folks on the journey.
North Fork Swan River (08/05/2020)
Took my 04 Hummer H2 up the trail today. Pretty narrow for a h2. Made it without a scratch fortunately with a spotter. Awesome views. Made for a amazing day vacationing in beautiful Colorado. Definitely suggest a spotter in a full size truck.